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"This dude needs to back off the dose of nandrolone"

I would like to address the Author of this statement.

"I have NEVER taken Nandrolone"

The punch (Open fingers to the face BTW) (something I am not proud of)
came after Stephan snapped this quote: "we've been trying to clean up the shit you guys started over 10yrs ago"

If anybody knows anything; the time in question was at the 1996 Tour of Switzerland and many now know that doping in sports and cycling date well before 1996.

In 1996 I had no idea what athletes may be taking but I started to question the performances of some.

The rage you reference is there but guess what: Its NATURAL. For nearly 20 years I channeled more energy than you may comprehend, into cycling - CLEAN. To be accused the way Stephan accused me, is a complete LIE and is very upsetting.

I would like aspiring cyclists to know that to accomplish EVERYTHING I did in the sport is possible without Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED)


Marty Jemison

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