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It does not take a genius to know that she is taking steroids. Her jaw is growing out of her face. It looks very unatural.

Millard Baker

Apparently, she did not take Fenfluramine. She admitted to taking Benfluorex. Benfluorex, while not explicitly banned, is structurally similar to Fenfluramine. This resulted in a positive doping result.

This happens when two drugs share structural similarities. For example, individuals consuming herbal ephedra or synthetic ephedrine products have been known to test positive for amphetamines during urinalysis.

Millard Baker

To yes, neither does it take a genius to realize that Fenfluramine is not an anabolic steroid.

Steroid Nation

Thanks for the information on the drug she ingested. Millard. I looked up the structure of the two drugs; the two appear to be compounds of the phenethylamine group, and very similar to amphetamine structure.

These drugs affect monoamine neurotransmitters, or catecholamines -- dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine. The drugs improve concentration, increase motor coordination, decrease appetite (her application), and enhance energy.

I once got into a big debate with a very vocal M.D. whether this class of drugs was PED. Of course there are, but he was the 'teacher' but didn't know the literature about PEDs.

A friend who is a cyclists understood the race racer's dilemma -- they are called upon to cycle inhumane distances at high speeds. Thus they abuse 'stimulants' for focus, energy, and to reduce appetite.

This drug class can be very dangerous when used in Cory Stringer showed.

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