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He should move up to the 400.


Uh yeah go right ahead and quit. Then come to Jamaica to study at Utech. Maybe he could learn a thing or too.


Uh yeah go right ahead and quit. Then come to Jamaica to study at Utech. Maybe he could learn a thing or too.


Then come to Jamaica to study at Utech. Maybe he could learn a thing or too.
Yeah, Unger might as well go to Jamaica and enroll in their "Roid Your Way to Gold" course. It's not like running clean earned him a gold medal.


O.K. Unger is the standard bearer, the fact is Bolt is not a fly by night. He has been performining consistently since as a 15 year old Jr. When he won the gold in 2003.
The simple he was lazy and did not like to train, he was embarassed last year at the World Championship by Tyson, hence he started to train consistently


Tobias , Usain Bolt is like Jesse Owens, do you like or not that is your problem, enjoy this.

Teddy Atlas

And that consistent training involved some mondo drugs. Jamaica is a free-for-all right now. And the dumb Jamaicans (this is a poor country filled with low IQ imbeciles who aren't exactly known for intellectual achievement) are so desperate for a hero that they don't care.


Reading, "I am sorry, but "Roid your way to goal" isnt a course. Oops, sorry, your college does offer it!!!! This only confirms your ignorance about Jamaica. Maybe you should try to understand what a day in the life of these athletes looks like. Jamaican athletes dont have the luxuries other nation enjoys but they use what God gave them...nature. Just remember, who God bless, let no man curse.
You need kleenex, Mr 'H'unger, you are leaking envy!!!!!!!!


OOh Teddy!!! Very good. You know one word.. Who taught you? The imbeciles from Jamaica you mentioned, do they include Sanya Richards, Bob Marley, Chris Blackwell, Claude Mckay,Jimmy Cliff, Jody-Anne Maxwell (Winner Of The Scripps National Spelling Bee Competition), Marcus Garvey, Patrick Ewing, Bust Rhymes, Sean Paul (to name a few) and the Americans who are of Jamaican heritage? Are you surprise? I am Jamaican and I am able to write and read. Can I really, umm? Anyway, some people are just blessed with talent. What do you do? You sound bitter? Trust me...Jamaicans are you imbeciles. Maybe you are, dont use yourself to judge us or anyone else fo that matter!!!!


As a follow up: Teddy please look at and
before you embarass yourself further!!!


Can somebody please tell him, white men cant run 100m, no need to be jealous

please how can Unger say they do whatever they want on their island. Like it is some sort of civilisation onto itself. Usain is young and very confident in himself. Unger just cannot handle the competition as he has been working so hard and not achieving the success that Usain has attained. I think he should watch his comments as he is coming across as a racist jerk


Listen, low IQ imbeciles. Our high school graduates are trained off the English school system

Look at each corner of the world there are Jamaicans; look at Michael Lee Chin, Butch Stewart, marcus Garvey to name a few.

If your skin is not white doesnt mean you are illiterate
As for myself, educated in Jamaica, smarter than people in my office. I have not failed a single exam.
Get a life


Let's keep on topic. We are not saying (or discussing) the educational system in Jamaica, or intelligence, neither of which are in question here.


This is the first Olympics I have seen so many blood & urine test. Resources is not something China lacks, so they had no problem finding highly educated people to stick this man numerous times before and after how many rounds and races to not find anything to date!
Unless Jamaicans are so clever at building an undetectable drug.
At this time, I just want to celebrate with the world at this awesome achievement. I am still trying to understand it; both in the Pool with Phelps to begin with, but more so on the track! This thing was unheard of!

Janeen Johnson

If the US had dominated , I don't think Unger would be whining. The reason Jamaicans run so well is because we are running out of poverty. We are a third world nation that loose our best talents and some of the most brilliant minds because we don't have the resources to keep them here. Sports is one of the few opportunities Jamaicans have to rise above poverty and show themselves to the world.

As for Teddy , I don't disagree that some of us are illiterate but it doesn't speak for the wider society. Your simple minded comment doesn't say much for you either my friend. I am a very proud Jamaican and I am basking in the success of our athletes, so whine all you want but we came to reclaim what belonged to us all along , now that the playing field is level and free of drugged up athletes.


Unger's comments are spot on, Powell is now forgotten and complained about the testing system. From what I can tell, Jamaica did not have much of an out of season testing programme. One can watch someone like Floyd Landis crush a ride in the Tour de France and say, that is "un-believable" and indeed it was. I don't deny Bolt his glory but we have the right to doubt a sport that has been riddled with drug use.


I would suggest to Unger that he goes back to studying sports science in Germany, because with PB's like those (10.22 & 20.20) he's never gonna make a decent athelte, even at European 'B' level.

And considering he is from the same part of the world as the German Doping Machine's from the 70's & 80's make's him an even BIGGER CHUMP.

He might also want to change his diet to Yams, Bananas & Dumplings as them Brätwurst clearly aint doing it for him! lol....Chump


The innuendos directed against Bolt stem from ingnorance not only about his career but Jamaican accomplishments in sprints dating back to the 1940s. Bolt was a junior world champion and Jamaica has produced many world class sprinters including some who have run for other countries. The comments on Jamaican IQ and education are laughable and also based on ignorance I could lit dozens of Jamaicans (e.g. who have achieved international intellectual and professional eminence. The presiding Judge in the trial of Milosevitch at the UN War Crimes Tribunal here in The Hague is a Jamaican ( ). I am saddened to read comments based on ignorance and prejudice. The jamaican athletes at Beijing have been tested so much that former world record holder Asafa Powell complained about weakness from blood loss in one of his interviews. Tobias Unger may find it hard to understand Bolt but many marathon runners would also find it hard to understand how Ethiopian and Kenyan runners can consistently run under 2 hours and 8 minutes (not to mention th ecurrent sub 2 hour 5 minute world record!


In that case we might as well doubt everyone including Phelps! I watched Bolt in the 200m- he gritted his teeth to break that record- I prefer to marvel at this awesome display of human abilities until someone proves to me that the guy cheated!


It is quite ironic that after so many american athletes who have lied and found guilty of cheating - (and were supported by the same americans who are now acusing bolt) - were dragged off the scene that the country that has always played second fiddle to the United States has now come to the fore. There is absolutely no surprise. It is clear that a lot of persons only tune in to track and field whenever there is a big meet, hence they have no knowledge of track and field outside of there country and cannot appreciate the achievement of others in the sport, whatever their nationality.

I am a Jamaican and a track fan and it has always puzzled me how the Jamaican high school athletes outperform the american at the Penn Relays and as soon as they turn professionals the americans outperform them. NOW THE WORLD KNOWS WHY. There are good athletes in every country let's appreciate them and strop tearing them down.

Jamaica has the best education system in the world. My cousin who is in college in the United States is way ahead of the class, because the level of the work their is comparable to what he did at high school. TAKE THAT.


I would also suggest to Teddy(bear) Atlas that he stop whacking off to male-on-male German porn and go out and get laid, jezzz i bet you still live at home witch ya mammy, you little cretin.

And don't dare insult my English punk, because not only do i speak the Queen's English, i come from the country that fuckin invented it....Biyatch.

And as for IQ, i bet your shoe size is higher than yours.

Well done Jamaica & well done Usain Bolt !! Superstar!

Beijing OWNED.

USA got Punk'd. (Repeatedly)

Unger you are a sore loser.Did you pay your way to the games?Sounds like a rich kid who thought he could purchase a medal,not so Unger you have to work hard like all the others and be drug free too. The Might USA have accepted their defeats gracefully ,why cant you.


Unger is GERMAN and we all know their history when it comes to hating others.If you dont remember ask the JEWS

Terry - Barbados

These ppl need to get over it stop hating the man. No one has proven he is on drugs and he is being tested extensively. I understand why ppl are being skeptical after all the sport is littered with past cheaters, however untill they can prove that bolt is among them i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. It is really amazing thought that now at a point in time when the IOC decides to get really serious about doping that one; the Americans fall wayyy behind and two; the Germans are nowhere to be seen. And three; the Jamaicans really excel makes me wonder how many how may past olymic medals where the Jamaicans and other denied because of cheaters.


I think a lot of people (Americans mostly) are jealous of Usain Bolt and his performances...and they are just trying to find excuses...if you think that Bolt is taking some drugs, then you should look at that Phelps guy...and that Unger is jealous as hell


I think a lot of people (Americans mostly) are jealous of Usain Bolt and his performances...and they are just trying to find excuses...if you think that Bolt is taking some drugs, then you should look at that Phelps guy...and that Unger is jealous as hell


Firstly i find Mr Unger comments total degrading and disrecpectful to us as a Nation. Obviously we have a NAZI still live in the 21th century. Personally if i was Usian lawyer, i would advice Mr Bolt to make Mr Unger explain is comments. He is saying the guy is on Drugs. For me checking with a barrister friend, Mr Unger can be had for Deformation of Character.

As for Teddy. Let me give you a few very very small facts.

1. Wall street have so many jamaicans its un-believable. Some of our best graduates are recruited each year direct from university to work on Wall Street.

2. The cure for leukaemia, was first identified when a Jamaican was using it for other ailment. This is why our current scientist Dr. Lawrence Williams and is team don't want to let go of their current finds into a possible cure for cancer until they see the economic benefit for our country.

Add that to all of the other ligimate records detailed above Teddy.

"Unger's comments are spot on, Powell is now forgotten and complained about the testing system. From what I can tell, Jamaica did not have much of an out of season testing programme. One can watch someone like Floyd Landis crush a ride in the Tour de France and say, that is "un-believable" and indeed it was. I don't deny Bolt his glory but we have the right to doubt a sport that has been riddled with drug use."

Posted by: tom | 08/22/2008 at 10:17

Check with the IAAF Nick Davis confirming how many out of competition test the Jamaicans have had all done by the IAAF.

On Top of the World

Jamaicans have won Nobel Prizes, Rhodes Scholarships, Emmys, etc. Intellectual achievement isn't strange to us. We are simply humble. On the other hand the US elected a man who was lucky to graduate from kindergarten and Germany has flirted with psycopaths, Hitler the most famous at all. I don't expect to hear anything but trash talk from you all because well you are nothing but trash. Your countrymen must be quite ashamed of you. Go sit in your corner, dunce.



(watch the profanity.....editors)


The bad loser with the neo-nazi haircut cannot believe that a black man beat the pants off an 'Aryan'.

What year is this? Berlin 1936?

Cannot wait until Berlin 2009 when Jamaica will give him even more pain on his doorstep at the World Championships.


Mr. Unger can just shut the fuck up. You say he knows a thing or two, but none of those one or two things include sprinting.

100 metre PR of 10.22?? Please...what are you even doing at the Olympics with a time like that? Go and find something that you are actually good at,and leave sprinting alone. Go make a car or something. I am 42 years old and I can run faster than that on grass, yet I never competed beyond high school, because in my country, 10.00 is the LEAST you need to make a national team.

Fenton Carruthers

The last grape harvest must have been very bad in Germany; products therefore particularly sour. Enough has been said of Unger's comments, but I would reflect on one thing and, that is, this sudden demise of the U.S. sprinting squads? Is it all down to the brilliance of the Jamaicans? I wonder.


Can somebody please tell him, white men cant run 100m, no need to be jealous

Posted by: Tammy | 08/22/2008 at 07:44


Yeh, just like basketball, the blacks here are the ones who are doing all the racism; this cat looks like Jason Kidd; half white half black.


Yeh, the jamaicans are bigging up, cause they live in such a sh-thole where people get murdered everyday, YEH, THE JAMAICANS ARE BIGGING UP, CAUSE JAMAICA, THE ARMPIT OF THE WORLD, MURDER CAPITAL OF THE CARIBEAN, IS SUCH A SH1THOLE WITH BLACKS KILLING BLACKS EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR.



The Saint

Why can’t we just all get along? Jamaica has given the world the token of love and unity through the music of the GREAT BOB MARLEY "One love One Heart". What is Germany's contribution to the world "Hilter", KKK, Hatred towards the unifying this world as one? What’s the Jews recommendation about your country? Can you Germans be proud of the history that has followed your country as a Jamaica I can say that “I am Proud to be Jamaican”. I am very proud of my country Jamaica, Usain Bolt, Louise Bennete Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Merlene Ottey and others who have proudly represented our country and have given us a history that we can be proud of. To know yourself you must understand where you are coming from as a German is that something to be proud of. This Olympics is the best and the cleanest one that I have seen so far. Respect due to all athletes.


"Bad mind a go kill them, and grudgeful it a go mad them, tell them to free up them conscience.." - Capleton


I really have to laugh - this comment from a German. Germany: That great nation of racial tolerance!


Tobias Unger seems very angry at the Jamaican Bolt. What could be the source of his angry. He seemed quite pleased with the Americans winning the 200m in Athens four years ago when he commented on the Athens crowd booing the Gatlin etal., due to the suspension of the Greek athlete Kenteris, Quote:

Tobias Unger, who finished seventh, said he was shocked. (at the booing)

''Kenteris is out, what can the U.S. guys do?'' he said. ''It was not so good for them, but they are the best.''

Maybe he's stressed out, frustrated with his ordinary achievements. Yow, Tobias, come take a vacation in the Jamrock, come and relax on one of our beach, seen.


A Faster Asafa with a flash from the Bolt

Yes, Jamaica needs to do better. Murder is never right. Except, for when you call it "Progress", better known as genocide, ethnic cleansing and the War on Terror. The Germans, Americans and Europeans in general can certainly teach us a lot about how to make murder right.


Tell the boy Terry and the German batty boy fi go suck out dem bloodclaat mumma.

Lay Lay

If my PB was 10.22, and i was sent to the Olympics to represent my rich, white, educated country, I WOULD BE DAMN ANGRY TOO! Clearly, poor little Tobi needs to improve his PB before he considers himself qualified to speak on anything about track. Otherwise, go run wid lickle boys.


Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, DR Congo, Yeh, they know nothing about genocide their. Always the white man fault.

A Faster Asafa with a flash from the Bolt

In those cases the white Belgians fault.


This Olympic sprinter is both black and white it looks like, like Bob Marley, like Jason Kidd.

He's got a right to his opinion as anyone else.

Lay Lay

Unger is not only slow, he is either blind or stupid. We saw Bolt warming up live on TV here in JA (Yes, Teddy - we have TV in JA with continuous coverage from the Olympics). But silly lil Unger's idea of warm up is 6 x 300m at full speed, then 4 x 50m spints at full speed then 6 practice starts are full speed then 4 laps at 3/4 speed. No wonder his PB is 10.22! Coo yah! That may not even win the 100m at the JA high school competition!


Yow, Yardies, duh tek time wid Tobi. Him probably just projecting him anger and frustrations unto the real big man, Bolt.

Jahmekyans nuh have nuh problem wid white people. In fact we an all peoples get along quite well. Suh nuh mek da bredda deh mek wi sound like seh we ah practise couter-racism.

Jahmekyah is all about Peace and Love even though wi a sort out some likkle tings right murder and drugs transhipment etc. And just like Bolt and Saffa and the rest, wi ago conquer that too. Peace and Love

One Love



It's so funny that Unger's best times are what some of our Jamaican high school boys run at our local High school track competition. Of course he would call it a farce-he couldn't qualify! And for those of you who clearly know nothing about our track & field history, the Caribbean always used to come in second or third to the Americans in previous world and Olympic meets. The only difference is that now the Americans can't dope, and everyone else is as a result, beating them. And everyone needs to give Bolt a break. I haven't heard anyone question Phelps' amazing 8 golds and 7 WR's.


Famines, Ethiopia has had at least 3 major ones, at least one that could be avoided or reduced killed so many under the reign of His Imperial Majesy Haile Sellassie. There's question about wether that is genocide, the Eritreans helped the Italians invade Ethiopia and are still heroes there in Eritrea. Eritrea marched on Ethiopia and threw out their sinister government.

Washington DC is filled with Ethiopians and many come to the US.

Belgium with King Leopold was in Congo. That doesn't speak for places like Kenya and Uganda and maybe not Sierra Leone or Rwanda either.

A Faster Asafa with a flash of Bolt

Sure he has a right to his opinion. But when he gives his opinion he better be ready to back it up.

Don't come to me with who looks black and white. I am multiracial. I am Jamaican. I have had to reconcile that in my blood are the genes of both the oppressors and the oppressed. You are not qualified to lecture me on race. Try living with the contradiction of loving people whose race tried to enslaved the other races whose genes you share. Who so obliterated the history of your family that you cannot trace your non-white family beyond three generations.

He needs to face the realities of history but as long as bigoted attacks are hurled at my countrymen I will be there to defend them. These Germans who insult my country also insult the German blood that flows through Jamaican veins. My own great-grandmother was German and she wouldn't stomach this bigotry.

A Faster Asafa with a flash of Bolt

No one is arguing that all races are not guilty of hideous crimes. But don't your dare stand above me trying to berate me for the sad crime rate in my country. You are a hypocrite. Your own history is littered with atrocities. As a Jamaican, I am willing to look beyond the past and move into a new future. But that is not going to happen if your kind keeps whipping us in the here and now. NO MORE. Bolt did a fantastic thing. If you don't share that opinion then fine. But the minute you start insulting our race and our intelligence then the gloves come off. If you don't like it kibba yu mouth.


Heck, your women sprinters come to college in the USA to run: get them the heck out of here if you hate the USA so much!

A Faster Asafa with a flash of Bolt

If you don't like the money our sprinters make for your colleges then stop coming to our island to recruit them. I don't hate the USA, in fact I've celebrated for many an American victory. Cried for many an American loss. I hate bigots that means you.


Of course Unger suspects doping. The Germans are masters of it and have been for decades. I suggest he looks home first before casting aspersions on others. In addition, he may be a good athlete but maybe, just maybe he's not good enough and others are.


Who needs warm up when ur ONLY COMPETITOR is the CLOCK? Unger, our condolences go out to you, a washed up, non-achieving sorry excuse for an althete! Your Personal "Worsts" of (10.22 & 20.20) could be out-run by Usain Bolt by any 10 year old in Jamaica, who eats our now famous YAM and CASSAVA. By the way, which races were u training for? the 150 & 300 M???!!!!!! Get a %$#^&* grip on reality...

By the way, please note, I studied in JAMAICA ONLY, I now have THREE (3) degrees (do u know what those are?) and I am a named ATTORNEY in a prominent and successful LAW FIRM in KINGSTON, JAMAICA. What about you? Still in kindergarden?????????????

And to you and the rest of the International world, we welcome as many drug tests as you can come up with. We are ready, willing and available at any given day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU?????

Jacobus Capitein

I know of another man who ran 10.22 at the Olympic Games. Guy was born in Jamaica, but competed for Canada. His name was Ben Johnson, won the bronze medal in 1984.

Quite saddening to see the amount of people who actually believe 10.22 is slow.

Chelsea Blue

I've run with Kenyans, not from them. All you Jamaicans have been able to do is call names or call racist at anyone who questions Bolt's accomplishments. 4 men have run the 100M in less than 9.8 seconds, 3 of them failed drug tests Ben Johnson the Jamaican, Justin Gatlin and Tim Montgomery. The other one Maurice Greene caught with receipts buying steroids. So no one has done it.

You are so sorry, all you all can do is call people names who disagree with you. So sorry, sitting behind the keyboard and we've read here nothing but racist statements from people defending the runners: when people have honest questions.

Steroid Nation

Again let's keep on topic.

1. Michael Phelps has nothing to do with Usain Bolt or Jamaicans doping or not doping. Bringing up his name is a smoke screen.

2. The USA has nothing to do with same. USA fans never supported Marion or Tim Montgomery when it became obvious their achievements were chemically enhanced. This is a smoke screen issue.

3. It could well be that the Americans were scared about doping, and thus are 'cleaner' (relatively).

4. Out of competition testing is the key phrase. How many GDR athletes were doped up, yet never tested positive in the 80s? 2000? 3000? Marion Jones passed 159.5 tests (one 'A' test for EPO).

Out of competition testing.

5. Is there prejudice against the Jamaicans? Of course. Look through that aspect of the issue because some people are always prejudiced.


I think the point is well made that assumptions are automatically made about Bolt but no one has even dared to question Michael Phelps' achievement. If we are going to question, then let's question all those who have seemingly done super achievements which yes Bolt BUT ALSO Michael Phelps and others. Why should Bolt be singled out?

A Faster Asafa with a flash of Bolt

Sure go ahead and question whether Jamaican athletes are drug enhanced. I believe they are innocent until proven guilty and I believe in your right to question and have never argued otherwise. In fact, I would have ignored this board had it not been for the racist statements made about Jamaican intelligence. If the Jamaican comments have been off-topic certainly the previously mentioned statements are off-topic too. As long as they stay on this board I will argue against them. It is not calling names when you identify the writer of a rascist statement as a rascist. It is definition.



Finally someone has spoken about it...that is what I am talk about Bolt and his performances , but you dont talk about Phelps and his 8 golden medals, who is much more suspicious than Bolt when it comes to doping...


I'm glad this guy got the courage to say something. Take a look at Bolt's bio. I wonder what super training methods Bolt has discovered between last year and this year. Not denying that the guy has talent, I just think his olympic performances are highly suspect. The sprints in Track and Field has become a sham. What a shame.

stephanie-ocho rios

I am feeling like I won those medals and broke those records.
Usain Bolt has done something for Jamaica that has been OVERDUE.
We love the ground he walks on.
We are proud ,proud ,proud of our GOLDEN BOY


that's how talented we Jamaicans are- nuff love to all our 2008 olympic team.

Proud Jamaican


CC, Why don't you wait to see if there is proof? I just find it so sad that we are all so highly suspect already? It's very sad. So much for innocent until proven guilty. Bob Costas was criticising Bolt for unsportsmanlike behaviour including pulling up right before the finish line and not running as fast as he can. In which case, maybe he would have had a better time and then it would be more fuel for those like you who are suspicious. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. And if you thing track and field is bad, check out cycling. Oh and since the Germans stop doping (we think), they are not winning at swimming anymore.

Hensley Cameron




New York Times writes a piece. Too bad, rightfully so many runners, cyclists and weightlifters have been questioned, but question a Jamaican and people cry someone is a racist.

Hensley Cameron


Hensley Cameron



I've run with Kenyans, now the New York Times runs an article, Lance Armstrong, Carl Lewis have all been written about and doubts about them. Oh, someone dare says something about the Jamaicans and they are racists, bigots and all that. One trick pony, can't do anything else at the Olympics!


Listen teddy, maybe you should think twice about who you're calling imbeciles because you just made yourself not only an imbecile but to borrow a word from you a "mondo" asshole. Where are you getting your facts from the moronic bible or has your head been up your ass since you've been born? Like every country we're not all geniuses, we have the illiterate and the slow, but we're also an amazing nation that has churned out some of the most iconic names in the world. You teddy, maybe you need drugs or maybe you've taken one too many and you're brain is only partially intact...don't hate on Jamaica BOLT to the flippin' world.


BOLT to d FLIPPIN' WURL........




OK maybe Bolt is legite. Who knows. But.... what are the chances this small country can produce all these amazing sprinters in a few short years? Exactly zero. How is it the female 400m hurdler can take 2 seconds from her PR in one year when it took her 5 years to improve by 2 seconds? Look at the female athletes deltoids. (For those of you who need and education on those it's the freakish looking muscles next to their neck) Those are not natural to a female no matter how much strength training. And yes Tonya Richards from the USA has those and is cheating too. Doping controls never caught Marion Jones and guess what folks. Enjoy the feeling of victory while you can but prepare yourself for disappointment in the future.


If only money could buy gold medals......I am sure USA would be on top....but guess what Jamaica is a blessed island. We receive all our riches from GOD and this is our season, let us all rejoice.


"let us all rejoice."

Shouldn't that be re-JUICE?


Well there have been a lot of asinine comments all the way round about the times that the Jamaicans have been running. Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals and broke 7 world records and he is called an icon of the Olympics. Whenever he is mentioned they talk about his rigorous training program and nutrition. How can a man break seven world records, 5 in individual competition in one Olympics and no one dare suggest that he is using performance enhancing drugs. Usain Bolt wins the 100 and 200m and it can't possibly be hard work and nutrition because that would be inconceivable. Bolt has been a champion runner since he was 15 years old and an athlete before that. Some said due to his physical stature(6'5") it is not possible for him to run the 100m. Bolt is 6'5", 190lbs. If he were taking something wouldn't he be a little bit heavier? Some said he ran a few races and wasn't tired after. Well he is 22 years old. Swimming is a much more taxing sport on your lungs than running is and Michael Phelps didn't look exhausted after doing all those races and heats. How is that possible? Well he is 23. Accept Bolt for his accomplishments and also Michael Phelps for his. It's easy to be cynical about drugs since there are past cheats who didn't test positive for anything. The truth will come out if there are cheats. Just don't punish these two without any evidence or circumstantial evidence.


i hope i spell that right


if you are hungry,Unger,go eat your heart out.And if you are still hungry pull your lip over your head swallow, and digest yourself.

And as for you Teddy,your comment just shows how bright you are(dunce).


Listen here all you haters and idiots! YOU all need to get over YOURSELVES! All of you who are writing negative stuff about Usain Bolt are just jealous because here is someone from Jamaica who is going to have more money than YOU! Cut the crap and move on HATERS! WHAT?? ONLY WHITE PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE SUCCESS? WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITS!!!!!!!!!


I am sorry that Bolt/Jamaica's success has caused the world so much pain (yeah right)!!! But in the words of the great JAMAICAN, Robert Marley (Bob), "you a go tiad fi see mi face, but you cant get we outta de race". Envy and bad mind walk hand in hand. Make sure you haters get sedatives because there is more to come. You may all have heart attacks before the Jamaican domination is over.
If we are such imbeciles, how the heck can we a bunch or ignorant stupid people make a steroid/performance enhancer that the world cant detect? Make up your freaking minds!! We can't be imbeciles and super intelligent at the same time. I guess common sense isn't common after all!!!


We are not a 'fly by night'Nation in Athletics.

The funny thing about this is that hardly anyone realize that Jamaica's Athletic Programs are quite possibly the most rigorous in the world. For example at the High School level,we have Central Champs,Eastern Champs,Western Champs a packed Grand Prix series,tons of non-GP meets and the the big one Boys and Girls Champs.

Its also hectic at the Prep and Primary level and yes there's also competition at the Basic school level age 4-6.

Maybe the world needs to wake up and realise we take Athletics seriously.


America just got the ass-whipping of a lifetime,Walter Dix who just signed a big contract was so upset having to play second fiddle to Bolt i thought he would have come off the podium early.

And all this talk of Enhancement yeah Jamaicans are enhanced but not with the version you Americans and Europeans use,we a filled with spiritual enhancement,the kind you get from listening to the words of our REGGAE GREATS like Bob Marley.

We are also enhanced by the efforts of our Heroes of the past the Great Arthur Wint, Herb Mckinley, George Rhoden, Lennox Miller, etc.

Can you believe the effrontery of those who suggest we are using drugs..and we can do anything on our little Island..what a joke.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!


For all you haters out there. I really hate to pick up on the racism thread, but I cant help it. If any of you have read Toni Morrison's Beloved, there is a quote which says "There is no such think as bad luck, there is only white people". Never a truer word was spoken! Its all good and well when we are help you assholes to build your countries and your wealth, as Jamaica was once the "Jewel in the British crown" but as soon as we stop achieving for you and we do it for ourself, we are cheaters and imbeciles, how bloody ironic!

There is no problem that we have in Jamaica that cannot be traced back to white influence, we dont make drugs or guns in Jamaica, and if we are going to comment on Ganja, then we need to ask, who are the ones who buy it from us or finance the cultivation and exportation of it.

MR. RIO - your comments about Ja'cans who train in your country and that we should go home, go do your self, we are just taking back what you took from us! We have a saying in Ja that "ants follow fat" we are just following what belongs to us, and if you dont like it, bite it!

I dont see any one complaining about our country when you are eating our food which you rip off, or enjoying our music and our culture! Note you will never see a Jamaican who is trying to be like anyone else, but EVERY FREAKING ONE ELSE WANTS TO BE LIKE US and that's whats killing you!

You are all just jealous cause this little speck on the map/globe can produce such greatness, especially after all we have been thru! Lets face it, God only chose the best to be Jamaicans! It is a name you you can only carry if you have grit and stamina! Cause, no matter what they throw at us, where ever we go, we never buckle and we always stand out! Just admit it we are good at whatever we do, even if it commiting murder! (Sorry Ja'cans I know this is bad of me)

As for Mr. Teddy Atlas and Rooster, I pity you both and for all other naysayers and haters, please do us the favour of remembering that it was not our fault that you were made from what was left over from making the Jamaicans.Funny, when the white man is killing us there does not seem to be a problem, but when we do it ourselves, we are less than civilised,

No disrespect whatsoever to any persons of mixed heritage, cause I am a Graduate of one of the top universities in the UK, (first class honours no less! I was teaching other third year students in my third year of uni - and this when I was coming directly from my beloved JA)and my most supportive Lecturer was as white as snow and he was absolutely brilliant. Thats why it pains me to think that some of you pieces of S**T share the same white heritage, cause you would put him to shame!

Anyways, I've wasted enough of this post on you fools! I just want to say big up Usain, big up all other athletes and to every true sports man who take losing in stride well done! See you all at the next Olympics (we doubt we will see Mr Unger tho, cause there are no categories for snails!)



IDIOT Jerome - yes you would see us as a one trick pony, and you are right we can only do what we can afford to do, cause we are poor. Anything else which I am sure we could beat you at is kept from us thru lack of resources which you all stole from us! Check your country's checkered history of bigotry and exploitation to understand why we can only perform in these areas, which comes naturally and which you all could not take from us. The important think is not to be a 'Jack of all trades', but MASTER OF ONE! which we Ja'can certainly are, so put that in your pipe and smoke it! You are just JEALOUS!


IDIOT Jerome - yes you would see us as a one trick pony, and you are right we can only do what we can afford to do, cause we are poor. Anything else which I am sure we could beat you at is kept from us thru lack of resources which you all stole from us! Check your country's checkered history of bigotry and exploitation to understand why we can only perform in these areas, which comes naturally and which you all could not take from us. The important think is not to be a 'Jack of all trades', but MASTER OF ONE! which we Ja'can certainly are, so put that in your pipe and smoke it! You are just JEALOUS!

Sorry tiobas Ho!! he is crying wipe eyes baby boy. Do you realize that 14 & 15 year old in Jamaica are running the pathetic time you ran at the Olympics? Bolt PB at 16 was way faster that your PB. Stupid there is nothing on a doping control form to be filled out all is required of you is to verify that the 4 serial number match, two that goes on your sample two that gores on documents and then affix your signature. Please don’t quit if you quit there will never again a sport call track and field A HOLE


Maybe He should try the decathalon...He might finish first in the 100m sprints in the grandmother runs faster than that

ronnie b

mr. hungry-oops, sorry unger seems to be a cry baby. mr. unger, in jamaica, we are astonished at how fast our two year old toddlers run. at our high school championships, 15 and 16 year olds run your times and are considered slow. when you smear a country and its people, you should get 10 years in prison. you come from an advanced country and cant run faster than 10.3secs and yet you cast aspersions on countries on a small country whose only crime is to have inhabitants who crave and aspire tenaciously to be the best. you are not only a liar but you should check the facts before you start running your mouth. you and your writer should be sued forthwith.

john one



Unger are you related to Adolph Hitler? Your disbelief was like that of Hitler when the black man Jesse Owens whupped Hitler's supermen in Berlin. Just for the records Unger, under 18 schoolboys are running close to or under 10.2 in Jamaica. Maybe you wouldn't make our girls, oops! boys champs final in the 100M either. Come try out next year nuh!!

Any one ever heard of a Jamaican Roman Catholic priest called Monsignor Gladstone Wilson? He was a St. George's Old Boy and contemporary to the very brilliant Bishop Gibson who founded KC. Wilson had 5 PhDs by the time he was 33 years old. He had his first at 23. He was ranked in the top 8 most learned men in the world during his time. Some much for Teddy's rubbish.

Stephen Gunter

Quote: "I’m the only one here at the Olympics who is registering with the doping controllers.” end Quote

That statement is an blatant, utter, total and complete lie.

Both Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt are registered as part of the volunteer testing program, a fact that was well publicized when Asafa spoke at the press conference in Beijing for the launch of the shoe Nike built for him.

But, don't take my word for it, the IAAF released the following before the 200m Final.

IAAF: Bolt Tested At Least 11 Times in 2008

Jamaican Usain Bolt, who competes in the 200-meter Olympic final Wednesday night, has been drug-tested at least 11 times in 2008, according to Nick Davies, a spokesman for the world track and field federation (IAAF).
Bolt was tested four times out-of-competition by the IAAF and three times in-competition, Davies said. He also has been tested four times by the International Olympic Committee--including three blood tests--since he arrived to China, Davies said.
Davies said Bolt and fellow sprinter Asafa Powell are among the 22 elite Jamaican track and field athletes included in the IAAF's targeted testing program. The IAAF spends $2 to $3 million annually on the program, Davies said, to ensure that athletes in nations such as Jamaica and Kenya that do not have national testing programs get tested frequently. Powell, Davies said, has been tested 13 times this year, six out-of-competition by the IAAF, three in-competition and four by the IOC.
Davies said IAAF medical officials assemble longitudinal profiles of the athletes' blood work to look for abnormalities that suggest doping could be going on.
Bolt's and Powell's results "look OK," Davies said. "If it didn't, there would be massively targeted testing on them, simple as that."

john one

please don't quit unger..who will break the records now that you are gone?

Jamaican from the CORE!!!

Unger....i understand his skepticism but he needs to do his homework on Jamaica and Jamaican athletes before he makes irresponsible comments such as the one i just read. His (Unger's) PR would BARELY place him in the top three of our high school boys, age group 17-19. The fact is that Jamaican sprinters are usually faster than their counterparts in other regions, that is until we hit the world stage. Now that so many cheats have been exposed, Jamaica is sprinting to the fore. Usain Bolt was always better than the other Jamaican sprinters who in turn were always better than their foriegn counterparts. When u look at Usain, u r seeing a combination of raw talent and hard work. JAMAICA TO DE WORLLL'' WE A TEK IT TO DEM AN IT A MAD DEM!!!!!! LOL


WE ARE JAMAICANS WE LOVE CHINA,..Thanks Marion Jones for coming clean, the lord has forgiven you and your conscience is helped to level the PLAYING FIELD...USA can't bribe China..ONE LOVE Y'ALL Go USAIN and all the other Jamaican Athletes.....Canadian/Jamaican

I posted this comment at another blog on Steroid Nation. I think it important to post it here also.

"I have an uneasy feeling that you guys are trying to set up our Jamaican athletes so that you can justify your claim that we are on drugs. It brings back memories of the claim of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. The American media was churning out its propaganda in full force and many believed the bullsh.. Well, just as there were those who saw through the big lie,so today there are many who see through this big lie again being churned out by the greatest bunch of propagandists the world has ever seen.

There is, however, a huge difference between even attempting to plant WMDs in Iraq (because the entire world was watching) and slipping banned substances to unsuspecting athletes, say in a sweet, a drink of water, some food or some other clandestine way. So I say to all Jamaican athletes, watch your back carefully, the Yanks are trying to get any means necessary. Don't say I never warned you all!!!"


He looked like he was on steroids. The race was not even close. The same way it was with all the other steroid using sprinters. Jamaican doctors are very skill at the doping mask and have done so in the past. Ben Johnson is the name that comes to mind. but there are many doctors around the world with skills producing these masking agents. Look at Marian Jones. The masking agent was very good. She won races in the exact same fashion. Way ahead of the pack and slowing up before the line. Just look at the races. They weren't even close. Out of the billions on this planet, no one is even close. Steroids



Ben Johnson represnted canada. Had canadian coaching and canda is where he got the dope. Where do you people get your information from? Jim the typical anry white man. When is phelps gonna get caught. Nobody is even close to phelps in swimming yet "WHITEY" dosent give a hoot if Phelps is cheating!!!. Why is whitey only giving bolt hell but phelps is getting a free ride. WHitey dose not want to see a black man successed. Dope is a common thing in most proffesional sports but whitey gets in a RAGE when its a black man lol. Whitey only cares if its the black man that cheating and making them look inferior.

I see tons of article son bary bonds, usain bolt and marion jones.What about Jason Giambi, Bill Romanowski,Roger Clemens.



WHITEY Intenions are obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i hope bolt is clean i really do but due to all the champions and record breakers who have been caught or implicated in last 15 years or so i think wether in his case it is justified or not people will have doubts at back of their mind.As i said i hope he is clean because if not athletics really will be tarnished almost beyond repair

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