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14yo Chinese Gymnast

Capsian seeds in peppers for nachos- Si

Capsian seeds in cream to rub on horses- No.


I will like to know more about capsaicin uses. I have been searching information about this drug and I just find information about it's realiving painful use.
I am really interested in this "hypersensitivity" that you are talking about in the article and if its possible the web site, book where you found the info from.

Thank you!

CBC Sports analyst Beth Underhill has suspicions that the drug was not given to relieve pain, but was administered because it causes "hypersensitivity" to a horse's legs and would make the animal more cautious on the jumps, and less likely to hit a jump and incur a fault.

hideki matsui jersey youth

Suffice it to say that your article is amazing. Clarity of the submission is simply cool, I can assume you're the expert. Fine with your permission, let me catch you after the RSS feed to keep up close. Thank you million, and please keep up the good work.


How did they test for presence of capsaicin?
I would like to know also what type of units they used.

Brian Atwood

Your point is valueble for me. Thanks!

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