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``In an ideal world, this is exactly the way things should work. Unfortunately, we don't live in an ideal world. There's a very real problem that will arise if the exact methods and criteria are publicized.''

I do not agree. One thing is "opening the labs", another revealing the thresholds and statistical methods that lead to certain conclusions. You can't ruin an athlete's life just because "we don't live in an ideal world". Take into account multiplicities as they should, whether the samples are taken from the same person or not. Statistical thinking takes that into account also, believe it or not.


" When you see an impossible athletic feat, followed by a high T:E ratio, and synthetic carbons in a steroid, common sense leads you to a conclusion."

Well, this means that your prior is really unbalanced toward the guilt of the athlete ("when you see an impossible athletic feat"). That should also be accounted for in your analysis

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