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Dont forget, Carl Lewis also tested positive as did many others in '88.

A correction to your assumption that this legal matter started following the death of Mr. Futerman, the legal action started many months prior while Mr Futerman had the opportunity to defend himself.

We punish murderers less than the way Ben has been treated for the last 20 years. - Let the man get on with his life, he admitted his guilt but that doesnt give permission for his trusted handlers to pilfer his earnings.

A previous CBC article's blog demonstrates that Ben still has the support of the Canadian people and is still respected as a good human that made a mistake, got taken advantage of and has a right and will to move on.

It's unfortunate that there are still the vultures in the sports world that see these young athletes as cash cows, there will be many more of these stories and potential legal matters that will continue - I believe this is the first of many to start to fight back after being taken advantage of for so many years.


"...give permission for his trusted handlers to pilfer his earnings."

I'm not familiar with Johnson's life. Did he return the earnings he pilfered while cheating? Has ANY doped athlete EVER returned the money they stole?

re: Methuselah - I dont know...ask Carl Lewis and all the others - they havent been punished for 20 yrs, they were shielded by their wealthy and influencial country.


Even the ones that weren't shielded (ie: Marion Jones) are not made to return the huge sums of money they steal. It's very sad.

here is a cbc pre-olympics interview with Ben about what he has done since the Dubin Enquiry and the loss of his endorsements and the events that are now outlined in the media regarding legal suit.

He has worked hard for 20 years to keep a roof over his head, look after his late mother and live in a country that sometimes wont stop the punishment. He is a hard working guy that finally can say he is happy after the turmoil.

Marion Jones is now paying for her lying in a different way (non financial), but look at Jose Conseco and other named BALCO sport figures..I highly doubt he spends his days at the track training kids, living a very modest suburn life etc.

We could go on forever...but let him move on. And thank you for the acknowledgement in the previous post!

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