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I actually laughed when I saw the 100M it was so fake.


> people d jamaican's have been tested the most at the olympics mr bolt was tested 6 times b4 d he
> ran a 100m race and he was tested after every race.....sooo....

Uh, Marion Jones was tested to the tune of 160 urine samples and, even though she admits to doping, NEVER failed a drug test. Sooo...


>As a former athlete from the Caribbean, the number os athletes
>that this region produced is far greater that the U.S. itself.

Are you kidding? You are claiming a region with approximately 37.5 million people produces more athletes than a sports crazed country with over 300 million people. The numbers simply don't bear you out. Caribbean athletes are talented be let's not get too puffed up with pride shall we?

>In the Caribbean we don't just train on the tracks or in the gym,
>we take to the mountains and hills, the sea and the lakes. Our
>diet is not pills, fast food or injections, it is all from nature.

A quick check of the all-time Olympic medal tables ( shows the US with 2,404 medals not counting the 2008 games. Jamaica leads all Caribbean nations with 42, followed it appears by Trinidad and Tobago with 12, Bahamas with 8, Puerto Rico with 6 and no other nation with more than 4. So much for the superior Caribbean athlete theory.

Since there have been 29 Olympic games, that works out to about 1.5 medals per games for Jamaica. Jamaica so far has 9 medals in this Olympics which is quite a remarkable a improvement. Did the environment and healthy living in Jamaica suddenly become better for training than 4 years ago? Or should we just assume they are taking drugs like everyone else?


>As I mentioned before, the USA sprinters all ran way below their
>SB's... if one group of people do not perform as they should, then
>it is very likely that others in the field will appear to be
>better than they would normally be.

You are still missing the point. The very fact that there were 3 Jamaican sprinters even in the finals is suspicious. I have a much easier time believing that 3 of the top 8 sprinters in the world come from a country with 300 million residents than from a country with 3 million residents. It's not impossible but it is so improbable that it borders on ridiculous.

Oh and for the record I could give a rats ass if the US sprinters win or not. Not my sport, and I really don't care who wins or loses. I just like to see a good and fair competition. I'm not convinced that the Olympic sprinting events this year are clean and I'm especially suspicious of the US and Jamaican teams.

Richard Brenne

As a professional sportswriter since 1972 who has worked many years for Sports Illustrated, I've made an informal study of the red flags of steroids, EPO and other performance-enhancing drug use.

They are:

Have they tested positive?

Does the athlete dominate, setting world records? (Ben Johnson, Florence-Griffith Joyner, Marion Jones, Lance Armstrong)

Do they have an unusually muscular physique, especially for a woman?
(Flo-Jo, Ben Johnson, many Jamaican woman sprinters at these Olympics)

Do they associate with coaches, programs or doctors associated with others who have tested positive?
(American sprinters, Lance Armstrong)

Do they have a sudden spike in performance, instead of a growing curve of excellence?
(Many Jamaicans at these Olympics)

Have they peaked at exactly the right time, relative to previous performances?

Do they retire and/or die prematurely, without a rational explanation? (Flo-Jo)

Have they bettered all those around them who were caught cheating?
(Lance Armstrong, since the 2nd through 8th place finishers at his last Tour de France were caught cheating)

Do they have teammates who have been caught cheating?
(Lance Armstrong now has several such teammates)

I'd like to know what other red flags the experts would arm the public with, so that even when an athlete never tests positive (Flo-Jo, Lance Armstrong), the public can arm themselves with as much knoweldge as possible to draw their own conclusions most intelligently.

This is not hating, this is wanting to know the truth and not bury one's head in the sand of mindless celebrity worship.


Red flags I would add to the list:

Sudden dominance or improvement of athletes in a specific demographic especially one without a history in the sport (Chinese swimmers since 1992)

High performance in parts of the sport not suitable to the athlete's body type. (George Hincapie in stage 15 of the 2005 Tour De France - 170lb guys don't win mountain stages)

Dramatically altered physical appearance (Marc McGuire, Barry Bonds)

Unusual performance from a small population out of proportion to their historic norm and/or likely talent pool. (East Germany)

Selective or infrequent event choice minimizing potential chances to test positive. (Lance Armstrong)

Unusually rapid recovery from serious injury or illness (Lance Armstrong, Andy Petitte)

Attributing performance to some unusual new technique or unusual medical condition (Lance Armstrong's faster pedal cadence & weight loss from cancer)

Unusual ability to recover from massive exertions. (Ricardo Ricco)

None of these are proof of guilt but they should raise eyebrows.

T Dubb

Usain Bolt will eventually be caught for doping. He will claim, like others, that he never knowingly took anything. He just worked really hard. He will be mad at his coaches for tricking him, etc, etc.

Track and Field used to be my favorite sport to watch. Sprint records fell by hundredths of a second -- maybe a tenth now and then. Then came Florence Griffith Joyner, Michael Johnson and the cheats who actually got caught. Now it's just a bummer.

Ben Pearl, DPM

I'm a podiatrist and make my living watching movement patterns. There is no wasted energy with Bolt (other than his celebratory arm waving just before the finish). His head does not move up and down and he is tight getting out of the blocks (little lateral movement). Having said that I choose to embrace his accomplishment with the recognition that there is uncertainty with respect top PED use in modern sports. To deny this uncertainty is not bashing the performance of an athlete like Bolt. It is living in reality.


Much respect Jamaica for your success the 08 games. Usain has a documented history of excellence on the world class stage since he was a lanky skinny schoolboy at age 15.

Jamaican sprinters have been world class since the 40's and have one of the best high school track and field programs on the planet and have for decades. There is a reason they kick some serious US high school butt in the Penn relays yearly and have for decades. Having produced prior Olympic medalist it is no surprise that such a nation would produce a world record holder or two.

Its understandable that any athlete in todays times of undetectable HGH and the examples of Marion Jones, Dennis Mitchell and Justin Galtin, that people would be suspect of the feats of Phelps and Bolt.

Having said that I take the position that these two have performed at a world class level since their teens. They have unique and special physical gifts that others in their sports do not have. They have dedicated their lives to their sport and have worked hard to get the most out of their "special" physical gifts. They have done so without the use of HGH or any other banned enhancements.

Until there is proof or they are discovered to be dirty like Marion Jones, Dennis Mitchell and Justin Gatlin, they have my respect as multiple gold medialist and the stars of the 08 games.


First off, steroids are rampant in highschools today, that is a well known fact. So, to say anything about times when a person was 15 is irrelevant.

Second, it's irrational to believe that a person can destroy record times, even those by athletes who were proven to be on steroids.

I understand that people want to believe this is possible. We in Canada were sucked in to believe our athelete Ben Johnson was clean too. It's just not the case in track today. They are all using something, you can't win a gold medal in the Olympic 100 meters, or many other strength and endurance events without taking some kind of enhancement...sad, but true.

It's not God given's Doctor injected science.

The sad thing is, we will never know who really is the fastest man/woman in history as these cheats have robbed us of that. There is a clean athlete for most every event in the olympics who would be the recongnized as the world's best, but doesn't get that recognition because the cheat gets the spot-light...that is, until they are discovered. Science makes these records and then science takes them away. Get used to and fame is the carrot that juices these guys up.

It's common knowledge in France that Lance Armstrong was a step ahead in the chemical game. Usain is no more clean than Lance Armstrong. He better retire before he gets caught.

It's common knowledge in France that Lance Armstrong was a step ahead in the chemical game. Usain is no more clean than Lance Armstrong. He better retire before he gets caught.


So if I am to believe that Bolt is on dope then Michael Johnson who set the two hundred record must have been on dope as well. And Phelps too............. etc etc.

seeing isn't believing

Yes, they are all taking please:

Taken from Time magazine in partnership with CNN

We know already from the last couple years that the spiral of doping has gone up again. We are now dealing with drugs that are not detected at all because no good test has been developed for them. That includes growth factors. The most frequently used is at present IGF-1, insulin-like growth factor 1, which is not detected in urine or even blood tests. There are also some variants of human erythropoietin (EPO) and growth factor that cannot be easily identified. And there are now very short-lived androgenic steroids. Short-lived means that, after a day and a half, they are no longer detectable in the urine. And there are lyophilized proteolytic enzymes, which can be added to the urine during a test as tiny amounts of powder so that growths factors, EPO and insulin are degraded and no longer detectable.

So controls are easily undercut. I don't take all this business about the 4,500 controls in place in Beijing seriously. It's silly. They'll catch only very stupid athletes. Most are guided by experts in sports medicine.

seeing isn't believing

So, let me get this straight -- there is a substance I can take to enhance my performance and likely win a gold medal -- and it can't be detected? Hmm, sounds good, but I prefer to run clean and be eliminated in the preliminary rounds.

Think about it...these people base their lives on winning and there is nothing in the world more important to them, period! They will do whatever it takes to achieve fame and receive the dollars that will surly follow. If you see it any other way, you must take off your rose colored glasses and accept the fact that you are watching chemically enhanced athletes. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble who was still living with that innocent notion.

The truth will come out...just like with Marion Jones -- someone always knows. Nobody is doping themselves with professional assistance.

seeing isn't believing

The last line should read; Nobody is doping themselves without professional assistance.


bloody stupid idiots sayin hes on drugs u guys need to get taught by ur mumma to stop acusing people of things. stupid amercian twats who dont know anything about running stick to your stupid ass burgers and chips some people train and work hard in the olympics while u guys munch on your fat asss burgers


dear yoyoyo you question how it is possible for usain t do so well and suggest he is juiced up...well the guy has been tested more than most other athletes and has been cleared SO you know what that points to..."his think he can do all that without doping up,is amazing.He is great and yu yourself said it when u say it is impossible to do so well w/ out dope well he did, made the impossible possible...amazing.Thats a Jamaican for ya!!!


If bolt is on dope so is Micheal Phelps...Why dont you do an article on micheal helps. he came fifth at the olympics at the age of 15 only to BREAK a world record 9 months later. If thats not doping I dont know what is. Of course the people that run this website wont because they're probably white. A good ole american boy like phelps cant be a cheater he just looks so wholesome and CLEAN.


The guys is juiced beyond belief. He ran 10.03 in July 2007. That's blazing fast for you and I, but it would not have even won the US university chamionships that year. Would have been a distant second. He had the same time in March 2008. 2 months later, May 2008 he runs the 2nd fastest time ever in the 100m, and three months after that, he destroys everyone and runs the fastest time ever, without even running to the finish line. So in five months he goes from "amongst the fastest current runners" to "by far the fastest human ever". Be serious.

Add to that the fact that there is no independent doping agency in Jamaica, and that all the Jamaicans, who used to train in the US with mixed success, are suddenly smashing world records.

The whole team is juiced.

seeing isn't believing

You're saying it the way it is, goph. These people are proud of their countryman, which is understandable. But, the truth is the truth...they are doping. The testing is irrelevant, the drugs they are taking now cannot be detected. So, the tests they pass are there only to satisify the masses and have them believe the Olympics are on the up-and-up.

Thes simplest proof of doping is the fact that these guys are destroying world records and the best times ever run...even by those proven to be on steroids. Gee, Jamaican Born Ben Johnson, all roided up couldn't run even close to that time. Use your head, not your heart and it will be much clearer. If you believe these records are legitimate, then I'm sure you wouldn't pass a drug test...'cause the last time I looked gunga was still a drug we could detect. So now we have Jamaican runners and their fans on dope. Whatever works for you.


You know, I have read the good, the bad and the ugly comments about Usain. But one thing everyone is forgetting is that he is God blessed - and who God blesses no man curses!! America is so corrupt that they have brought their dirty minds to the world so that everyone believes what they believe - Satan's trick! Go to hell America! Usain is the best and stick that in your face! Is Michael Phelps on steroids! I never thought he was I just thought he was the best swimmer ever - but if we are to believe what you say about Bolt, then Michael is a no good cheat! Am I right?!
The two men - Bold and Phelps are fantastic so shut up with the foolishness and let God reign in your life - for once!!

seeing isn't believing

"Go to hell America" You should truly rethink your God inspired philosophy with comments like that. We can be sure those are not God inspired words.

saju zachariah

definitely drugged

Stephen Gunter

quote: "The guys is juiced beyond belief. He ran 10.03 in July 2007. That's blazing fast for you and I, but it would not have even won the US university chamionships that year. Would have been a distant second. He had the same time in March 2008. 2 months later, May 2008 he runs the 2nd fastest time ever in the 100m, and three months after that, he destroys everyone and runs the fastest time ever, without even running to the finish line. So in five months he goes from "amongst the fastest current runners" to "by far the fastest human ever". end quote.

People act as if Usain Bolt just started running last year. The man has been training to run the 200m for the past 7-8 years. He proved that he had the speed at a very early age (he has been 6'5" since he was 15, ran the 200m in 20.61 then). The only thing between Bolt and a fast 100m (and faster 200m) was his Start and the fact that he wouldn't stick to his training schedule. Much of the training for the 200m is the same as that for the 100m; by training for one, he was in effect training for the other. Yes, he has run very few "Official" 100m races, but he has run hundreds, if not thousands, in training over the past 7-8 years. To ignore the fact that he has trained for the 200m before opting to run the 100m is disingenuous and smacks of intended bias.

You might be interested in this article about Bolt written five years ago: but then again, maybe not...


Hey, I looked at your article from 5 years ago in the Barbados paper, and it says he was very fast. Duh. Everyone knows he was and is fast. Yes, we know he won the World Junior Championships at 15. So what? Read my post again and pay particular attention to the dates.

Since you're linking posts from newspapers, here's one, not from 5 years ago, but from last week, and not from a Barbados paper, but European (German, maybe you can read it, since you've got a German name). [...] 60,00.html

Was steckt dahinter, wenn ein 21-Jähriger, der vor einem Jahr noch eine Bestleistung von 10,03 Sekunden über 100 Meter aufweisen *****, jetzt nur 9,69 Sekunden für dieselbe Distanz benötigt? Und dabei sogar kurz vor Schluss Geschwindigkeit rausnimmt (mehr...)?
Für Unger ist klar: In der Weltspitze des Sprints geht es nicht mit rechten Dingen zu.

(How is it, that a 21-year-old, who one year before has a personal best of 10,03 seconds over the 100 meter, now only needs 9.69 seconds to run the same distance? And without even running hard to the end? For Unger (German sprinter), the response is clear : things aren't straight at the summit of world sprinting.)

By the way, a third of a second is a huge gain at this level. Here's another. [...] 87,00.html

In Jamaika gibt es keine unabhängige Anti-Doping-Agentur. Nur viermal wurde Bolt im vergangenen Jahr im Training *****; ob dies auch in der dopingrelevanten Zeit in den Wintermonaten geschah, ist unklar. Das ist nur ein Grund, warum Geipel, die mit der DDR-Staffel 1984 Weltrekord über 4x100 Meter lief und diesen 2005 aus Dopinggründen zurückgab, das derzeitige Testsystem "einen Schmarrn" nennt.

(In Jamaica, there is no independent Anti-Doping agency. Bolt was only tested 4 times during training over the last year, and the dates aren't clear. This is only one reason that Geipel, who ran with the East German 1984 World Record 4x100 meter team and who gave back the medal in 2005 due to doping, calls the current testing system "rubbish".)

I could give you links to French and English magazine that raise the same doubts. And the most ridiculous times don't involve Bolt, but the women's team performances.

By the way, I think that the US runners are doping also, but not on the level of Bolt. Taking refuge in a doping-paradise like Jamaica has clearly let them take the stops out. And I don't expect Jamaica to put the clamps down on their national heros any time soon. So US track is going to have a decision to make in the next year or two. They've clearly made some effort in the past couple years to at least reduce doping with the exclusions of Gatlin, Montgomery, Jones, etc (Jones is in prison, for crying out loud), but they're not going stand pat forever.


My last comment, since, in looking through this thread, the Bolt supporters aren't going to accept any evidence that he's juiced. But there was one from a Bolt supporter that caught my eye, because it concerns his 200 times, which the person above mentioned, but I haven't seen as much about:

15 years old: 200m in 20.61
16 years old: 200m in 20.40
16 years old: 400m in 45.35
18 years old: 200m in 19.93
20 years old: 200m in 19.86
21 years old: 200m in 19.75

Steriods? No way. This "kid" is for real coming from the same part of Jamaica as Powell, V. Campbell and the bronze queen.

So, this guy wants to support Bolt, by saying that his 200 progression is "normal". If they are correct (I checked a few of the times, but not all), then we have:

15-16 (1 year) = 0.21 seconds improvement
16-18 (2 years) = 0.57 seconds
18-20 (2 years) = 0.07 seconds
20-21 (1 year) = 0.11 seconds

Two things: first, it's highly likely he has been doping since an early age. Go to any US high school, and you'll see how hard it is to get steroids. But the funny thing is, his improvement for the one year running up to the Olympics games is (because the 19.75 was run almost exactly one year ago and his Olympic time is 19.30:

0.45 seconds

So he gets to the absolute summit of sprinting, where improvements are going to come in tiny increments ... and he makes a bigger improvement than when he was in his teens.

Really, this is just ridiculous.


Humm, the formating on the above message didn't come out like I wanted, but I think you get the point. The part:

15 years old: 200m in 20.61
16 years old: 200m in 20.40
16 years old: 400m in 45.35
18 years old: 200m in 19.93
20 years old: 200m in 19.86
21 years old: 200m in 19.75

Steriods? No way. This "kid" is for real coming from the same part of Jamaica as Powell, V. Campbell and the bronze queen.

Should have been the quote to the previous poster.

Stephen Gunter


So, this guy wants to support Bolt, by saying that his 200 progression is "normal". If they are correct (I checked a few of the times, but not all), then we have:

15-16 (1 year) = 0.21 seconds improvement
16-18 (2 years) = 0.57 seconds
18-20 (2 years) = 0.07 seconds
20-21 (1 year) = 0.11 seconds

Two things: first, it's highly likely he has been doping since an early age. Go to any US high school, and you'll see how hard it is to get steroids. But the funny thing is, his improvement for the one year running up to the Olympics games is (because the 19.75 was run almost exactly one year ago and his Olympic time is 19.30:

0.45 seconds

So he gets to the absolute summit of sprinting, where improvements are going to come in tiny increments ... and he makes a bigger improvement than when he was in his teens.

Really, this is just ridiculous. end Quote

Usain Bolt:

15 years old: 200m in 20.61
16 years old: 200m in 20.40
18 years old: 200m in 19.93
20 years old: 200m in 19.86
21 years old: 200m in 19.75
21 years old: 200m in 19.30

Michael Johnson (event winning times):

1989: 20.59
1990: 19.85
1992: 19.79
1995: 19.79
1996: 19.66
1996: 19.32

Now the question: Is Usain Bolts' progression any less startling than that of Michael Johnson??

Btw, Michael Johnson make his biggest improvement when he was in his late 20's. So much for your snide "teens" remark.

Stephen Gunter


Is Usain Bolts' progression any less startling than that of Michael Johnson??

should have read:

Is Usain Bolts' progression any more startling than that of Michael Johnson??

Stephen Gunter

As far as the assertion that Bolt has only been tested four time in the past year:

From the IAAF, before the 200m Final.

IAAF: Bolt Tested At Least 11 Times in 2008

Jamaican Usain Bolt, who competes in the 200-meter Olympic final Wednesday night, has been drug-tested at least 11 times in 2008, according to Nick Davies, a spokesman for the world track and field federation (IAAF).
Bolt was tested four times out-of-competition by the IAAF and three times in-competition, Davies said. He also has been tested four times by the International Olympic Committee--including three blood tests--since he arrived to China, Davies said.
Davies said Bolt and fellow sprinter Asafa Powell are among the 22 elite Jamaican track and field athletes included in the IAAF's targeted testing program. The IAAF spends $2 to $3 million annually on the program, Davies said, to ensure that athletes in nations such as Jamaica and Kenya that do not have national testing programs get tested frequently. Powell, Davies said, has been tested 13 times this year, six out-of-competition by the IAAF, three in-competition and four by the IOC.
Davies said IAAF medical officials assemble longitudinal profiles of the athletes' blood work to look for abnormalities that suggest doping could be going on.
Bolt's and Powell's results "look OK," Davies said. "If it didn't, there would be massively targeted testing on them, simple as that."


Sorry, but you're a bit laughable. It's clear you've got me confused with someone else. If you're asking if I think Johnson was doping, the answer is yes. But that wasn't the question. Nor Phelps, because that's what the Bolt supporters usually bring up next to dodge the question. The question is Bolt. See, you're here to defend Bolt for reasons that are your own. I'm not here to defend anyone. Phelps, Gay, Lewis, Bolt, or Johnson. Which makes it easy to see the obvious, which is that Bolt is seriously juiced.

Stephen Gunter

Quote: "A quick check of the all-time Olympic medal tables ( shows the US with 2,404 medals not counting the 2008 games. Jamaica leads all Caribbean nations with 42,

Since there have been 29 Olympic games, that works out to about 1.5 medals per games for Jamaica. Jamaica so far has 9 medals in this Olympics which is quite a remarkable a improvement." end quote.


That is the most bizarre math and logic I've seen in a while. It has a few flaws:

First and foremost, these are the 26th Olympic games. There were no Games held during WWI and WWII.

Next, Jamaica has not taken part in all 26 Olympic games. Jamaica first took part in 1948, in the games of the 14th Olympiad. The Beijing Games are the 16th attended by Jamaica.

And, your medal logic is flawed because it does not take sub-par performances of other athletes in Beijing into account. Those are almost too numerous to mention.

Really, a little research when presenting "facts" would be a good thing.

Andy M

The reason he's so fast is physics. 6' 5". Track and field traditionalists don't realize how much advantage size can give.


ALl these people that say bolt is coming out of the blue make me laugh. There ignorance is OBVIOUS. If you dont know the man and his overall track career, how can you accuse him of anything? I just started watching swimming in the olympics. From what I see from Micheal Phelps, I would think he was doping too. I never knew of him before or did any research so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Micheal Phelps is getting MORE THAN the benefit of the doubt from most americans and white people in general. He is white and an american so they wouldnt dare write endless articles about him to suggest steriod use. White people have crowned him the greatest olympian ever. The greatest white olympian ever should not be subject to constant questions of doping. White people will look at a black man like Usain Bolt and know right off the bat that his abilities ARE from doping. Only white people have this special abilties of knowing when a black athletes is on dope. There abilities have a flaw. it dosent work on their own, you will never see a bunch of white americans question micheal phelps abilities.




The more you talk, the more you expose your IGNORANCE. Who was giving bolt dope at william knibb high school in poor ass trelawny LMAO. This is hilarious. You very funny man!!!!

People who actually know of william knibb high and went to school their etc will find your comments hiliarious!!



According to this moron william knibb high school in trelawny giving Usian bolt high tech steriods from the age of 15. That explains his phenominal perfomances at that age LMAO. Your theory why Jamaican sprinters are so fast will go something like this. This is the information that you are 100% certain about because of your special psyche abilities LOL:

Your special powers come into play. They know EXTACTLY when, where and how USAIN BOLT and the Jamaicans are doping. Jamaica is a steriod free country much like Amsterdam is with marijuana. Jamaicans are hardly tested if any at all. They have the IOC on their payroll. That explains how Bolt got his super human ablities. We have labs in Jamaica or secret contacts that CANT be uncovered to this day that are providing our athletes the juice from the teenage years. The Jmaican "clear" is a hundred times more undetectable than the one used by balco. The Jamaican dope dealer suppling the athletes is the best in the world. Nobody has any information on the person, persons or company. Jamaicans are the greatest, they are ten times more capable of getting away with doping than the americans and europe. And they call Jamaica a third world country but they can pull of some FIRST WORLD CHEATING!!!




You found a bunch of articles accsuing bolt of doping with not one ounce of logical evidence. Why dont you question MICHEAL PHELPS abilties too. I bet MICHEAL PHELPS is not giving you sleepless nights like the black man name USIAN BOLT lol!!! Micheal Phelps is not a concern to you because he is WHITE and he dosent have the face of a cheater. Also your psyche abilities cant detect him anywyz. It only works on Usian Bolt LOL!!!

Phelps with his 8 gold medals and 7 records is white and drug free as can be lol!!!!



by the way pschye is a new word I came up with for people like you. It wasnt a mis-spelling. I cant wait to see what your psyche abilities will on cover next lol!!!


What is interesting about all this drugs discussion is that not only has Jamaica produced the two fastest men in the world but as a developing country is being cited as being more technological advance in science and medicine than All the first world nations including the USA. One writer ridicule the team doctor as not even qualified to take a urine sample but in his next line suggests Jamaicans has the technolgy to produce and use undetectable drugs. Thats so ironic and ridiculous.


Next, Jamaica has not taken part in all 26 Olympic games. Jamaica first took part in 1948, in the games of the 14th Olympiad. The Beijing Games are the 16th attended by Jamaica.

Fair enough but you're missing the point. 42 medals dived by 16 is still only 3 medals per games. The 11 medals won by Jamaica in 2008 is WAY beyond their 5 medals in 2004, 7 in 2000, 6 in 1996, and 4 in 1992. Furthermore Jamaica won 6 golds which exceeds their haul from the previous 5 games combined. Unusual performances demand unusual scrutiny. You are either naive, stupid, or biased if you accept such performances at face value. I hope they are real but I seriously doubt it.

And, your medal logic is flawed because it does not take sub-par performances of other athletes in Beijing into account. Those are almost too numerous to mention.

Right. Only Jamaica's athletes miraculously managed to perform exceptionally on the appointed day and all other athletes managed to disappoint. Sorry, not buying it. An athlete here and there I can believe but every sprinter not wearing green and black failing to perform on the same day? Not even remotely logical. It just doesn't work that way at that level of athletics.

Really, a little research when presenting "facts" would be a good thing.

A little logic would be even better on your part.


You found a bunch of articles accsuing bolt of doping with not one ounce of logical evidence. Why dont you question MICHEAL PHELPS abilties too.

Anyone with a brain DOES question Phelps superhuman accomplishments. Same with Lance Armstrong, Michael Johnson, FloJo, and a host of others. However Phelps does have a track record of success and has for some time. He didn't just peak suddenly and miraculously at exactly the right time. It think it is quite reasonably to question whether Michael Phelps doped but like Usain Bolt we have no actual evidence - just circumstances. The circumstances surrounding Phelps are, for better or worse, less suspicious than for Bolt. Could Bolt be for real? I hope so. But you are a fool if you aren't suspicious.

Micheal Phelps is not a concern to you because he is WHITE and he dosent have the face of a cheater.

Nice - pulling out the race card. Do you think that somehow makes you more credible? Race doesn't enter into it. Athletes of every skin color dope and I can provide you with countless names. Chinese swimmers, East German athletes, European professional cyclists, US sprinters, etc. Skin color has nothing to do with doping and never did. Pulling the race card just makes you look like a small minded racist who wrongly assumes everyone hates folks with a different skin color.

Nicely done SJBE

What're You talking about

First of all, you can't compare Usain Bolt's finish with Ben Johnson's. Johnson raised his arm with only a few meters to go. Bolt is definitely not on drugs. He's just too tall.


OK Common sense time, the guy is taller and he has the same revolutions on his leg like everyone else. Longer strides plus same
revolving speed equals more distance and hence less time.
For every three strides bolt made in a race, a shorter athlete needs to make four.
Eventually it adds up. Sorry Carl Lewis, your time is no longer found on the front page of the record book, but keep looking it is in the fine print.

dodgy Bill

The sprint times have just come down too fast in too short a time. Having been on steroids (for medical purposes) for a short while, the strength they give is phenomenal. I remember reading a report somewhere (somebody may like to correct me) where over 80% of athletes would consider taking drugs if it made them the best in their field, even if the after-effects were major.


my dad has run a 10.6 and he was sooo far from professional
the only lead up training he had was from soccer
soo someone that is heaps more naturally gifted and actually training for the sport would easily be a second faster
there 14yr old girls that i know that are noo way on drugs and she dosent like to train hard and she can run a 11.8
so a 21 yr old man should be more that 2secs in front
some ppl mite b on drugs but not all athletes are bad
coming from some one with experience


What u guys dont get it is Usain Bolt is a jamaican,and a jamaican from trelawny. He grew up in country, probably drinking herbs all his life. Jamaicans have a herb for everything one of the reasons most dont go to doctors.In America at 60 you guys are in canes and at old people homes pooping in diapers, we have 80 90 year old people strong as an ox, still having kids. If you grew up on a island you would understand, steroids please,he's so amazing because he is healthy no genetically modified food.


shaun linnel is a steroidatact and is ice


josh lording is a homosexual in love with paddy and is on ice 24/7

Uranus Bolt

JUICED! I'll say it again, slowly this time, for those of you who rode the short bus, ... J U I C E D !

Only the incredibly naive, or stupid, would believe that Bolt, or any other sub 10 second 100 meter sprinter, for that matter, is running clean. He's as clean as Arnold Schwartzenegger. Lance Armstrong won his 7 Tours purely on genetics, training, and sheer will. EPO is an urban legend. Global warming is simply a liberal alarmist myth. George Bush didn't dodge the draft, or rig an election for President of the United States, or do cocaine until he was 40. O.J. was innocent, framed by the man! Are you all from Mississippi? Seriously?


usain give us some of your roids! 9.58 fuck us all


All on drugs...designer drugs...IAAF still trying to find out how they are made, and how to detect them. This is not a national "hate" thing. Europe was years ahead of everyone. Then the usa caught up, now Jamaicas turn. Running on a grass field? You can't develop elastic qualities on grass. Anyway, it sure is fun to watch him run. He has Gold Standard Maximum Velocity technique. Why Al Davis or Jerry Jones haven't offered him the "barn" eludes me.

Pete West

Bolt is fast. Real fast. Gifted Genetically? No doubt. Gifted by God? Well, just like life and death, no one knows what part God plays. So, let's keep it objective and secular. Gifted by Drugs? He's innocent until proven guilty. But where is the limit? What is the maximum speed that can be acheived by a natural human? I think that natural maximum speed has long since been surpassed because Drugs and Money have changed the game forever. How long until we see an athlete engineered through Genetics, Nanotechnology, and Robotics? Will there be an asterisk next to that athlete's records?

scott connors

come on guys, get real, track and field is rife with cheaters it is the way of life there. who submits bolt's samples to the committee, well lookee here it is none other than his own trainer, bolt's trainer is in charge of obtaining and sending for the jamaican track and field team, LOL wake up

still, lets put this in perspective, i for one believe there is not a sprinter at this level this is not doping, therefore bolt is competing against his fellow dopers and kicking their ass, and carrying that argument further he is the still the best in the world and by a a wide margin.

lets forget the doping angle, and just hope he can run faster, if i could take something that would make me run 7.0 sec 100 meters, i tell you i would, and if i saw some other human do it, i wouldnt hate i would just marvel







9.56 = drugs


When Michel Phelps wins 8 medals, it's hard work + talent. When the athlete is not American, it's drugs. This reminds me of the Chinese Olympics, when the U.S. questioned Chinese athlete's age, American media has perfected sour grapes into an art form.


why do you people alawys think usain bolts on steriods the man is talented he's the greatest athlete .jamaicans dont use steriods american athlethes do!!! the only steriods we use is banana's & yams lots of of good jamaican food with carbohydrate yellow yam white yam etc..... bolt is just amazing the man does not take steriods 4 the last time.


If they are ALL juiced then the playing field is even and Bolt SMOKED everyone.


I think he is on steroids. I mean who can run that fast and burn everyone else by that big of a gap. What needs to happen is they need to take blood from him and test it for steroids instead of his urine because the blood will contain the steroids for a long time, but if he does test negative it would be phenomenal.




For me this has nothing to do with nationality. I feel like most, if not all, Olympic caliber sprinters are on some sort of juice. They are just a few steps ahead of detection. In 10 years their records will no longer stand.

You cannot credit their progress to better nutrition or technique than runners just a decade ago. And please, they certainly don't work any harder.

I also believe that some are technically not lying when they deny the usage. They're taking or using something their coaches give them. So they can say "I never knowingly took a banned substance."

I have been following track & field since the 70s and I used to be a huge fan. I can't even watch anymore. It's a shame.

By the way -- if all runners went off the juice -- there is a good chance Usain Bolt would still be the best. He'd just run like a gifted runner instead of one that is cheating.


American Athlethes don't take drugs. Right? Michael Phelps is not on enhancement drugs, only foreign athlethes who break world records are on drugs. Wake up people!!America has the greatest training facilities and coaches who dedicate their lives to providing the best performers money can buy. Yeah Right!!!


How the 100m record has changed over time:

Looking at the graph below doping hit the 100m after about 1990 and then even more so after 2000 and during the whole of this decade leading to Bolt.

Okay, first off, mathematically, it looks like the theoretical limit of how fast humans can run the 100 meter dash is somewhere around 9.2 seconds, but it looks like we won't get there for hundreds of years.

But second off, you can also see that Usain Bolt is running much faster than humans ought to be running right now. This should give you an inkling of just how special these performances we're seeing from him are. We shouldn't be seeing times like this until the 2030s. Which means, honestly, that it ought to take around 30 years for someone else to come along and break his record.


some r just jealous of his performance and hate him but its the yam and banana thats hes eating mek him run so fast. dont be jelus

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The concept of “online pharmacy no prescription” is designed for the purpose of providing medication over the internet (online) for all those people all over the world who are in dire need of suitable medication at reasonable prices, which is exactly the reason behind generic meds.

ronnie montana

usain bolt is on ghrp 6 similar to cjc and HGH. he said it him self on a interview on tv.

software testing training

Yes I think it is possible "sprinter delivers two of the fastest three 100M times in his only 5 100M races, running clean". As I believed that nothing is impossible. Impossible itself say "I am Possible".

Double Glazing Sutton Coldfield

Great information. Thanks for sharing it with us. I like to know more about it.

sandras natkjole


Kirsten S. Hansen & Lisbeth Johansen

Som svar på jeres skrivelse af 12.10.2010, følger hermed redegørelse for hvorfor undertegnede under ingen omstændigheder kan imødekomme jeres krav.

Sandra Sabina Holsts misvedligeholdelse af de, til gældsbrevets, tilknyttede betingelser og aftaler betyder at gældsbrevet er ugyldigt.
Sandra Sabina Holst forpligtede sig i salgsaftalen til, at holde guldsmedeforretningen fri af kreditorer således, at denne kunne drives videre på rimelige vilkår. Uvist af hvilke årsager overholdt hun imidlertid ikke disse aftaler, hvorfor den daglige drift umuliggjordes. Derudover valgte Sandra Sabina Holst sammen med sin revisor, Allan Pettersson, at sprede det rygte blandt kunderne på butikstorvet, at jeg angiveligt skulle have mishandlet Sandra så hun var nødt til at flygte til udlandet. En række andre uforståelige handlinger foretaget af Sandra Sabina Holst, herunder overtrædelse af straffelovens §164, har betydet at forretningen er gået konkurs.

Jeg må indrømme at det ikke overrasker mig, at Sandra Sabina Holst har haft held til, at få Amagerbanken til at foretage udlæg i et ugyldigt og værdiløst gældsbrev.
Til gengæld forekommer det mig komisk, at Amagerbanken uden videre godtager Sandra Sabina Holsts påstand overfor fogedretten den 29.01.2008 om, at hun ikke skulle være i stand til at betale sin gæld til jer. Den yndige dame har en økonomisk uddannelse fra CBS, et udmærket job og har siden sommeren 2008 boet i sin ejerlighed på adressen Østerbrogade 194, 2. th. 2100 København Ø. Rent proforma har Sandra Sabina Holst og den person hun har valgt at nedværdige sig selv med imidlertid valgt, at Sandra Sabina Holst ikke skal stå opført som medejer af lejligheden. Dette udelukkende for at holde kreditorer som Amagerbanken væk.

Undertegnede hverken skal, kan eller vil betale yderligere til denne illoyale parasit som, blottet for moral, har lagt mit liv i ruiner, startende med sit bekendtskab med den pædofile lærer Ulrik Leth Poulsen, Høje Sejetvej 6, 8740 Brædstrup, som går under navnet ”far søger datter”. Jeg kommer derfor ikke til at betale noget som helst til konto nr. 5222 2011752. Derimod kommer Sandra Sabina Holst til at tilbagebetale de kr. 185.00 hun på groveste vis har franarret min mor under falske forudsætninger.

Sandra Sabina Holsts fastholdelse af alle de løgne hun har fremsat overfor Politiet, fogedretten, undertegnede etc. jf. vedlagte bilag viser, at Sandra Sabina Holst er blottet for integritet. Hun angrer intet, og nægter at forstå hvorfor hun burde undskylde al den ulykke hun har forårsaget. Derfor bliver bogen om Sandra Sabina Holsts pædofile præferencer, samt Politiets manglende efterforskning af ”far søger datter” alias Ulrik Leth Poulsen skrevet. Og det ned til mindste kvalmende detalje, om det så hidrører ”sæden som langsomt løber ud af Sandras tissekone mens døren står på klem ind til far søger datter, efter at han har voldtaget 4årige Sandra”. Fair nok at Sandra Sabina Holst deler den slags seksuelle præferencer med far søger datter- forstå det hvem som kan. Men når Ulrik Leth Poulsen i ramme alvor, igen og igen, under overskrifter som ”vildveje”, bl.a. beretter hvordan han i virkeligheden har voldtaget en 6årig pige hopper kæden helt af.
Folk som er involveret i skriveprocessen er rystede, på samme måde som jeg var skræmt fra vid og sans første gang Sandra afslørede, hvad hun havde været involveret i igennem et helt år i det pædofile miljø. Ikke mindst Ulrik Leth Poulsens forsøg på at etablere kontakt til små børn via Sandra Sabina Holst således, at de i fællesskab kan misbruge disse børn seksuelt er rædselsfuld læsning.
Ved at udgive bogen får jeg lukket det værste kapitel i mit liv, og som en særdeles intelligent mand har fortalt mig; Sandra Sabina Holst får et evigt dokument på sit falske selvbillede.

Som det fremgår af sagsakterne nægtede Politiet mig for 4 år siden, at indgive anmeldelse vedr. de pædofile overgreb Ulrik Leth Poulsen har berettet for Sandra Sabina Holst.
Først da jeg klagede til Politidirektøren og Statsadvokaten over den afgørelse, fik jeg mulighed for at fortælle Politiet om de uhyrligheder Sandra Sabina Holst har kendskab til. Imidlertid valgte Politiet derefter at sylte sagen for, at undgå at blive konfronteret med deres egne fejl i sagsbehandlingen. Som konsekvens deraf har jeg valgt at offentliggøre hele sagen, og Politiet forsøger nu at true mig til tavshed. Derfor har de valgt at retsforfølge mig i håb om at jeg indstiller offentliggørelsen af sagen, hvilket naturligvis ikke kommer til at ske. Tværtimod er mit modtræk som sagt udgivelse af bogen, som en gang for alle betyder, at Politiet tvinges til at starte den efterforskning, som burde være påbegyndt allerede i 2006.

Det var en meget stor fejl af mig, at jeg ikke bragte Sandra Sabina Holsts computer i politiets varetægt straks jeg blev gjort bekendt med ovenstående. Det har jeg siden betalt en urimelig høj pris for. Jeg har mistet alt- mit livs kærlighed, min forretning, alle mine drømme og forhåbninger, alt er væk på grund af omstændigheder jeg ikke selv har været skyld i.
Jeg ville ønske jeg aldrig var kommet i besiddelse af den viden om Sandras mørkeside og dobbeltliv. For mig betød det, at jeg fik ødelagt det mest værdifulde et menneske kan eje- tilliden til et andet menneske. Som en af vores store sangerinder synger; det er ikke det du siger det mere løgnen i sig selv.

Allerede første gang jeg talte med Sandra for 16 år siden løj hun sig 3 år ældre, og der har været mange løgne siden, hvilket jeg ganske enkelt ikke har haft psyken til. Selv efter Sandra svigtede mig rakte jeg hånden frem igen og igen, men blev blot mødt med had, nedladenhed og flere løgne.

Over tid er det gået op for mig, at det jeg er allermest ulykkelig over er, at have mistet hvad der engang var min sjæleven. Pengene betyder intet i denne sammenhæng, altså bortset fra dem min mor er blevet franarret.

Naturligvis er Sandra Sabina Holst personen som har fået sin taber-kæreste til at opsøge mig.
Og på grund af Politiets manglende forståelse for situationens alvor, har det således været nødvendigt at få afdækket en række forhold, bl.a. hvorvidt jeg kan forvente at blive opsøgt igen. Mandag den 11-10-2010 ved Kongens Nytorv, deltog Sandra Sabina Holst kæreste Søren grødhoved Grusgaard imidlertid i en samtale, hvor det helt tydeligt fremgår af lydoptagelserne, at han blot er en ynkelig statist fra bøhlandet, som ikke har den fjerneste ide om hvilket spil han bliver brugt i af Sandra Sabina Holst.

Politiet ved de har udstedt et §265 tilhold på baggrund af Sandra Sabina Holsts løgne, og i stedet for at sigte hende for en klokkeklar overtrædelse af straffelovens §164, vælger de at lade det her eskalere. Jeg har ikke tal på hvor mange gange jeg de sidste 4 år har udbedt mig svar på hvorfor Politiet godtager Sandra Sabina Holsts beviselige løgne, men Politiet besvarer ikke mine henvendelser, fordi de ikke vil vedgå sig deres fejl(fornemt arbejde kriminalassistent Bo Ludvigsen).

Afslutningsvist skal jeg nævne, at jeres trusler om inkasso etc. er helt uden virkning. Min økonomi er alligevel ødelagt for altid fordi jeg stolede på Sandra Sabina Holst.
At jeg skulle betale yderligere til Sandra Sabina Holst, er lige så naivt som at tro på, at staten Israel omdøber Jerusalem til Adolf Hitler City eller at Peter Lundin bliver udnævnt til protektor for Red Barnet.

I har gjort udlæg i et ugyldigt og værdiløst gældsbrev hvilket er en fejldisponering fra jeres side, og som jeg har redegjort for er det en juridisk, økonomisk og i særdeleshed en moralsk blindgyde at tro der er hjælp at hente hos mig.

Sandra Sabina Holst er et gennemført uhæderligt menneske og må naturligvis selv betale sin gæld til Amagerbanken, evt. i fællesskab med resten af ondskabens akse; Maria Thinggaard samt Ulrik Leth Poulsen. Uanset hvad ender den slags mennesker alligevel i helvedes flammer på dommens dag.

For en god ordens skyld skal det tilføjes at nærværende skrivelse også tilgår Københavns
Politi, Politiadvokat Tomas Hugger, Sandra Sabina Holsts familie og omgangskreds, samt personer som ellers måtte være involveret i, el. informeret om denne sag, herunder Sandra Sabina Holsts naboer, Sions Kirken etc.

Jeg har intet udestående med Amagerbanken og forventer derfor ikke yderligere henvendelser fra jer, men om i ønsker at spilde flere penge på porto er jeres eget valg
- either way, I dont give a shit.

Kopier af diverse skrivelser og bilag til bl.a. Politiet, Politidirektøren samt Statsadvokaten vedlagt.

sandras natkjole

Der var engang en dysfunktionel prinsesse.

Da prinsessen var lille boede faderen på bunden af en flaske, et faktum han aldrig evner at erkende over for sig selv.
Efter mange ubehagelige og frustrerende episoder ønsker prinsessens moder derfor ikke længere at være gift med en fordrukken sut, så selveste kongen bliver sat på porten.
Moderen skal bo alene sammen med prinsessen, og for at få mad på bordet må hun finde en ny mand. Denne mand hedder Bent, og prinsessen fortæller mange år senere, at Bent er glad for små børn, endog rigtig glad.

For at glemme sin omsorgssvigtede barndom tvinges prinsessen til, at udvikle en enestående evne til at fortrænge, hvilket får altovervejende indflydelse på hendes gengivelse af virkeligheden senere i livet.

Tiden går, og prinsessen møder da hun er 19 år en fyr.
Eller det vil sige, hun er faktisk kun 16 år i virkeligheden, men det fortæller hun først fyren efter et halvt år af deres forhold - fordi hvad forskel gør sandheden?

Tiden går, og en dag får prinsessen en computer af sin fader, kongen.
Inde på noget som hedder Internettet opdager prinsessen, at der findes mange interessante personager. Der findes bl.a. en person som ligesom stedfar Bent elsker små børn. Han kalder sig uden omsvøb ”far søger datter”, og prinsessen synes han er både intelligent og lærd.
Efter nogle uger fortæller ”far søger datter” at han hedder Ulrik Leth Poulsen. Hvorfra hans interesse for små børn stammer fortæller han ikke, men hvis der en en 6årig pige i nabolaget, er hans kampklare lem parat. Prinsessen finder ikke disse oplysninger foruroligende, tværtimod indgår hun i mange og lange semiakademiske overvejelser omkring, hvorfor sex med børn overhovedet er forbudt. Sammen konkluderer de at samfundets normer er forkerte, og uden fordømmelse fra offentligheden, ville alle dyrke deres seksuelle interesser for børn. Prinsessen bliver på besynderlig vis følelsesmæssigt involveret med Ulrik Leth Poulsen, men beslutter efter 3 måneder og hundredvis af timers samvær at afbryde deres ”forhold”.
De næste mange måneder opsøger prinsessen nu mange andre pædofile, og tilfredsstiller dem seksuelt ved at udgive sig for at være en lille pige.

Prinsessens kæreste opdager ved et tilfælde hvad der er foregået, men prinsessen vil ikke fortælle hvorfor hun har brugt et helt år af sit liv med pædofile. Den eneste forklaring prinsessen kan give er; ”at de pædofile fik mig til at føle mig ung”

Prinsessens skamfuldhed over de ting hun har deltaget i betyder, at hun under ingen omstændigheder vil aflevere sin computer til Politiet. Men prinsessen som nok ved hvordan man manipulerer folk efter sit ønske, overtaler sin kæreste til at undlade at foretage sig noget, og som reaktion på det hele kastes han ud i voldsomme sjælekvaler og alvorlig depression.

Tiden går, og efter 3 år kan kæresten omsider tilgive prinsessen det som hun har været involveret i. Prinsessen, som på dette tidspunkt er blevet hjernevasket af den uvidende so
Maria Thinggaard, takker sin kæreste ved at finde en anden fyr hun kan være sammen med. Men da hun altid har været glad for penge, udnytter hun eks-kærestens knuste hjerte til, at franarre ham og hans familie store pengebeløb. Ydermere, som hævn for eks-kærestens vrede i hans svære tilgivelsesproces, pga den ulykke hun selv bragte ind i deres forhold, sørger prinsessen også for at ødelægge hans forretning ved, at løbe fra samtlige de aftaler som de ellers har indgået med hinanden- fordi hvad forskel gør sandheden?

Tiden går, og eks-kærestens sorg og smerte over at have fået hele sit liv ødelagt bliver til vrede. Han beslutter derfor at han vil dele sin viden om prinsessens pædofile præferencer med andre. Det opsnapper prinsessen lynhurtigt og kontakter Politiet, som hun fylder med utallige løgne om hvor forfærdeligt et menneske eks-kæresten er. Politiet stoler på prinsessens ord, fordi i en konflikt er manden pr. automatik skurken og pigen uskyldigheden, det ved alle.
Tiden går, og efter mange forsøg fra eks-kærestens side på, at få Politiet til at efterforske hvad der reelt er hændt, beslutter Politiet at sylte sagen og dækker samtidig over egne fejl i forløbet. Politidirektøren beslutter at frifinde Politiet for alle deres fejl i sagsbehandlingen. Og til sidst beslutter Statsadvokaten, at frifinde Politiet for at undgå, hvad der blandt alle magtinstanser er helvede på jorden, nemlig en skandale- fordi hvad forskel gør sandheden?

Prinsessen indså på et meget tidligt tidspunkt i sit liv, at det var uomgængeligt nødvendigt at adskille fortid fra nutid. Derfor beslutter hun, at der altid skal være vandtætte skodder imellem hendes forhenværende og nuværende tilværelse.
Med andre ord eksisterer fortiden ikke for prinsessen.

Tiden går, og efter nogle år kan eks-kæresten ikke længere bære rundt på den sorg, smerte og angst prinsessen har påført ham. Han beslutter derfor i afmagt, at offentliggøre hele sagen uden skelen til hvilke konsekvenser det kan få for ham selv.
Årsagen til at hans liv er smadret- prinsessens involvering i det pædofile miljø- alt skal offentliggøres. Prinsessen er rystet, hun er jo lykkelig, og har fået indrettet sit liv i forstillelse- ingen aner noget om hendes bizarre fortid. Prinsessen griber derfor til den gamle strategi med at dæmonisere sin eks-kæreste for, at bortlede opmærksomheden fra hendes involvering i det pædofile miljø, og igen vælger Politiet ukritisk at støtte op om prinsessen, men denne gang stopper eks-kæresten ikke sit forehavende. Derfor oversvømmes Internettet med information fra sagen, posters dukker op overalt i området hvor prinsessen bor, naboerne modtager dokumenter fra pædofili-sagen, det samme gør familie, venner samt omgangskreds- hvilket vil fortsætte indtil prinsessen fortæller Politiet sandheden.

I retten sidder prinsessen og spiller sit bedste kort- evnen til at manipulere og lyve så hun bliver troet. Men denne gang er det betydningsløst, prinsessen ved nu at sandheden før eller siden vil komme for dagens lys, fordi mellem tilfældigheden og skæbnen taler den menneskelige tunge, og forstummer den, taler fingrene, og lammes de, taler øjnene, og blindes de, taler hjertet, til sidste pulsslag.

Prinsessen er Sandra Sabina Holst, Østerbrogade 194, 2th. 2100 København Ø.
CPR 130977-2802, Jnr. 0103-83961-00133-06, sædeligheds forbrydelser.

”far søger datter” alias Ulrik Leth Poulsen, Høje Sejetvej 6, 8740 Brædstrup

A sports watcher

This is the new level of steroid drugs !!!
They cannot be detected !!!
You will see after some years ... but then "all will be just history" !


Just pot a monetary prize of say 500,000 dollars and have anyone running take a polygraph and a cellular miner analysis and see how many go for it! Clean people will go after this type of reward the users will not.

Action talks Bull Shit Walks.

Sandras Natkjole

Københavns Politi
Efterforskningssekt. A
Borups Alle 266, 2400 Kbh NV

Tina Skovhede, Trine Hailand

Undertegnede ønsker hermed, at nedenstående brev tilknyttes sagen mod Sandra Sabina Holst, Østerbrogade 194, 2 th. København Ø, CPR 130977-2802. jf. Jnr. 0103-83961-00133-06, sædelighedsforbrydelser.

Kan du prøve at forklare hvorfor Sandra involverede sig med pædofile mænd ?

Eftersom Sandras eneste forklaring til mig har været, at de pædofile fik hende til at føle sig ung, kan jeg selvfølgelig kun gisne ud fra mit kendskab til Sandra igennem 11 år.
Sandras mor var som barn udsat for incest, så måske har Sandra været nysgerrig efter at forstå pædofile mænds tankegang. En anden mulighed er at Sandra selv , som hun har antydet, har været udsat for overgreb. Sandra har altid haft en overdrevet seksualitet udi sadomasochisme, tvang osv. Men derfra og til, at hun dagligt i timevis igennem et helt år- sidder og tilfredsstiller pædofile, og lytter til deres endeløse beretninger om de overgreb de har begået, er der trods alt meget langt.
Sandras forhold til sin stedfar var elendigt, men det er kun på nettet hun har fortalt at han misbrugte hende, hun har aldrig nævnt det direkte overfor mig. Jeg ved det ikke, måske er det en kombination af flere af de ting.
Mine frustrationer voksede efterfølgende i takt med at Sandra forblev tavs. Jeg havde brug for at vide hvorfor hun havde deltaget i alle de ting, men blev overladt til mig selv.

Du har ofte sagt at Sandra er på flugt fra sig selv, hvad mener du med det ?

Måden hun afbrød vores forhold på er jo helt grotesk.
Tænk at jeg kommer hjem fra ferie og tager op til hende med 2 roser, fortæller hende at jeg vil gøre alt for at redde vores forhold, hvorefter hun fortæller mig at hun er nødt til at gå på posthuset for at betale regninger. Efter 10 minutter modtager jeg så butikkens nøgler fra en tilfældig person på torvet med beskeden om, at Sandra har været nødt til at tage en taxa, siden har jeg aldrig set hende. Det var hendes afsked efter at vi havde været sammen i 11 år, og jeg havde kæmpet mig igennem enorm smerte efter at hun bragte ulykken ind i vores liv. Derefter ville hun kun kommunikere via SMS og via hendes far, som jeg på det tidspunkt aldrig tidligere havde talt med. Hun betingede sig desuden, at hun under ingen omstændigheder ville tale om vores forhold, men kun ting som vedr. min overtagelse af butikken. Først efter 2 måneder ville hun tale med mig pr. tlf. og det udelukkende for at sikrer sig, at jeg underskrev et fuldstændigt horribelt gældsbrev udtænkt af hendes revisor. Under trusler om, at hun aldrig vil tale med mig igen hvis jeg ikke underskrev, havde jeg i min ulykkelige tilstand ikke noget valg. Jeg var faktisk så ulykkelig at jeg end ikke kunne passe butikken, hvilket Sandras far døddrukken ringer og håner mig for. Samtidig forspilder Sandra ikke en chance for at fortælle mig hvor håbløst et menneske jeg er, hun er ekstremt hadsk og fjendtlig, og efter at hun har fået min underskrift sjofler hun samtlige vores indbyrdes aftaler.
Det hele kulminerer i sommeren 2006 hvor hun vælger at kontakte politiet og lyver gentagne gange om min person for at stille mig i dårligst muligt lys. Sandras mangel på selvransagelse ender således med at jeg fremstår som skurken, får ødelagt mit liv og mister min forretning.
Sandra flygter nu fra al den ulykke hun har skabt, og får undervejs franarret min familie og jeg for enorme pengesummer. Hendes revisor opfinder begrebet at ”Sandra skal nulstilles” således at hendes økonomi er den samme som før hun indtrådte i butikken. Imidlertid tager han ikke højde for de penge min mor skød ind i forretningen fra starten. Sandras årelange forbrug som kom fra butikken til husleje, mad, studiebøger, Cartierure, Guccitasker, smykker, tøj, de penge hun stjal fra butikkens omsætning i juni 2005(omsætningen faldt pludselig til 1/3 af det normale den måned jeg var bortrejst) osv. undlader han behændigt at indregne. Sandras konstante beklagelser over sin økonomi går mig så meget på i min ulykkelige tilstand, at min mor med rette frygter jeg vil begå selvmord, og hun føler sig tvunget til at skyde store summer penge ind i en forretning som langsomt ødelægges af Sandras afstumpede behandling af mig. Min mor som er hjemmehjælper og har en elendig løn, bruger hele sin opsparing på at forsøge, at redde den forretning som Sandras ondskab nu smadrer. Og da det viser sig at Sandra har løjet overfor mig om, at hun vil forsøge at finde tilgivelse, give os to en chance på samme måde som jeg tilgav hende, da hun lyver overfor Politiet, og da hendes revisor får spredt det rygte på butikstorvet, at Sandra er flygtet til udlandet grundet mishandling, dør jeg indvendig og butikken går konkurs.
Jeg har skrevet til Sandra og hendes seneste revisor Hans Grube og bedt om at Sandra tilbagebetaler de penge Sandra har franarret min mor og jeg, men der bliver ikke svaret tilbage. Jeg må således konkludere at de penge jeg personligt har tabt er væk.
Til gengæld afgiver jeg hermed det løfte, at Sandra kommer til at tilbagebetale de kr. 185.000 min stakkels mor har tabt på det her. Sandras infantile tavshed siden 2006 hvor hun ellers lovede at besvare mine breve er en ting, men at min mor har mistet hele sin opsparing grundet Sandras infame ondskab og løgne betyder, at det fjendskab Sandra har insisteret på siden juli 2005 nu er en realitet. Jeg sælger derfor gælden, og det til folk med flammetatoveringer op af halsen, folk som ikke har den tolerance som jeg hidtil har udvist.
Sandra og hendes hæslige kæreste kan så forsøge samme taktik overfor disse personer som de har benyttet overfor mig. Jeg gentager; betal de penge du har franarret min mor, eller tag hvad der kommer, tror du jeg bluffer så vent og se.

Hvad er din kommentar til at Sandra udbad sig et tilhold ?

Sandras evne til at skelne imellem sin egen fantasi og virkeligheden har altid været temmelig aparte. Jeg forstår til fulde at Sandra har ekstremt dårlig samvittighed over den ondskab hun har udsat mig for, men at hun uden at blinke lyver så omfattende og groft overfor Politiet om min person er skræmmende. Da Sandra således går til Politiet i 2006 er det udelukkende fordi hun kan fornemme at jeg vil afsløre det pædofile svineri hun har været involveret i. Og hendes taktik lykkedes jo til fulde, hun fik virkelig manipuleret Politiet til at tro på alle sine løgne. Igennem hele efteråret 2005 afløste jeg Sandra i butikken ved at vente på, at hun forlod den imens jeg ventede ude på parkeringspladsen. Jeg tog over til Sandra og forærede dum som jeg var kr. 2500 til hende dagen før hendes afrejse til USA, jeg afhentede også farens katte, alt sammen uden anden kommunikation end det sædvanlige; at jeg var sød og imødekommende, mens Sandra hånede mig fordi jeg kæmpede for vores kærlighed. På trods af dette skriver hun i 2006 et brev til Politiet hvori hun skriver at hun er ekstremt bange for mig? Gad vide om hun overhoved fatter hvor ondt det gør mig.
Da Sandras daværende revisor Allan Pettersson i 2006 spreder det infame rygte på butikstorvet, at jeg angiveligt skulle have mishandlet Sandra, så hun havde været nødsaget til at flygte til udlandet var han i regulær fare, ja. Men jeg var paradoksalt nok personen som stoppede folk fra at smadre ham til ukendelighed. Han er en modbydelig stodder uden lige og havde fortjent overfaldet, men jeg orkede ikke balladen.
Den eneste person som regulært har været i fare kan takke sin egen manglende situationsfornemmelse for det. Sandras fedladne kæreste er så ubeskriveligt afstumpet at han har opsøgt mig i to omgange velvidende hvilken rolle han selv har spillet i det her. Vil jeg have moralske skrupler over at aflive ham ? Nej, det vil jeg ikke. Jeg har allerede slået ham ihjel utallige gange i tankerne, så det vil blot være en teknisk formalitet for mig at føre det ud i livet, og fængslet er ikke en staf for mig. Den ulykke og smerte Sandra har plantet i mig, og det faktum at mit liv ligger i ruiner udelukkende fordi jeg har stolet på Sandra, er langt, langt værre end at tilbringe resten af mit liv i fængsel.
Facebook har alle dage været stedet for narcissistisk selviscenesættelse,således også for Sandra, som overfor omverdenen præsenterer sig selv som økologisk kaffedrikker der er fan af Obama og lignende politisk korrekthed. Ønsker hun at bibeholde det billede af sig selv i offentligheden må hun indse, at hun er tvunget til at fortælle Politiet sandheden om ”far søger datter” osv.
Jeg ved at Sandras behov for at fortrænge diverse ting er resultatet af hendes dysfunktionelle opvækst, men den pædofile del af hendes fortid er jeg garant for at hun ikke kommer til at fortrænge, dertil har hun ødelagt for meget i mit liv.
Derudover afventer jeg stadig at hun undskylder at hun ødelagde mit liv, og som allerede nævnt kommer hun til at tilbagebetale de penge hun har franarret min mor. Jeg er vidende om at Sandras bopæl er faldet voldsomt i pris de sidste 2 år, og sandsynligvis falder yderligere som følge af al den virak der er i og omkring hendes ejendom jf. offentliggørelsen af hendes pædofile fortid. Kan Sandra ikke fremskaffe de penge hun har franarret min mor, må hun imidlertid sælge lejligheden til den pris der kan opnås. Efterfølgende kan hun passende emigrere til Pattaya hvor hun sikkert kan finde større forståelse for sine pædofile præferencer.

Hvorfor reagerer du først nu på det Sandra har udsat dig for ?

Sandra sagde altid til mig at man kun elsker én gang i livet, for mit vedkommende var det sandt.
Jeg har vitterligt troet at Sandra ville besinde sig når hun fik tingene lidt på afstand. At hendes selvransagelse ville få hende til at forstå hvor umulig en situation hun bragte mig i, først ved at involvere sig med alle de pædofile afvigere, og dernæst ved at nægte mig svar på alle mine spørgsmål. Den vrede jeg udsatte Sandra for i min tilgivelsesproces har jeg undskyldt utallige gange over for Sandra, mens Sandra aldrig har undskyldt at hun bragte ulykken ind i vores liv.

Jeg hader ikke Sandra, jeg følte foragt og væmmelse over hendes besynderlige engagement med pædofile afvigere. På samme måde føler jeg ubeskrivelig foragt og væmmelse over at hun har behandlet mig så afstumpet på trods af alle de smukke ting og alle de år vi har delt.
Jeg ved Maria Thinggaard hjernevaskede Sandra ud i alt det her, men det ændrer ikke på at Sandra er et dårligt menneske.

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