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Roc A Fella Jenkins

Hey you people should be a little less quick to judge people!It's easy to look down on others,when you are on the outside looking in.I am Damu Cherry's first cousin, and we stand by her 100%. If Damu is such a doper, why has she been an athlete all her life, without any help from performance enhancing drugs. She was an outstanding athlete at A.P. Leto High School, winning Ms.Falcon 3 years in a row, breaking and setting school records for 100 meter hurdles, just to name a few of her accomplishments. She also went on to the University of South Florida, to smash the competition setting the school record for 100 meter hurdles. So listen unless you have done real research on Damu Cherry not this crap you are reading over the internet then silence yourself. I guess my biggest question is how many times a week do you go to the gym? what you do for a living? and lastly how many school/local/or world records, have you set or broken? Unless you're Jackie Joyner or Gail Devers yourself, then you should have nothing to say. Also keep in mind that Damu comes from a huge family of athletes, her mother my aunt, now 60 years old, ran the boston/new york marathon until she was nearly in her 50's, and could probably run circles around most of you critics in the 50 yard dash. Hate to be Rude, but step off when it comes to the young lady above....Ms. Damu Cherry

steroid nation

Actually the story says how difficult it is to overcome a doping offense. There is nothing in this post that says Ms. Cherry doped or didn't, only that the substance found was a metabolite of nandrolone and that she was suspended.

Alpha Nation

Always remember karma, what go's around, comes around.....

Karen & Shannon

From my personal experience, Damu Cherry is an amazing athlete with high morals and incredible talent. With that said, why would she knowingly risk her dreams being she already has the God given talent?! She deserves to be not frowned upon but looked at as someone who has overcome the ultimate obstacle and is better than before!! You GO Damu! We love you and stand behind you 110%!! The DREAM IS NEAR!!! You're OUR Hero!


Whether or not she knowingly took the steroids or not, she obviously is not now, and hasn't been for the past 3 years. If we were all tested to make sure we hadn't ever "cheated" in life, none of us would pass. Fact is, she is one of the fastest hurdlers in the world today, and no one can take that away from her!! GO DAMU!!


from Tampa Tribune 3 August 08:

Damu Cherry was a good hurdler on the Leto High track team, but never a state champion. And when she went on to compete for the University of South Florida in the event, she never won a conference title.

But when she lines up for her first race of the women's 100-meter hurdles Aug. 17 in the Beijing Olympic Games, Cherry will be ranked No. 2 in the world and favored to wind up on the medals podium - maybe on top of it wearing gold - after the finals are staged two days later.

She might not have been a high school or NCAA titlist, but now, at age 30, she is on the verge of being an Olympic champion.

So she wasn't a young great in a sport, took drugs (whether knowingly or not) and is now at the Olympics... would she be there without them?


Pleeeeeease! She cheated before. She's even faster now. Her coach was a doper (sadly I am also a Gator). Even if we ignore the physical signs, as it seems PC to do, all I can say is pleeeeeeeeeease.


I've personally trained with Damu and I was coached by Dennis Mitchell before I made it to UF. There hasn't been one instance where I thought she was doping nor has Dennis ever promoted it. She is a phenomenal athlete and she gives everything shes got everyday in practice. Dennis is also an amazing coach and brings the best out of his athletes.!! Put them together and what do you get? Do the Math!


"Do the math." What?
Here's an article that includes Dennis Mitchell's excuse when failed his drug test:

"Drinking five bottles of beer and having sex with his wife four times the night before the test."

Hahaha. I hope he's a great coach, because he's a poor liar. :)
A cheater coaching a cheater in a man's body to run faster than when she was caught cheating. Is that what you call "math" ?

Randa Partap Singh

Screw enhancements!!! Damu was and still is an amazing athlete!!! I went to school with Damu and let me tell you no other girls in their right mind would want to 'try'and compete with her because she was truely a beast on the field...a beautiful beast that is!!! Girl screw what the public has to say and think, you do you and keep it up!!!


Gullible TV Head

Yes girl, you keep up with those roids! You beautiful cheat you!

I know you too. I see you everyday. Cheating and lying at work. Cheating and lying in relationships. Cheating and lying at the store or out at a public event.

If only the world were full of people like you, life would be so much better!

Or maybe I'm just lying. It's hard to tell.


I had the privilege to train with Damu for almost a year and I can personally testify that Damu is the hardest working athlete I have ever met - perhaps because she knows all the skepticism others may have due to past allegations. Her coach, Dennis, is incredibly strict, but I feel that Damu's success is primarily because she is even more hard on herself.

Damu Cherry is incredibly self-motivated, humble, and of the highest moral character. You could not ask for a better role model in an athlete and I will be cheering for her in the next Olympics. Go team USA!

~Luis (a.k.a. Apone)

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