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Ben Johnson ran for Canada Yes!!!!!!! but he was from Jamaica, his doctor was from Jamaica. HE WAS NOT BORN IN CANADA!!!!!!!!!!! I don't care what color. Just stop making it so obvious. Like I said sprinters. The field is dominated by blacks. When it was dominated by whites, the German's from from East Berlin look just like the Jamaicans winning by large margins. So obvious. The Russians, winning by huge margins, breaking records. So obvious. They were blasted in newspapers across the world. Color has nothing to do with it. About Barry Bond; he was a fool. This guys was a 30/30 player his entire career and easily would had broken Hank Aarons record this year without the juice. Also I take offence to being called Whitey since I'm not White.



Here we go again...another Moron

Definition of M-O-R-O-N:

Applied to people with an IQ of 51-70.

Being the SIMPLE MINDED person that you are, no wonder you think that ben johnson who lives in CANADA, trained in CANADA, represented CANADA....went to Jamaica and got his dope. He is Jamaican. It must be because you are a M-O-R-O-N that you would conclude Jamaica is where he got doped up????

This is the only explantion why you would link ben johnson to athletes that grew up in jamaica, train in jamaica, represnted jamaica.

Ben Johnson has nothing to do with Jamaican athletes. HE never ran for Jamaica. I know you have the mind of a child. Just keep reading this post until you UNDERSTAND IT.

REPEAT AFTER ME: BEN JOHNSON WAS A C-A-N-A-D-I-A-N S-P-R-I-N-T-E-R. meaning he represented C-A-N-A-D-A!!!

C-A-N-A-D-I-A-N S-P-R-I-N-T-E-R go look up those words in the

Benjamin Sinclair "Ben" Johnson CM (born December 30, 1961) is a Canadian former sprinter, who enjoyed a high-profile career during most of the 1980s, winning two Olympic Bronze medals, and an Olympic Gold which was subsequently rescinded.


A little something to chew on from the MORON.

Johnson, who was born in Jamaica but moved to Toronto as a teenager, was stripped of his medal and banned for two years for testing positive for steroids at the Seoul Games. He tested positive for testosterone in 1993 and was banned for life.
Jamaica does not have an independent, out-of-competition testing program for its athletes, nor has it joined the Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organization
The list of those barred from competing includes Jamaica-born sprinters who trained elsewhere: Ben Johnson in Canada, Linford Christie and Dwain Chambers in England, and Jerome Young and Patrick Jarrett, who were coached in the United States by another Jamaican expatriate, Trevor Graham.
Graham, a 1988 relay silver medalist for Jamaica, started a track camp in North Carolina featuring Jones, who had passed more than 160 drug tests but finally acknowledged steroid use. In San Francisco in May, Graham was convicted on one felony count of lying to federal agents and awaits sentencing Sept. 5.
U.S.Olympic sprinter Tim Montgomery,
He never tested positive for drugs, and maintains he never knowingly took steroids or any other banned substances
All of Montgomery's performances were wiped off the books as of March 31, 2001, including his world record dash of 9.78 seconds in 2002.


You miss the point of the arguement, it's not that he is Jamaican, but the fact he looks like he is on steroids based on years of observation of other atheletes that have used performance enhancing drugs and winning races by that same 5 yard margin. Look at any one of them. Pick an American; who cares who you pick; steroids is a real serious problem in the Olympics and takes away a lot from the spirit and competition of the game.


Ben Johnson is another famous sprinter of Jamaican descent ... and a twice proven drugs cheat.

Talk about your hatred and your hypocrisy. Amazing isn't it? When an athlete is a winner then he is Jamaican (albeit one who is perhaps competing for a different country), but if he's found to be a drugs cheat then he must become Canadian again. Or American. Or British.

The Americans won next to nothing in Beijing for track when compared to previous Olympics. This is almost certainly due to the recent doping scandals. American track "athletes" have not dared to go back to their previous doping regimens whereas the Jamaicans never had to worry. The day will come when the Jamaican gymnasiums and track schools will give up their doping secrets and then Jamaican medal counts will fall away, only to be taken up by the next country of cheats and liars.

Such disgraceful and shameful behavior is abhorrent.


JIM I think u have it wrong! When Ben Johnson won, the WHOLE WORLD had it that he was CANADIAN. It was not until he was tested and found positive that he became the JAMAICAN BORN CANADIAN sprinter! and by the time he was stripped of his medal, he became the JAMAICAN sprinter who runs out of Canada! We Jamaicans never denied his links to JA, and we never will. I only pity him for taking up with people who although they are white 'superior' and 'first world' and never know how to do anything but cheat to win! And dont be fooled, talking about Trevor Graham who is a Jamaican expat. These athletes and these games are always sponsored and controled by white folks, they are the ones who have the money and the links to support doping. You know frankly, I dont give a damn what anyone wants to say, you cannot take our joy at seeing our athletes do well and it is abot time that they shine, they desrve it. Nothing anyone says will change the fact that history tells us AND THE REST OF THE WORLD that as JAMAICANS WE ARE DAMNED GOOD and I know that just kills you all, but tough, OONU GO DEAD A BUSH!


JAMAICA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mark made that last comment.


White people are evil and stupid. The most evil people on the planet. A weak pitiful race of people that can only get ahead through manipulation, as history suggests.


very bad style from a fellow athlete.
but then again, what did you ecpect from a german? they still thnik they were the best and behave accordingly, especially abroad.


Usian Bolt is one of the best you mother fukers r jus jealous. Jamaica is finally showing some improvement mainly because of Bolt and you haters can't stand it. I'm a jamaican an i'm proud of my country and my jamaican athletes. Screw you Unger.


Jamaicans are cheating liars. Just visit there and you'll see its true.

After decades of envy or others who live far better than they do in their poor, backward, third world country, the only way they can muster any pride at all is to dope all their athletes, and then lie about it.

How pathetic! Unger is right. Its Unger who is clean and the Jamaicans who are dirty. And the Jamaican nationals are a bunch of fools or liars to believe differently.

Cheats and liars, that is.


This Unger man is very bitter;maybe he is one of Hitler's babies. It is so un-cool to be bitter and jealous of another person superior to yourself.

Did it ever occur to Mr. Unger that he has NO talent and therefore will never excel in the sport of his choice.

Talk about "einbildung" and Unger has to spare. What he however needs is much more "ausbildung" and even with that he can never hope to reach Bolt's league so he must learn to tolerate and live with his god-given mediocrity.

Gullible TV Head


Did it ever occur to you that you are a white-hating piece of racist trash?

Hey, why are you equating Unger with Hitler? Since you're so fond of assuming innocence before proven guilt, why not give Unger the benefit of the doubt with his observations? He knows far better than you who might be cheating.

What you need to do is pull your head out of your ass and deal with the reality that your black track superheroes are all drugbags. And these same drugbags are liars and cheaters. And that these liars and cheaters are influencing younger high schoolers to be drugbags also.

Yet unlike your superhero drugbags, the younger drugbags have a good chance of going to jail if they are caught, because steroids are illegal. Also note that the larger the market for steroids, the more criminal gaings will get involved with the predictable killings over drug territory.

I wouldn't be so complacent about steroids.

You also might work on that black racist routine. It don't look too good. Maybe after you pull your head out of your ass. One thing at a time.


Bolt is obviously a cheater, anyone who knows track knows you don't just start running the 100 and setting world records out of nowhere. Bolt was a "good" 200 runner but no gold medalist, now he's demolishing records, everyone needs to take off the blinders and just look at the evidence, there's no natural progression.


(this is a poor country filled with low IQ imbeciles who aren't exactly known for intellectual achievement) Teddy Your statement would have hurt me a couple years ago but now I feel nothing but pity for you.

Funny enough Teddy, this little Island of low IQ people (imbeciles) are really fooling the entire world of brilliant minds like yours by creating an undetectable drug that makes Usain invincible. Hmmm...
Seems like the rest of the world aren't that smart after all you all might need to come study here after all. For years Merlene and others were denied glory because of drugged up athletes you dont even know the half GERMAN BWOY TEK WEH YUH SELF.

Gullible TV Head


We all know that the drugs are developed in American and European labs and sent to the islands. Jamaica is a tourist stop--nothing more.

I see a lot of the black posters here are racists and black supremacists. That's your problem (and it is a real problem, make no mistake).

But the truth of the matter is that the black dominance in the men's 100m for the last 40 years is result of PED's, not ability. Up to the mid-60's, before the PED era, whites were running just as fast as blacks.

If you really think that blacks are faster than whites, then shouldn't it be the whites that are continually being busted? After all, they would need the steroids to compete, no?

But we never see white 100m men being busted for steroids--only blacks. Why is that?

Think about that the next time you polish your black supremacist routine. That the picture of black athletic superiority that you see on TV is all completely rigged and false. Just like Major League Baseball.

That's why I have my screen name. Until you figure out that all the stuff you see on TV is a fake and rigged, you're ripe to be taken. It's too bad that people can't figure that out.


He's thinking of quitting because he thinks Bolt is a cheater? Yeah it could be that. Or the fact that Unger's best time in the 100 is 10.16. HAHAHAHA!!! That's slower than the US record for HIGH SCHOOL! He's just grasping at straws to explain why he's quitting like a coward. What a hater.

Gullible TV Head

the rush,

Did you actually read the article and what Unger said? Probably not, as you are a black racist. What Unger said interferes with your delusions of supremacy.

Unger said that your heros, the black sprinters from Jamaica, are not tested and are not following the testing protocols for international track and field. Unger is registered with the anti-doping authority. The Jamaicans are not. He said that Usain Bolt doesn't even know how to fill out the testing and doping forms.

See, Bolt and the Jamaicans won't voluntarily submit to testing, like Unger does. In fact, most German athletes get tested way more than the Jamaicans do. That's why the Jamaicans were laughing at the German's testing. Testing has to be forced on the Jamaicans because the Jamaicans don't test at home.

I'm absolutely sure that 10.16 is slower than the fastest high school times. But that high school time is probably a result of PED's, and not ability.

So my question to you is, does any of this rampant use of PED's figure into your views of Track and Field records or not? Or do you just believe what you see on TV because you want to, and question nothing?

Are you really that stupid? My guess is that you are.

You'll notice that the there are lots of black PED drug cheats in the men's 100m. But almost no white ones. That is the answer to your black supremacy illusion. Its all the result of PED's, and nothing else. Take away the PED's and blacks will be seen as the same as everybody else, and you'll see many more white and asian champs.


unger has the same problem all white
sprinters have, unfortunately for them the stopwatch is colorblind.

Gullible TV Head

Black sprinters have the same problem that blacks have. Rampant crime, lying, cheating, racism, and drug (PED) abuse.

Knut Anders Løken

Which athletes are doped - an easy question.

Ask yourself: Does their country focuse on having a national dopingprogram AND/OR does their country have visa requirements AND/OR does their country have a doping history AND/OR does their country have sports with a doping history as their leading national sports?

To be sure, ask yourself: Will the suspected athlete train with a smile beside doped comrades AND/OR are there heavy economical consequences for an athlete that doesn't succeed?


I agree, until he is caught, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes your eyes do not deceive. Look at baseball and the steroid monsters, you can tell by their physique who is using. I don't deny that Jamaicans have been doing a great job, but it is just not possible that an island of so few people can produce the top runners in every category. The island does not have unique natural characteristics, like the high altitude and running traditions of Kenya and Ethiopia, that make their citizens suited for distance running. Their genetics and habitat are the same as the rest of the region and the U.S. There is simply no other explanation for the recent dominance other than doping.

Gullible TV Head

Don't be so quick to think the Kenyans and Ethiopians aren't doping too. Just look at the long line of drug cheats from those countries. Only a small fraction have been caught.


Ugh, I'm tired of reading all the nationalist and racist comments on the site when it's obvious the REAL problem is drug abuse.

Let's say for the sake of this post that Bolt and all the other Jamaican sprinters are white guys from somewhere in Siberia. This place in Siberia has a great track program, but recently has begun producing world class sprinters, shattering records left and right. Anyone would easily suspect that there is another connection to their success, BARRING their race or nationality.

It should be obvious even to the brain-dead observer that pretty much all track and field athletes are doped. I've heard that university Ph.D chemisty students can create many different kinds of anabolic steroids which can go undetected even from the most rigorous testing programs. My advice? Legalize the stuff, that way we can all play on a "Fair" ground.


Jamaicans are good at sprinting,the Africans are good at long distance running. Germans are good at making cars and driving them,look at Shumacher, we take nothing from anyone no matter what,even if they have obvious advantage because of raw talent.
Then to call someone an imbecile because of it is a downright disgrace and Tobias shows his ignorance by being totally disrespectful to Bolt and by extention Jamaica! Germany has a whole history of disgrace yet......I'm not even gonna go there. shut up Tobias! (Kibba yuh rass mowt)

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He looked like he was on steroids.

Dr. Goggles

Whiteboy Tobias Unger is doing the juice too.

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And the essence of friendship ethics is trust and respect.


There was a great article on Bolt today on Cnn.


Typical the white sprinter is being terrorized about steroids and bolt doesn't even know how to fill out the papers.

Ainsworth Fifty

Bolt is clean. I am saying this in 2011. No dope found in his system so far. He is a superior sprinter, needs no dope. Usain Bolt is dope free.

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Be patience maybe it's not your time to shine, or if you've been cheated then soon it would be known by everyone.

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