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14yo Chinese Gymnast

This is concerning the European media starting to demand answers from Spain concerning Operation Puerto. There is a push for Spain, not only to clean up its act, but for its officials to release Fuentes' list. Le Monde is appealing a court decision concerning a soccer club's members being on the list, insisting Fuentes gave them the list. Fuentes backed off giving any names on the list after supposed death threats were made towards him and his family by various soccer club supporters. There's other drama in German court etc.

It's easy to see why this is happening after the spectacular summer Spain is enjoying.

"Pat McQuaid, president of the UCI world cycling federation, was first reported that the Spanish authorities confirmed to him that footballers in the case of the Spanish doping doctor Fuentes were implicated"
To read the article, translated into English, click on my name. I hope it is okay to post links to news sources.

There's a lot out there in the European press. In light of the re-opening of the case and McQuaid's recent statements, do you foresee Spain making the list public or will it stay its insular self and never release the list?

I find it interesting because it reminds of an even seedier BALCO.

14yo Chinese Gymnast

Sorry, here's the link:

Sorry, Sorry, that I could not make it into a smaller url.

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