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Murray Peters

god she is a looser...will it ever end


Seriously ..a bunch of bodybuilders are now running to the local doctors to see if steroids are doing dammage to the.
one body builder was quoted as saying" god ..doct help me!! I don't want to look like julie the horse face coram"

Miss Manitopba 2000 and something

Hey Julie!
Everything in this industry was fine with out you!
We had a great industry here in Manitoba.
Then you came along with your balding looser boyfriend and had to splash yourselves in the paper.
MEDIA WHORE! both of you . Did you not get attention as a child?
Thanks for putting a black mark on our sport
YOU are a joke!!
Go back in that hole you came from you whore!
I hope mommy and daddy are proud of you now!
I thought it was funny to see you get hung out to dry and now you want to bring the rest of this sport down cause of your stupidity??


This is just stupid already
Julie get a life

I see there is a fce book for this too

I encourage those to join

El Rico

Steroids are great taken in the right doses. I have seen huge gains and the girls love my massive biceps.

pat silva

ey julie ur hott as hell fuck these haters if u ever want some one to train with an wax that ass hit me up bebe

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hehe, i come here firt time for the internet. Maybe someone else did it to blame him, why would he risk such a thing?

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