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« Why is Usain Bolt lightning fast: Drugs, doping, genetics, diet, training, slavery, or the lack of NFL scouts? | Main | Chinese deception: Age doping, the new (old) frontier, now applied to Olympic gymnasts »




When are you gonna an article on micheal phelps? If bolt is cheating so is phelps, there are both super human. But your WHITE so you wouldnt do an article on phelps!

Stephen Gunter

quote: "Acting like they been there before, Jamaica's paper says it was only a matter of time before the country dominated in sprints." end quote.

Exactly what do you mean by "acting" like we've been there before? It is historical fact that Jamaican sprinters (and Jamaican born) have always been in medal contention at every Olympics and World Championships for the past few decades.

Tyson Gay, Mr. 9.68, gets injured and is not a contender for the 100m and 200m, Bolt steps up and wins both in his (and Powell's) absence and it's because Bolt is on drugs? C'mon, get real.

The three USA women in the 100m final all perform below their season best and it is the fault of the Jamaican women for winning medals? C'mon, get real.

Both USA relay teams drop their batons and are out of contention, the Jamaicans step up and, save for a dropped baton by the women, win in their absence and again it is the fault of the Jamaicans? Sheesh.

For various reasons, one group of athletes (USA sprinters) have sub-par performances, while another group (Jamaican sprinters) take advantage and the blame is put on those that perform as they should? Where is the logic in that?

Post fact(s), not innuendo, and then maybe you will be taken seriously.

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