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The Chinese girl in the second picture looks sick. It is interesting that when Americans loose they always like to question their rivals victory. Americans are as dirty as any other country in the world. Americans have access to a more sophiscated system of doping. But now the rest of the world is catching up.

Millard Baker

It is only the histrelin that inhibits gonadrotropins - not metformin, right?


I don't think Americans are unique in questioning the opposition. It seems to be universal. Of course I admit that every loss I suffered as an athlete or a coach was because someone cheated. :-)

Americans may seem like jerks, but when defeated by a superior opponent, we can concede...example like Libby Tricket (Aus, swimming) or Stephanie Rice. Americans admire the superior athlete.

Is the USA as dirty as any other country? In certain sports yes. The culture of the athletes is all important. For instance in basketball, the USA is not 'dirty'. And in this Olympics the USA looks better because BALCO cleaned up track and field to a degree. But yes, cheating is universal.

Be careful in thinking that the American press (or the American corporation PR machine) represents the American opinion.


"...For instance in basketball, the USA is not 'dirty'. And in this Olympics the USA looks better because BALCO cleaned up track and field to a degree."

Hahaha. Now THAT's good comedy, a double-whammy of sarcasm (I hope).

Steroid Nation

Kinda sarcastic.

Basketball players don't dope. They do alot of other things, but they don't use steroids. PEDs have not made it into the bball culture.

And by saying BALCO cleaned up US track and field, we were half sarcastic and half reflective.

The BALCO scandal brought to light the widespread doping culture in track and field (and baseball too). Many of the drug-cheats were nailed. So the field was cleaned up somewhat by convictions.

The thunder of the BALCO investigation, while producing lightweight legal sentences, did seem to intimidate potential dopers.

We would have no reason to think the USA wears any kind of halo when it comes to doping.

BTW, I think you will find Americans can be very critical of their culture when moments of honesty filter through. :-)

oh yea?

lay off the insinuations, gary.
have a little respect for these little girls' hard work.

My daughter, puberty and me.

This is a controversial topic. Well, there is a possibility that the Chinese really used some drugs to help their athletes and there is also the possibility that they are just talented and well trained teenage boys and girls. We'll never know.

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