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Millard Baker

Trying to bring down Dara Torres is becoming a witch-hunt. Any given Olympic athlete probably knows a handful of individuals who could provide access to performance enhancing drugs.

Dara Torres' coach is deathly ill in the hospital and mostly likely has unlimited refills for Epogen to treat his medical condition - but does that mean Torres is using Epogen just because someone she knows well has access to it?

Isn't Torres' fiancee/husband (?) an endocrinologist? He probably handles hormones regularly as part of his practice. Does that mean Torres is using steroids because someone she knows well has access to it?

Anyone who works out at a commercial gym has access to PEDs; elite athletes probably have even better access. But access does not necessarily equal doping.

Those of us who write about steroids on a regular basis probably exchange emails with more "steroid-users" than the average person. Should anyone suggest that we are dopers due to such connections?

A witch-hunt would certainly find such connections as evidence!

Millard Baker

It is natural to look for reasons behind such an amazing performance, but there are several obvious reasons that should be discussed far more than the undetectable, phantom steroids she is allegedly using. How about the PEDs that she uses with a TUE from the IOC/FINA/WADA? Or the Speedo LZR Racer? And why is Dara Torres' amazing performance so suspicious when Michael Phelps arguably even more amazing performance unquestioned?

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