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middle aged mid packer

Am I just being uncharitable when I take the "Shocked! Shocked, I am! I have been tested gazillions of times!" line as a clear sign of being caught red-handed?

I feel that a genuinely innocent athlete would be, rather, "freaked out and bewildered", asking the labs to analyze the remainder of any "supplements" they had about the house in case it really was contamination, and asking for the procedure to be double-checked in case there had been some mix-up. Though of course it is hard to know, because I can't recall any certain example of one :/

The miracle of the internet..


..."could not find drug for sale".
Are you kidding? Almost every greek journalist ordered and most of them received M3 bottles from various sites and internet resellers, most of them of Chinese origin.
Have you tried to find the greek weightlifting team's supplier? They had a website but it went down as soon as the doping scandal broke out.
This is what you get when you replace the original Olympic moto of "fair play" (ef agonizesthe) with the modern "Citius, Altius, Fortius" - Faster, Higher, Stronger, no matter how and no matter the cost.
Personally I believe that the majority of the top athletes use chemicals, as records like Usain Bolts 100m "walking" 9.69, are not human. The thing that separates champions from felons is just a matter of having access to non detectable hi-tech substances. Isn't kind of clear why the US and the Chinese athletes are not tested by any international organization?
Solutions? Probably make doping legal and somehow hope to make it better controlled. Evidently, it is not something that can be stopped.

Stelios adamou

fani is a great athete and very well credited and educated person.Her body structu re as such is enough to be with training of course a very competent international athlete.I personally love to see fani on the field again proving everybody wrong!She is a very big asset for the sports,and track and field will be much poorer without her!After all i strongly believe that she is THE victim of the whole thing.The greek nation will also turn out to be a victim without fani.Fani we love you please keep on!!!!!

Jack Jordan

Where is everyone getting this internet supply idea from? That particular compound is the single hardest illegal substance to find over the internet. When people do take Methyltrienolone they usually get it from underground sources that never see the internet, and even in those circles MT is still relatively unavailable. The traditional greek physique is mounted with muscle and is attributed to their genetics. The truth is that their genetics arent much different from anyone else's they just have a history of steroid use that's teared down from many generations past. Because Greeks don't look at it as a tabooed drug that's harmfull to the body, but rather a way of Greek life, the media has never thought to make a buzz out of it. Steroids are like food and water in the eyes of Greeks.


Mr Jordan, your opinion on Steroids "in the eyes of Greeks" is at least ridiculous.
You obviously have not watched any Greek media to confirm what I mentioned. Within a week, a single journalist managed to find eleven (11) sources for the drug and received samples from seven (7) vendors. All of them were confirmed to be M3 by the Greek official anti-doping organization.

You obviously believe that we Greeks think of the doped Greek athletes as some kind of heroes - although they are being prosecuted at this very moment, while some other people like mr. Iakovou - the head coach of the doped Greek national weight-lifting Olympic team is already on his way to prison. Apparently you are wrong.

"The traditional Greek physique is mounted with muscle" - this is partially correct: the Greeks have always been decent weightlifters and wrestlers but never in the past decent sprinters or swimmers.

In my book there is no traditional athletic tribe. Carl Lewis talked about HUNDREDS of US athletes "allowed to escape bans" after testing positive for steroids - himself included. Yet he is still a hero in the US and unlike the Greek doped athletes he's not facing prison or any form of punishment and not getting stripped of any of his medals.
Check this link:

This year it was also the Chinese along with the Americans that were allowed (as they demanded) to avoid tests.

My point is this - many more Olympic medals have been won by science labs all over the world than by hard work and talent alone. If use of chemicals is a way of improving the human race then we should embrace it. If it simply means cheating, then we should forbid it and punish it's use - but we should make no discrimination at all.

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