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Since Ricco tried to sneak past the control area, it makes me wonder if word of a marker in certain "supplements" had gotten around the peleton.

All CSC's were tested on the off day. What is the time frame for A sample testing? Those tests were done by Italy's CONI - would they have the same capability to detect CERA that the French lab appears to have?

Ryan Jerz

For sure lawsuits will be flying around on this, but WADA should be able to catch these guys however they see fit. They're a private entity, right?

Jeff S.

Stealth molecules are the one thing WADA has going for it right now. I think WADA needs to prove to some outside neutral observer that the technology works and can’t result in false positives.

But if there are a limited number of different stealth molecules that can be used and a limited number of ways to detect them, then the details of how this is done must be kept out of the hands of the dopers’ lawyers and doctors. Otherwise the dopers will have the PEDs they desire to take tested by their dirty doctors for stealth molecules before they use them. We need to protect the usefulness of this new tool on the fight against doping.

By the way, can anyone tell me why the Russians have 7 of the world’s top 800m women’s runners this year, when last year there wasn’t a Russian woman on the top-6? Same for the 5K. This year the Russians have two of the world’s top 4 performers, while last year they had no one on the top-20. I sure hope any drugs they might be using contain stealth molecules. I’ve read that WADA knows the blood profiles of many of the Russian women are not normal, but that’s not enough evidence to convict them of doping. Can anyone confirm this?


Tricksy Wada

Steroid Nation

Why do the Russians have the top 800 runners..because they have excellent stretching coaches.


Adam K.

Wow, things are getting crazy!


ahh wada!

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