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Larry D

The Steelers were one of the pioneers of steriod abuse (as opposed to use). Before that, most athletes would follow the directions on the bottle, not thinking that the higher the dose the better the results.

As for Bradshaw, he's suffering from fairly well publicized mental health problems (depression), which might be linked to long-term steroid use.

Still, it's nothing compared to what guys are doing today. The combination of drugs and body weight is a ticking time bomb, albeit largely hidded from public view. Retired NFL players disappear from the public eye pretty quickly.

Steroid Nation

Interesting thoughts. Bradshaw is also treated for ADHD.

steeler fan

Bradshaw was not big like many you saw abusing steroids. I believe him when he says the injections were for healing of aches only. He had a great arm long before he came to pgh. He was the high school national javelin champion, and his record stood for many years. He was also a thrower in college I believe. he was born with the great arm. I don't think steroids did anything for that.


Even though I'm a big fan of the Steelers, one cannot be blind to what was going on. It wouldn't surprise me if Terry has confused matters over the years and only got the anti-inflammatory injections, but the offensive linemen on the teams he played for is a different story. As a naive youth, I found it awe inspiring to see those guys not wearing long sleeved shirts even on the coldest of days break the huddle on a cold day showing off their "guns". With the number of them that have problems related to (if not directly caused by) their steroid use, it certainly takes the bloom off the rose.

At this point, it's hard to look around the NFL and see punters getting caught with steroids and reach the conclusion that everyone is doing it. Doesn't make it right, but it seems clear the NFL is rife with PED's in spite of their testing programs.


Even though Bradshaw wasn't as big as Bonds etc. doesn't mean he wasn't using. Thats a common misconception. Steroids are mainly used for conditioning and endurance, not size and muscle mass.


I'm one of those jealous bitter Cleveland fans who always wanted to single out the Steelers for starting steroid use in the NFL. Then I saw a documentary on ESPN about the team that really started 'roid use -- the 1963 San Diego Chargers. I felt so bad I wrote a letter of apology to the Steelers, and quit posting with that bunch of deluded losers over on the Browns Board. From now on I'll think before I go spouting off such garbage.

Gretchen Helms

I have always hated Pittsburgh. Now I know why. They only reason the win is because of all that crap pushed into their bodies

Gretchen Helms

Cheaters to the bone!!!!!!!!!

Account Deleted

I'm a hardgainer involved in serious body building will need to increase the amount of their daily calorie ingestion in order to feel good. I also believe that the injections were for healing of aches only and I don't think steroids did anything for that.


Well all I have to say is steroids do help get an advantage over people that are not taking them. All you have to do is look at the pro bodybuilding industry compared to the Arnold bodybuilding days. You can so tell those guys are taking so much steroids it isn't funny. But regardless on if they take them or if they don't, they still have to bust their butt to accomplish their skills and talents in the sport.

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