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It's true that almost 20 greek athletes were tested positive on using methyltrienolone just before competing in the Olympic Games. I am begginig to believe that this drug is a part of the Greek Flora just like Basil or Mint. Being a Greek I have to say these news are frustrating. Not only because of the doping itself but also because of the attitude of these athletes. Before getting caught, Fani Chalkia, had commented on her victory in 2004 Olympic Games saying that the "Greek soul" is what brought her to the first place with such a big difference from the second athlete. What a stupid, arrogant and sovinistic comment comming from an athlete that should keep her mouth shut and her head down, happy that she wasn't caught. Of course most of the Greeks were already making jokes on how she won clearly impling that she was dopped.
Having said that let me add a last thought. My personal opinion (and the opinion of those Greeks that were making fun of Chalkia's victory) is that the majority of athletes is on dope. Do not forget Marion Jones and so many others that dominated their sports before getting caught. That is what leads to the controversial stand at least here in my country. We know who is on dope, we even make fun of him, of his attitude and his lies, but when it comes on comdemning him or even prosecute him we feel is unfair as we know that half of his fellow athletes are also doped.

Stelios adamou

Fani is a great athlete a champion as well as a great personality and an immensly kind generous and well educated person. I personally beleive that she was set to a well organised plan to destroy her as an athlete and as a person.Fani is not stupid she was on the 'eye' of wada since becoming an olympic passing through difficult times , a personal hell i want to pass her the message that she will never be alone!and i hope she will find the strength to compete again and prove on the field of what she is made of!fani we love you forever!!


No WAY that girl was on dope in Athens.... and you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking the worst of your countrymen/women.
Fani has spoken out so often against doping and has supplied samples where and whenever asked, just as she did in this instance.
She had NOTHING to hide. This is CLEARLY the result of someone in a leadership position of the Greek Athletic coaching or staff that thought they could improve the results of their athletics by slipping them something.
Ufortunately for the athletes, they are the ones who have to pay for it. Beijing has be a major disapointment for sport in General.
Except for Bolt and Phelps, it's been a horrible corrupt games.
Fani probably didn't miss much by not competing.



The IOC Disciplinary Commission will report the matter to the competent Greek authorities, with a request to investigate possible violations of Greek law, in PARTICULAR BY THE COACH , George Panagiotopoulos.

V. The IOC reserves its right to take sanctions or measures in relation to the Athlete’s COACH, George Panagiotopoulos.

VI. This decision shall enter into force immediately.
A feature of the decision is that the Commission took the step of deciding to notify the Greek authorities of its concerns regarding possible violations of Greek law by Ms Chalkia’s COACH, Mr George Panagiotopoulos.

This decision shows the determination of the IOC to broaden the fight against doping to those BEHIND athletes.

FV = Denial

lol at FV...the girl's A & B samples both tested positive...and for the same drug that the weightlifting team tested positive for. Wake up & smell the coffee, idiot

Ajf 4

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