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you can clear pot coke and anyother drugs out
of your system in that time frame
Anavar has a short life and would be out of her body quickly
Equipose a little harder to get rid of but i am sure she had some help.
You're still a cheater Julie


Jamie You seem to be an authority on the subject, please enlighten us on how one would mask or clear out those metabolites? you can't just make a statement like that without backing it up

"Exonerated"... lol, your rep is still smashed horsey... you and Craig can just keep dealing your steroids in the gym... until the police nab ya.

And they will!

I can't wait to see that in the paper.

Scott Welch

I would love to know what method FAME used to test the athlete in question. If the testing method used was IOC caliber than I think the test results should stand. I am all for "drug free" but WBF, FAME and IDFA should step up the test quality for the top 3 of every class for every show. If all athletes were 100% drug free based on an IOC test, that's a show I'd pay to see and that's a show mass-market companies would want to associate themselves with. IFBB doesn't claim to be drug free but these 3 organizations do. If they are 100% drug free organizations, then let's step up the testing quality so that there's no disputes. I know it costs more but few people "in the know" believe all of these champions drug free anyway.

A few days before this announcement, Julie sent an email to MABBA stating that she would sue them if they went public with positive test results on this second test. Now why would that be?


Does anyone have actual proof or a copy of the email that julie sent to MABBA threatening to sue?
Would love to see a copy of it
could make things very interesting

just another person

So Julie calls me after the results come out from fame to say sorry for doing what she did. Julie DID admit to taking some stuff but not all of what they said.
Once Julie beat the CBBF test by clearly masking what she did and the time lapse, she was quick to call me/ and email me that she was clean.
I dont get it Julie. Why would you tell me you were clean when you yourself told me you werent from the beginning? You must be one stupid girl. And to all the stupid people who think that if they train with them they wont be so wrong. I know so many of you have already contacted other trainers but are to scared. If Craig and Julie were your real friends, they wont be upset. But you will soon see like many of people have seen that no longer train with them that once you stop training with them, you will see their true colors.


Julie is "clean"
Wins provincials this year and finnishes second last would assume next step is to go to nationals.
Where was Julie at nationals this weekend?
I didn't even see her show up to support her "girls"


what does being clean, going to nationals or not have anything to do with anything? tammy you're a tard. seriously now.

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