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« Monday morning steroids dose: Madonna, Olympics, Jamaican yams, and Greek communists | Main | The Tuesday Morning Steroid Dope: Joe Biden on steroids, WADA on Bolt, and life coaches on the Olympics »




The Japanese girls look even younger, but we Americans won't pay attention and link it to fake age cuz no medals stripped off by them. Good strategy!


If I were you, I would not believe anything Epoch Times says. Or rather, read Epoch Times in its entirety, especially its Chinese version of the newspaper. You can't trust anything Epoch Times write. Epoch Times makes National Enquirer looks like a Pulitzer price worthy newspaper. And like the previous poster said, one of the Japanese gymnasts look just as young. The US media conveniently overlook her. And since when did age cheating become doping? How is it linked to THG, PED or steroid, or do I smell some really sour grapes?

Main Entry:

: the use of a substance (as an anabolic steroid or erythropoietin) or technique (as blood doping) to illegally improve athletic performance

While we are at it, can you come up with some ideas how Michael Phelps cheats besides that lame "music" doping piece you posted. Human growth hormone? Gene doping? The training schedule/method outlined by Victor Conte? If Bolt is in doubt for breaking new records by fractions of a second, what Michael Phelps did then was just simply inhuman. He breaks his own records by multiple of seconds with astounding ease, every year!

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