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I see one of two possibilities:

1. She's obviously doping via any number of methods.

2. The Yang-tze is actually a font of mutant powers a la Marvel Comics' X-Men--the Communists simply spread the rumor that it's horrific for your health to dissuade others from imbibing in its gene-mutating properties.


So Schipper, the reigning world champion, came in third, swimming 2:06.26, which is 0.86 slower than the world record she’d established two years before. Amazingly however, Liu who was virtually unheard of in the pool, was able to improve by more than five seconds in less than a year. The final nail was placed into the Beijing Olympics Integrity’ coffin when after the race, Schipper was blood-tested, but the two Chinese women were not.

How has the world been so quick to forget the numerous doping scandals the Chinese swimmers have faced since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics? How naïve does China think the rest of the world really is? The 2008 Beijing Olympics have successfully managed to bring ‘farce’ to a whole new level.


"...after the race, Schipper was blood-tested, but the two Chinese women were not."

Where did you see this reported? I'd like to learn more.


"...after the race, Schipper was blood-tested, but the two Chinese women were not."

Yes, indeed, I would very much like for you to produce some evidence on this before I call xenophobia. And while we're drudging up the past here, perhaps we should question all of the German athletes as well for the doping they did back then? I'm more inclined to believe that Liu is a product of Project 119 than a cheater. I will be outraged if the Chinese managed to elude the blood testing...but otherwise what you just wrote sounds like sour grapes and paranoia.


Now they accusing China of buying coaching secrets! sour grapes indeed LOL

On the other hand one can see chinese coaches with other national teams all over the world and that is ok by these people's standards, double standards actually.

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who cares its all a bit dopey is it not the olympics

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