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So is the conventional wisdom now that Armstrong did cheat all those years? I thought the guy had superhuman physiology or something (I'm not being sarcastic--I thought he had a heart the size of horse, naturally, or somesuch).




Michael Kenney was set up by the DEA and the Broward Narcotics Unit to be locked up for 25 years but as it turned out, Kenney was running a 100% legitamite pharmacy, is not a drug trafficker like the media hyped, was set free in January 2009 with NO Formal Charges ever being filed, not one! The authorities expected to find a ton of illegal drugs and proof that Kenney was just handing out Rx meds without a prescription but they were completely wrong and now its time for some major payback in the form of a justice, a huge lawsuit, for what they did to Dr Kenney, his family and his Beach Med Community Pharmacy.

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his family and his Beach Med Community Pharmacy.

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Jenna Willson

Where there is competition there will be steroids. And people will continue to use them.

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