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DR. McLean

I saw Usain for the first time at a High School Boys' Championship. He thrilled the crowd with his run. This guy ate up the track. The runner before him was so far away that I did not believe that he could even catch him. But it was all over when Bolt received the baton. I remember saying at that time that he will be in the Olympics soon. I have often wondered why his coach had not given him the opportunity to double before.

As a matter of fact, I think that now we will see Asafa at his very best. All Asafa's fears of Gay will be gone and he will be more relaxed trying to erase Bolt's record at the Olympics.

The mental pressures that the American exuded on Jamaican athletes like Merlene Ottey and Asafa is now history. The spring factory of this world has come alive, not only for the men but also for the women. Keep you eyes on Veronica and Sherone.

Keith Noel

Bolt from the blue? Which blue? When Spearmon won the 400m at the world Junior championships, this lanky 15 year old set the record in the 200. At that World Juniors, it was he Nd Carolyna Kluft who set the place ablaze [strange, why is no one challenging her records?]At the Jamaican High School championships he devastated the field in the 400 and ran a blistering leg in the 4x100. He was the talk of the town. Everyone knew that there was no one in his age range who could beat him in any of the sprints.
But he was immature. Ebullient, funloving and a bit lazy to train. This is why he refused to do the 400. It was too demanding on stamina, etc. [lucky Wariner]. The immature boy has now matured and really started training. He has something to prove to his coach. And the world! Any one who saw him at 15, knows that this lad, now that he has filed out, does not need anything to enhance his performance. He is a world-beater. He was born with it.


I saw Usain Bolt on TV in slow motion filmed from a camera facing directly into the group of runners with whom he broke the world record. I am looking for a HQ version of this video online. I would like to study his technique, as he is doing something exra during his propulsion phase of his stride, and in doing so, deconstructing the commonly held beliefs about the speed limitations for athletes over 6 feet tall. Consider even the track coaches who may have discouraged Usain Bolt from running the 100m, while encouraging him to work on the 200m - what beliefs did they possibly have? Please post a link to the frontal slo-mo HQ video only, there are many other low-res views online already.


Sherone Simpson's drugs dont work anymore. She was taking drugs back in 2006 (her hot year).

Perhaps what the world has to remember is that Jamaicans have a talent to run. It is evident from our formative years that running was imbued on us as a genetic imprint (perhaps God drugs our mothers womb, but who can contest Him?). Our performances at our Boys and Girls Championships as well as Prep/Primary or Infant and extending to the world at all junior levels have left the world amazed. We did not just came out of the blues and started running fast - it has been a progression of which the world is cognizant. It is understandable why 'some' would be pondering the present scenario that faces them (fear and envy can have a crippling effect)but what God has given let no man begrudge.

Usain Bolt broke the world junior record at age 16 and as my colleague, Mr. Keith Noel rightly puts it "he was immature" or else these performances that we now see as being spectacular might have been ordinary.

But fret not yourselves, my friends - he is going forth to conquer and the nation and its supporters are praying with him. Sherone Simpson was injured as that which happens to all sprinters but she is back and you talking about her hot year - Mr Reality - you aint seen hot yet!!


15 years old: 200m in 20.61
16 years old: 200m in 20.40
16 years old: 400m in 45.35
18 years old: 200m in 19.93
20 years old: 200m in 19.86
21 years old: 200m in 19.75

Steriods? No way. This "kid" is for real coming from the same part of Jamaica as Powell, V. Campbell and the bronze queen.


You must joking...The majority of these guys running under 10 secs for the 100 are juiced, if not all of them. Jamaica is not different from the USA. Actually, it might even be worse.


In reality the real world record holder is most likely to be Carl Lewis. I used to be in competitive athletics training with clean Christian Malcolm and they`re all on it if they go faster than 9.9secs..shame really.


Carl Lewis clean!!. Oh to be so stupid


Carl Lewis clean!!. Oh to be so stupid


I know for sure that Jamaica are def a talented nation with talent from God, but to say steroids is jus envy unless they are tested positive u cant say anytin bout steroids


my mate won a silver in the pole vault in 84. his view was EVERY sprinter was on something.


Jamaicans take sprinting seriously and WORK hard. it is highly highly competitive from a young age. Likewise why does Sweden have men's triple jump, wom. hurdles, men's high jump and pentath. champs? they take track/field seriously and work.

check out Colin Jackson on BBC TV series The Making of Me

What factors turn an athlete into a world champion? Genetics? Natural talent? Hard work? Luck?

Surprising show.


I would like to extend congratulations to Usain Bolt on breaking, sorry, smashing the world record in the Olympic 100 m final. I am a Caribbean national who is unfortunately still waiting on my nbc feed to show me what the world already knows... that Usain Bolt is the fastest man of all time. That being said let me add my comments about possible doping. 1) A few years ago, Jamaica started giving their athletes scholarships to start training at home; 2) These athletes therefore do NOT train in the US; 3) Jamaica does NOT have the kind of technology to produce in Jamaica the kind of undetectable steriods that people like Maurice Greene have been accused of using; and finally 4) those drugs aren't cheap... if you think that there is money to be able to afford them over a prolonged period of time for even one athlete in Jamaica you might want to have another thought coming.I KNEW that when someone outside of the US won this race, the doping questions would arise. But you know what? Tough... today he won, and time will tell whether his medal or his record will stand. I think that it will.

yo yo yo

My view for the moment; the boy Bolt is juiced to the max!! Plain and simple. How can one man leave the rest of the worlds 100m elite sprinters that far behind in an Olympic final? Its never happened before in a modern Olympic, save for Johnson in Seoul and we know how that story ended. Bolt has passed the drugs tests...for now. With the discipline's shady history, I would love to believe Bolt is a clean and true champion, marking the beginning of a new era for the 100m. But I for one, will be reserving judgment till the guy reaches the twilight years of his career. If he remains clean in the years to come, he will undoubtedly deserve his place as one of the greatest athletes of all time. Until then - am skeptical.

Golf Boy

Its quite sad that when a none American athelete wins, they have to be on steroids. Before you cast doubt, research Bolts times from his early teens, then make an educated comment.

Carl Lewis clean... please

Ben Johnson

RE:Before you cast doubt, research Bolts times from his early teens, then make an educated comment.

A: You don't get tested when you are a teen
B: Anyone who runs faster then Ben Johnson's sauced up 9.79 is either half horse or has used steriods period.

Not to take away from Usain's amazing run of 9.69 but he's cocky and conceited for a reason... The guy had celebrated with his hands up with 20m to go. Strikingly similar to the way Ben Johnson raised his arm up well before the finish in the Seoul Olympics. Can anyone take steriods and run that fast? NO. Don't get me wrong Usain Bolt has incredible talents in sprinting. There's just no way to make so much improvement without using steriods. They made undetectable designer steriods, they have the whizzinator to fake clean urine tests.. They will keep making them to avoid detection and why??? The millions in money from sponsorships alone for winning the gold medal... what would you do to win?

Median Salary by Job - Age: 18-25 (Jamaica)
Software Engineer/ Developer/ Programmer $13,973
Administrative Assistant $5,606
Office Clerk $7,119


all u people saying bolt is on steroids u r either pissed off American (cause u'll dont dominate anymore since they caught u'll with the clear) r some1 makein an uneducated comment cause its d first they r hearin about mr bolt.....people google is around 4 a reason google mr bolt and u will find out about what he has been doin n track his progress....people d jamaican's have been tested the most at the olympics mr bolt was tested 6 times b4 d he ran a 100m race and he was tested after every race.....sooo....

A Henson

These athletes know the system. They know when to juice and when to lay low. Bolt is a phenom. He was fast as a kid. But, his performance tonight was very suspect. Only the blatant or unsophisticated get caught - like Landis (11X the normal amount of testosterone). I hope he's clean for the sake of the 100m.


Hey, it has nothing to do with American or not. Hell, our American sprinters are the case study for juiced up / drugged runners. The facts are these: the kid destroyed the World Record in a sport that is the most doped in the world, he destroyed the field (that was probably also juiced) and he stopped running with 20m to go...

It defies any logic or reason you want to place on it. The guy must be juiced. And in a Floyd Landis type smackdown, I think it will be coming soon...

Donavan Bailey

Ben Johnson didn't test positive until the olympics. A test only works if they know what they are looking for... i.e. Marion Jones and the designer steriods THG... undetectable until a coach handed in the syringe containing the drug! I'm Canadian... this has nothing to do with nationality... I'm still proud of the fact Ben Johnson is one of the fastest cdn/jamaican sprinters ever juice or no juice. You don't just fall out of bed take steriods and run sub tens.

Johnson made headlines when he ran a 9.79 but his urine test had traces of Stanozolol, an anabolic steroid. Johnson was disqualified and later admitted he was using steroids when he set other records. His coach, Charlie Francis, said Johnson had been using the performance enhancing drug since 1981. It was essentially the end of the Jamaican-born runner.

Undetected steriod use for seven years until the '88 Seoul Olympics... and this was twenty years ago. I'm sure performance enhancing steriods and steriod masking agents have advanced in twenty years to once again become undetectable to Olympic level testing. Usain's run merely points out that athletes can, and always will, maintain a few paces ahead of drug-testing efforts.

I want to believe Usain Bolt's 9.69 is legit, history tells me otherwise. In all the time's posted of Usain Bolt's 200m from 18 to 21 in 3 years he has improved .30 seconds. In a shorter distance 100m in less than 5 races he has improved .30 sec which is impossible if you know anything about sprinting... thanks for the info that proves Usain has more steriods in him then Ben Johnson and an entire Kentucky Derby horse race combined.

Bolt's Chemist

In the history of the 100m dash not even 1 second has been shaven off of the world record 10.6 sec set in 1912, almost 100 years. Usain Bolt shaved off half a .5 second in 5 races... maybe it would have been more but he got caught up in celebration before his race even finished. Fact is in the history of the 100m dash nobody has run sub 10 seconds until the steriod era.


We have to remember not all drugs used within a certain time frame prior to the event will be found however the benefit of those drugs will remain.

Teddy Atlas

Americans are only telling you how it is from their own perspective. We've gotten excited over great performances from other Americans who turned out to be doping often enough to know just how prevelant it is. You're being naive if you think you have a chance to put up these times without doping. All of these guys are already super fast. Do you really think that a clean runner will be able to beat another runner who can run under 10 seconds clean but then adds the benefits of steroids or HGH? You'd have to be an alien to be so good as to be faster than other elite spinters who are using this stuff without using it yourself.


the only way to please these observers is to undergo 50 drug tests until none of his blood is left then when he loses you say thats the real one


Drugs/enhancements are here to stay. Having an American doctor really points to shenanigans as the state of the art in enhancing is in the USA labs. Organic chemists are getting to the point that they can design a synthetic drug that will work within a very short window then decay very quickly. There is nothing that can be done it about so enjoy the show.

New doping methods:

"the singularity is near"

Golf Boy

I await the comments on the Jamaican Women placing first, second and third in the 100m final?

Maybe there will be no comment, after all Flo Jo's superb record wasn't broken.


I'm an American Track and Field fan, and have been intently following the sprints and relays since my High School senior year in 1981. Yes, I was a proud and,when compared to todays athelete, inferior sprinter! I can remember the meet when I ran 11.00. Oh well, life was good!
Regarding Bolt, he has the mechanics and physical build to be the most profound sprinter in history, even beyond that stunning Olympic run and world record. I, like many people, hope he is clean, and will believe (not assume)he is unless it is proven otherwise. Like an earlier writer, I've been crushed by the American sprinter scandals, and am a bit shell-shocked. It's not a pro-American, anti-Jamaican, "who is better" debate... I'm a fan of ALL great sprinters (the Black Diaspora representation in the sprints has always been alive and well around the world!) It's the concern about such a beautiful sport, and sports in general.


running away from the field with hands out pounding your chest while looking around with 20 meters to go,running 9.69 lets not be stupid..."steroids"


So you guys think that the jamaicans have better drugs than the americans?

David Furtado

Usain Bolt's 10.69 has hardly sunk in and the whiner's brigade is already at full throttle. It's amazing how detractors always have so many opinions and so little knowledge to share. I bet to them nothing in life is worth celebrating - so very sad. Come on guys, give us a break! If everyone's dirty, why even have the Olympics?
In the 30's a man named Jesse Owens was untouchable over the 100-200 and even the long jump (4 world records in 45 minutes - greatest athletic feat in history?). Legends such as Owens continue to inspire youngsters to achieve.
I remember me and my family enjoying the Seoul Olympics live telecasts. When Johnson won the 100 my mom exclaimed "Oh my God - he looks drugged!" This coming from mom - an Indian housewife, who'd never heard about drug/steroid use in sports, was quite amusing to me and my two brothers, all avid track & field fans. Mom of course had the last laugh.
20 years on, Usain Bolt looked the least "juiced-up" of the 8 runners in Saturday's finals at Beijing. If in fact he is clean, and I for one choose to believe he is ("innocent UNLESS proven guilty"), Bolt's performance can be seen as a slap in the face of all those among his peers who do cheat.
J C Owens was unique, obviously a superior talent. So was Michael Johnson, another sprinter who beat his competition hollow. Now I feel it's Bolt's time. If the world could appreciate Jesse Owen's and Michael Johnson's domination it should give Usain Bolt the same due. It looks like the American whiners have forgotten about that swimmer called Michael Phelps who got what, his eighth gold medal today? They're not aliens, just better men. Stop raining on their parade, it smacks of racism.
Consider this: if Gay hadn't messed up his hamstring and Powell had been able to maintain form we'd have definitely seen two more sub 10.80s in the final. Would Bolt's win have looked so ridiculously easy then? I believe not. I believe it's unfair to liken this race to the 1988 fiasco. Let's just face it, Bolt's rivals failed to get their act together; that is what robbed some shine off this Olympic 100m final otherwise it would have been even more scintillating - another true classic. Like all sports fans I love the thrill of witnessing a world class contest. Thanks to Usain Bolt's World Record run - a performance worthy of an Olympic Champion, I was not disappointed.
The cynics are saying that all the top athletes today are "juiced-up"; for a moment for the sake of argument let's assume they are right, that's what one may call an even playing field! Now, if one of them can leave all the rest at least a body-length behind within 80 meters...what can we say?
Usain Bolt, you are a Champion! And if you happen to be one of the few clean athletes around today...Wow! What an achievement!
And as for the detractors who wish to indulge in negative speculation, pardon me but you won’t catch me jumping on your bandwagon. I am a sports fan.

Teddy Atlas

"the only way to please these observers is to undergo 50 drug tests until none of his blood is left then when he loses you say thats the real one"

Marion Jones passed 160 drug tests in her career. One-hundred and sixty.

Teddy Atlas

"And as for the detractors who wish to indulge in negative speculation, pardon me but you won’t catch me jumping on your bandwagon. I am a sports fan. "

Who has his head in the sand.

"for a moment for the sake of argument let's assume they are right, that's what one may call an even playing field"

No, because different people react differently to steroids. The competition becomes as much about whether you are as genetically predisposed to increase your performance from PED's as your competitors as it does about whether you are genetically predisposed to perform better than your competitors well without them.

Some bodybuilders find that they gain HUGE amounts when they start taking roids and others do much less well. It becomes a test to see who is better suited to performance enahancing drugs. That ain't no Olympics I'm interested.


Usain is the nicest...stop the hatin

David Furtado

"different people react differently to steroids"

Thanks for the enlightening insights.

Are we saying that the Jamaicans beat the US in the race to find and develop athletes who are genetically predisposed to perform better AND genetically predisposed to increase their performance from PED's? Pardon my ignorance, I'm not an expert on this subject at all, but I wonder how they manage to do it. More money?

Anyway, judging by their showing in the Women's finals today it's quite a beating I must say. I hope the US can find another Flo-Jo soon.


The 200m should be Bolt's best event. It is supposedly his favorite and the one that he has trained for the most; he's only run the 100m a few times. Moreover, his height and large stride should, if I am not mistaken, mean that it takes him longer to reach full speed than it would for a shorter athlete. The point is that he should be better in the 200m.

YET, his 200m best time of 19.67, set in July 2008, is not very close to Michael Johnson's world record time of 19.32. So he now holds the world record in the event -- 100m -- he is least experienced in, but hasn't come very close to the world record in the event -- 200m -- that he is most experienced and most favored in.

How might this be possible?

jamaican girl

i am a jamaican ...born and bred and still living here ..i remember bolt from 2002 world junior championships at 15 he was competing and beating persons much older than him ..he trains in jamaica ....the gym and equipment at utech that he and asafa and the other girls that won the 100 fo women in pretty bad shape fact its just bits and pieces of rusted iron ...I want any of the haters to come down here and look at where and how we train ......believe me friends .. the fact is we are broke as hell ..we cant even afford panadol much less performance enhancing drugs ..we are just plain poor...but we have is raw talent and determination ..track and field is very important to us and we start from kindergarten...our high school championships are very competitive and intense ..we stop everything for that weekend of competition

Golf Boy

Well said Damien, Jamaican girl, no need to justify Jamaica's runners or the conditions under which they train. I'm not Jamaican but, I have seen Jamaican athletes beaten into second place in so many Olympics and World Championships by athletes who have now proven to be dirty.

You can stop reading the comments by these haters, enjoy the moment...


Jamaican Girl,
Your point is well taken. I can tell you that having been born and raised in "poverty" myself in the Philly area, I can always look back and marvel at the level of athletes that have gone unnoticed. It's easy to look at the sprinters, basketball players, football players, etc. at colleges and lose sight of the fact that for every great athlete noted, there is another one in obscurity. I really want to say there are two-three in obscurity, but that would sound ridiculous...although even more accurate. The term "sprint factory" is not new because of the Jamaicans dominance in this year's Olympics. Those "factories" have always been in the Caribbean...and NYC, LA, Chicago, London, and, as followers of the SWC and SEC track and field already know, hundreds of tiny one-horse towns in Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, MIssissippi, and Texas. Many Islanders have been, and are currently, a part of that rich T&F tradition wherever its been highlighted.
There IS so much raw talent that is never developed because of any number of reasons. I'm sure many of those reason also exist in Jamaica. Thats why it is celebrated when it is actualyy showcased. In the US, most people have no idea that much of the US sprint talent never gets to college (and the world stage) because of academics, family issues, bad personal choices, etc. And the overwhelming majority of those that do make it to college football players. Football programs are THE moneymakers in most conferences. Track coaches are hard-pressed to compete for talent.
I say all this to say I have no doubt about the talent and heart of Jamaican real T&F fan does. The history and, consequently, rivalry comes from the closeness of the US and Jamaican (and Caribbean as a whole) sprint family. There are many personal friendships among US and Caribbean sprinters. Are some Americans hurt/angry and, yes, a bit envious of the Olympic results? Of course...but not because the winners are from Jamaica, but from a sense of betrayal from our own athletes in the recent past. Will I root for Americans in the remaining sprints and relays? Well, yes! It is, after all, the Olympics. I just want to see good races. Who, or what country, wins is secondary to the sport. Thats my take...I'm sure many will disagree

jamaican girl

thanks T&F .....

gaffney how are ugoing to post crap like this "Is this Bolt from the blue legitimate?" ..Usain was never out of the BLUE . go back and check the stats

It was not until his third year at high school, in 2001, that Bolt won his first medal at the annual high school championships, finishing second in 22.04. Fans in Barbados, host country of the Carifta Games - the Caribbean regional junior Championships - bore witness to his exciting potential as he took silver in a PB 48.28 for 400m and placed second in the 200 (21.81). Later that year he contested the 200m at the IAAF World Youth Championships. in Debrecen, Hungary, lowering his PB to 21.73, although he was eliminated in the semi-finals.

This Falmouth native blossomed in 2002. At 15, he took the 200/400 double at the High School Championships, Carifta and the CAC Junior Championships, laying the foundation for a big run at the World Junior Championships in his home country, in Kingston. Along the way, the 6 foot-5 inch Bolt, towered over the competitors lowering his 200m personal best to 20.61. In the relays, he ran solid legs as a member of national record setting teams in the 4x100 and 4x400.

Bolt maintained his superb form in 2003, winning gold in the 200m at the IAAF World Youth Championships and Pan-Am Junior Championships (equalling the world junior record of 20.13). He was the star of the Jamaican High School Championships, rewriting the record books in the under-19 age group, with an easy 45.3 in the 400m, an 0.87 improvement on the previous record and 20.25 in the curved sprint, to lower the old mark by 0.57.

Bolt, the World Youth and World Junior 200m champion, then stood on the threshold of holding an unprecedented three IAAF world 200m titles simultaneously as he prepared for the World Championships in Paris. But conjunctivitis cut short his training 6 weeks beforehand and led to him being withdrawn.

The Bolt record rampage continued in 2004. Now a professional, he lowered the world junior 200m record of 20.13 seconds he shared with American Roy Martin, as he became the first junior athlete to break 20 seconds, with his Carifta Games winning time of 19.93 in Bermuda.

Leg ailments destroyed the Olympic medal winning promise offered by the record run and Bolt was eliminated in the first round of the 200m at the Olympic Games in Athens.

Bolt has since broken 20 seconds on five other occasions. That includes his national senior record of 19.75 at the 2007 Jamaican National Championships, breaking the 36-year-old record of his hero, Don Quarrie, by 0.11. In 2005, a season in which he ran 19.99, he won the CAC title and became the youngest Jamaican male (10 days before his 19th birthday) to reach an IAAF World Championships sprint final. But injury slowed him in the Helsinki final and he finished eighth.


I was so focused on the wonder of a small island producing Bolt that I was not prepared for the surprise of the same island producing the three fastest women as well. LOL Give me a break. What are the odds of his happening?


Marion Jones ran 11.17 at 15, only 0.4 off the time she won the 2000 Olympics in (10.75). So just because someone is fast in their early teens, it certainly doesn't mean doping isn't possible.


Suddenly the Jamaican sprinters are dominating the mens and womens sprint events virtually overnight. Shades of Chinese swimmers? These athletes have larger deltoids than my quads. Helloooooooo!!


The list of Bolt's achievements is not a proof that he is clean. It is a proof that he is a talented athlete and in fact dope is meant to be used by talented athletes. Will someone list Marion Jone's achievements? Cause I remember the praises and the admiration of the whole sport's society for this talented athlete that is now fighting to avoid being sent to prison.









Noel Prescott

The steroids are everywhere in China. Let's look at the women's marathon; Chinese women neck-and-neck with the Kenyans? Weightlifting: Korean woman puts 409LB over her head. 189 lb Chinese man lifts 471? (26lb better than the best lift in American history). Who's clean? The American track team. After Victor Conte and BALCO, the US team looks like a junior varsity squad. Don't kid yourself about Flo-Jo; faster than the West German men should have been a tip-off.

Bolt's Psyhic

The only way to make the olympics fair is to allow steriod use. Drug testing is unfair to those who are clean and choose to follow the rules.

Regarding Jamaican being a poor country not able to afford drugs? "......believe me friends .. the fact is we are broke as hell ..we cant even afford panadol much less performance enhancing drugs ..we are just plain poor" [Perplexed]. Santa must have been good to them those years!!! STERIOD STOCKING STUFFERS YAAAY. Jamaican athletes Patrick Jarrett and Steve Mullings have failed drug tests in recent years. Jarrett failed a steroids test in 2001 and Mullings tested positive for testosterone in 2004.

Jamaican 4x100m relay team member Julien Dunkley said he had been told that he had tested positive for a banned substance anabolic steroid boldenone at Jamaica's national championships in late June.

I Don't hate the player, I hate the game.

There is no denying Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet... but denying he doesn't use any performance enhancing drugs... and you are living in a dream world.

Teddy Atlas

For crying out loud people Bolt, Powell, Thompson and every other athlete at this level from the Caribbean or otherwise all have endorsement deals worth millions. Stop acting like they are all too poor to afford the drugs. If you're good enough to get on television, someone's going to pay you to wear their stuff.


Who stands to lose and who stands to gain from any decisions to take performing enhancement drugs. The men and woman who unfortunately willingly get caught up in this mess are used as pawns in a big money making game. These athelete are promised the world, and many of them are kids. Young kids who suffer the blunt of the abuse. Ben Johnson told the world what was going on. Huge piles of money is to be made at the expense of whoever is the motto. Throw in no disciplainary action for the doper and what is left is a young future trusting athelete with alot of confusion. We need to learn to expect and respect the ability of these young men and woman and reward them accordingly. Go after the big guy and return the sport back to the way it was when you won a competition on shear blood, sweat, guts and tears. Nothing else is more important.

Given the interest USADA, the DEA and FBI have shown in performance-enhancing drugs over the last couple of years, I can absolutely believe the Jamaicans have easier access to doping agents than the Americans--but only in the short term.

Anytime a new obstacle like this emerges, I think it takes a certain amount of time for devious people to figure out new ways to skirt the rules. If legitimate drug screening ever comes to Jamaica, I bet we'd see a similar temporary drop-off from their athletes as well.

Once the current anti-doping fad stops grabbing headlines and the feds lose interest, I bet we'll see American sprinters occupying two of the top three medal positions again. For now, the best pharmaceuticals win, and it's Jamaica who's got 'em.


I unfortunately agree about the Jamaican steroid connection. Six sprinters from a small island nation in two olympic 100 finals. Really. I've been familiar with sprinting for fifty years, and the sudden rash of sub ten 100's coincides with doping, I'm sad to say. Bolt is talented, probably in the same range as Tommy Smith. But I watched his legs in slo-mo in the 100, and watched the top Jamaican woman in the 100 also...something odd is happening during the propulsion another gear. I think that gear is possible only with drug-enhanced muscle tissue. Very similar flex and push for both. Watch Ben Johnson's legs in the 9.79 race...similar look. Sad. I'm also tired of the showboating before, during and after the races. It's made a mockery of real athletic competition. It's now about ego and money.


Would the webmaster please put my prior post back up on the board? I don't know why it was removed.


Thank you.



baby doll


With that time, yes.


Don't get me wrong I love Usain I've followed him for about 3 years now and he is Serious! and I really want to believe he is clean but I've also been around T&F sprinters and coaches in my life to know there is no way in hell you can strut 1/5 of the 100m and get sub 10 unless you're on something. There is only one other man I know who blew away competition like that in the 100M and we all know he was doped. (Ben Johnson)


So Jamaica is too poor for equipment for training, yet the coaches want the team to abandon training in the US. The team does not win gold while training in the great conditions in the US, but somehow wins gold medals- some total suprises-- when they begin training in the poor conditions found in Jamaica?!!!

I agree sponsors pay money that could be used for drugs. That may explain why the money is not being spent on equipment and training facilities.

American Girl in NYC

Its such a shame that some of my fellow Americans are doubting Bolt's talent. Jamaicans are known to have GOD given speed. I am Jamaican by heritage and I am so proud of them! THE HATERS WILL ALWAYS TALK SHIT but that doesn't take away from the fact that he broke a world record and is so fast you CAN'T touch him! This year the Jamaicans were tested more than other athletes, so until its proven Bolt & the other medalists are juiced, SHUT UP and STOP HATING! JEALOUSY is ugly! LOSER. USA has 79 medals, does that mean they are juiced...hmmmm if you got a bone to pick, pick that one!

American Sprinter

Bolt has been a prodigy since he was 14 years old. He ran a 10.2 sec 100m at age 15. He ran 19.93 secs and 19.75 secs as a junior sprinter. He has ALWAYS dominated his peers.

Why is it unbelievable to see him run away from his peers as he has been doing for over 8 years?

Don't question Bolt's rise. Question the sudden drop off of the American sprinters. Or better yet, question the records Phelps has been breaking day in and day out.

Leave the Jamaicans alone. They are tested as often as anyone else and until proven guilty, they are innocent.


To the guy who mentioned Jarrett, Mullings and Dunkley. Those guys were trained in the big bad USA.

Oh, Dunkley left Jamaica when he was like 13 years old. He never passed through the Jamaican high school system.

He comes back to Jamaica to make the team after getting away with drugs in the USA and gets BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you list 3 Jamaican cheats. Thanks. How many American ones were they? 100?

As for Americans and their cheating ways...can you say CARL LEWIS?!?!??!?!


As for Marion Jones running fast at age 15 in rich America? How is that proof of anything?

Anyway, in her junior years she was a REGULAR BEATING SICK FOR JAMAICA'S NICOLE MITCHELL!!!!!

Bob Marley

Bolt would have run 9.5 seconds had he run right through to the finish line... If you think that is clean... it's not nice not to share I want what drugs you are on!


Just saw the results of the 200 meters in Beijing. If Bolt is for real, then everyone will be looking around to recruit small basketball forwards into track. I still have huge doubts. It is possible to have perhaps one or two individuals in a species population that are that much faster than all the others, come we haven't seen it before? There are lots of athletic tall guys...the NBA is full of them. Maybe we should rethink this and have a quiet tryout/training camp here in the states with some tall guys to come up with Bolt II.
The angry posts here are understandable...I'm not pushing some junk talk here; just very skeptical of these performances. Someone should do a statistical analysis of the number of athletes from each country, their respective populations, and the performances themselves. Just from an eye-balling perspective, I'm very uncomfortable with the apparent largesse from one small nation. US has 300 and infrastructure. Our results are modest considering this. You'll notice that there was over a half-second gap between Bolt and all other top 200 runners. More than half a a sprint. I've been dubious of M. Johnson's run too for a long time. When was the last time you saw a slim sprinter (can be muscularly slim) winning and setting records? Armin Hary? This is parallel to professional baseball, where now we see, after the steroid debacle, home runs much more in line with real ability, rather than the rash of crazy 60 plus homers a year by several players. Same now in track. If the drugs really can be controlled (and I doubt it), you'd see a similar drop off in times and distances. Spearman probably the best (and maybe the Antilles fellow) clean sprinter I know of. The rest look like football players. And you know the track record (no pun) of that sport and steroids.
I hope I'm wrong. But I'm afraid we're done with the era of sports as we used to know them. The national flag waving above is certainly understandable. People get mad if they are questioned...we get mad in the states too...but we're more used to seeing cheating and perhaps we're a bit jaded.

rich s

1/ "jamaicans have a talent to run" is about as racist a comment as it gets. It doesnt matter WHERE you come from or what colour you are, if you can run, you can run.
Personally I believe there are many undectectable drugs available, I truly believe bolt takes SOMETHING

rich s

anyone saying beware wariner etc is really silly. If bolt ran all 3 (100,200 and 400) he would NOT be as successful, the training is different for pure sprinting. He would either fall short at the 400 or lose something from the sprint

sam makumbe

i work in a lab and its true you got to know what you looking for to find it in blood or urine.I know for sure masked hgh or testo can be undetectable.Well i sincerely believe atheletes and their caretakers are far ahead of anti-doping agencies remember they have inside info as well.


Just recently BOLT broke Michael Johnson 200 meter record...It's a no brainer for me...I honestly think this guy and all the other Jamaica's are on drugs...Isn't it funny how the Jamaican's totally dominated the olympics this year...Both men and women...Being american...I can tell you...The fastest man to ever live was Bullet Bob Hayes...Everyone after hayes was a cheat...PERIOD.


just because there are times from his high school days doesn't mean he wasn't on steroids then. 20 years ago steroids were rampant at my high school.

He just broke Michael Johnson's 'unbreakable' record. The guy is juiced to the hilt. Tall men (6' 5" +) have discovered steroids -- basketball, boxing, and now track. Tall men used to be skinny, almost without exception. Now they are built like like 5' 9" men, or even like bodybuilders.


The real answer is to use blood profiling like Garmin-Chipotle, Columbia and Astana use to test their athletes throughout the year. Any anomalies are either explained immediately or the athlete is suspended until they can be explained. If there is evidence supporting something other than a natural occurrence, they are off the team and out of employment. Done right, it also safeguards the athlete if there is a bad test too.

While times dropping by half a second on the Jamaican team are suspicious, I agree that we really can't say anything without good, solid testing. Make all athletes agree to the testing or they don't get to compete. Since it's throughout the year, someone will have to go to that island and test the athletes and unsuspected times - perhaps while they are in the gym. Any smart athlete or doctor drugging people will not allow them to drug within close proximity to an event anyway, so testing now will only catch those who are arrogant, ignorant or both. (Note that EPO drugs are very different from Steroids and won't be beneficial to my knowledge in these speed events, especially since the Olympics aren't held at high altitude.)

you people saying bolt is taking steroids are truly envious and furious that USA did not win that race... bolt is a true champion and look at what his coach said.... he won't even take vitamin c to sustain his health... why should he take steroids???


This is ridiculous. I bet if an American had won this race there would be no comments only celebration. Phelps is talented and won 8 gold medals. I don't hear anyone saying he is juiced up. This kid came on the scene 4 years ago and struggled to even get a medal and now he is top of his game getting 8 gold in every single stroke. If you all want to talk about something talk about that. When Marion Jones was running and winning no-one commented or even hinted she may be juiced but now that the GREAT USA is not juiced up and the world is beginiing to turn up and run a fair race you all complain. WHATEVER. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!! Look at Jeremy Wariner no one can beat him yet and look at the distance he has over the other athletes. I don't hear anyone saying he is juiced up. Oh yeah right. America need to learn to respect other countries and cultures. It is and will not always be about you. GET USED TO IT SPOIL SPORTS!!

Reading is Fundamental

Tricia: None of what you wrote is true. Jones was often pointed to as someone who used steroids.

Could you please read all of the information concerning Jamaica's track team before posting your opinion?
There are quite a few articles concerning doping and the team that go back before the games.

Phelps has been on the scene for quite some time as this is his third Olympics. He won six medals in Athens in '04. He was in his late teens in 00.

Could people read what is on the blog instead of the kneejerk "OMG UR JELLUS" posts. It's obvious quite a few on here just googled the runners' names and landed here without reading first.


When a nation with just 2.8 million residents is suddenly sweeping the sprinting events one has to seriously wonder what is going on. The simple statistical likelihood that less than 0.05% of the worlds population located on one tiny Caribbean island would produce so many suddenly dominant sprinters is absurdly unlikely. Sprinting is a sport where dominance has at least as much (and probably more) to do with genetics as training. Does Jamaica have great sprinters? Absolutely - they have for a long time. But they do not have a monopoly on top training or better genetics than the rest of the world. When a country, especially one with such a small population, is so suddenly dominant it is pretty unlikely to be simply from hard work. I'm dubious of Bolt's performances and I'm REALLY dubious of the Jamaican women sprinters. I hope they are legit but I just don't believe it.

Stephen Gunter

Where does the idea that there is no off-season testing in Jamaica come from? Nothing could be further from the truth. Asafa Powell is tested so much it is unreal. He has literally been woken in the morning by a knock on his front door and greeted a random tester. It is a part of his life, and he accepts it as such. Because of it, Asafa won't even take an unopened bottle of water from anyone; he only drinks what he buys himself. While we do not (yet, legislation has just been passed) have our own independent testing body/panel, our athletes are tested by world known panels, including the IAAF and the IOC. Testers are now taking DNA swabs of Jamaican sprinters, both current and past.

In regards to Usain's 100m performance: do NOT let the relaxed attitude of his upper body in the last 20m fool you; instead, take a look at his legs and the foot speed he maintains to the 100m line and beyond. Whereas it is true that he broke form, he most certainly did not break pace before the line. The man then runs his heart out in the 200m and breaks a record that has been standing for 22 years and people have a problem with that? What, was the Michael Johnson record supposed to stand for all time? Isn't 22 years long enough? Why isn't it feasible that someone would be able to break it after 22 years?

Nor should it be surprising to anyone that follows T&F that Jamaicans are fast. We have been fast for decades, this is nothing new. Some are looking at the 1,2,2 in the Women's 100m and saying that that is proof of further wrong doing, while ignoring the fact that the women from other nations simply did not run as fast as they had prior that race. If Torri Edwards had replicated her seasons best 10.78 she would have tied for the gold medal. If Lauryn Williams had run her PB of 10.88 or her SB of 10.90 she would have won the silver. If Muna Lee had run her SB of 10.85 she would have won the bronze. For goodness sake, the actual silver medal time was 10.98, which all three USA women had bettered this season, but they didn't run well in the Final where it counts so the 1,2,2 sweep is indicative of drug use? Come on, do better than that.

Stephen Gunter

Small correction:

" If Torri Edwards had replicated her seasons best 10.78 she would have tied for the gold medal. If Lauryn Williams had run her PB of 10.88 or her SB of 10.90 she would have won the silver. If Muna Lee had run her SB of 10.85 she would have won the bronze. "

... should have read ...

" If Torri Edwards had replicated her seasons best 10.78 she would have tied for the gold medal. If Muna Lee had run her SB of 10.85 she would have won the silver. If Lauryn Williams had run her PB of 10.88 or her SB of 10.90 she would have won the bronze."

I apologize for transposing the names and times.


While it is true that the US runners did not run to their potential only two runners ran personal bests that day (Jeanette Kwakye and Shelly-Ann Fraser). Shelly-Ann Fraser's best time the year prior was 11.31 according to the IAAF so we have to explain an improvement of half second though that does happen sometimes in younger sprinters.

The problem with the Jamaican women sprinters going 1-2-3 is the extraordinary unlikelihood that the three best sprinters in the world on a given day all came from the same 0.04% (that's less than one twentieth of one percent) of the worlds population. Possible? Sure. Likely? Hell no. My heart hopes that their wins are legit but logic tells me I shouldn't put a lot of faith in it. These days one should be dubious of any unusual improvement in performance or excessive concentration of talent in a small group. That's not evidence of doping but it is a red flag that doping might have occurred.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not indicting Jamaica in particular. I think doping is rampant in the sprinting events and there is plenty of evidence to back that notion up. Justin Gatlin, Marion Jones, Ben Johnson, Tim Montgomery, and plenty of others are proven dopers. Torri Edwards also tested positive for a banned substance and missed the 2004 games as a result.

Stephen Gunter

quote: "The problem with the Jamaican women sprinters going 1-2-3 is the extraordinary unlikelihood that the three best sprinters in the world on a given day all came from the same 0.04% (that's less than one twentieth of one percent) of the worlds population. Possible? Sure. Likely? Hell no." end quote.

As I mentioned before, the USA sprinters all ran way below their SB's... if one group of people do not perform as they should, then it is very likely that others in the field will appear to be better than they would normally be. It is NOT the fault of the 2nd place Jamaicans, who also did not run their SB's, that the USA women were slower than they should have been. If the USA women had run true to SB form, the result could have been:

1st: USA & Jamaica - 10.78 Edwards & Fraser
2nd: USA - 10.85 Lee
3rd: USA - 10.90 Williams
4th: Jamaica - 10.98 - Simpson & Stewart

Questions; why didn't anyone raise any flags before the Olympics when the three USA runners had three of the fastest times of the year? That's acceptable but three Jamaicans whose times are only just as quick (actually, only 1 was, the other 2 were slower) beating them when they don't run on form for that race isn't? If it were Edwards that had won the race in 10.87 instead of Fraser, would anyone have said anything about the margin of victory?

And in all of this, everyone ignores a blamed primary cause of the poor performance of some of the sprinters in this particular race: the supposed "false start" by Edwards. From memory, all three of the USA athletes have said they were affected by it, the Jamaican women said they

The hypocrisy is unreal.


Now I am really in doubt on Michael Johnson's 19.32 run in Atlanta 12 years ago.

Stephen Gunter

IAAF: Bolt Tested At Least 11 Times in 2008

Jamaican Usain Bolt, who competes in the 200-meter Olympic final Wednesday night, has been drug-tested at least 11 times in 2008, according to Nick Davies, a spokesman for the world track and field federation (IAAF).
Bolt was tested four times out-of-competition by the IAAF and three times in-competition, Davies said. He also has been tested four times by the International Olympic Committee--including three blood tests--since he arrived to China, Davies said.
Davies said Bolt and fellow sprinter Asafa Powell are among the 22 elite Jamaican track and field athletes included in the IAAF's targeted testing program. The IAAF spends $2 to $3 million annually on the program, Davies said, to ensure that athletes in nations such as Jamaica and Kenya that do not have national testing programs get tested frequently. Powell, Davies said, has been tested 13 times this year, six out-of-competition by the IAAF, three in-competition and four by the IOC.
Davies said IAAF medical officials assemble longitudinal profiles of the athletes' blood work to look for abnormalities that suggest doping could be going on.
Bolt's and Powell's results "look OK," Davies said. "If it didn't, there would be massively targeted testing on them, simple as that."


What is so super about bolt's performance and why would anyone say drugs? Why some people are so stupid and ignorant? Jamaica is a track and field country. This is not new to us. There are others who will come as fast as bolt or faster. Why the unbelievable reaction?


I think the americans are either ignorant or jealous.If one person false start, why didn't the others not try to catch up and win a medal? They are either dunce or fools. This is Jamaica's year. Leave us alone. We have raw talents in Jamaica. Why not come and visit our big event-Girls and Boys champs and then you will see great running.Just as how Brazil loves football, Jamaica lives, sleeps and eat track and field, so shut up ignorant people who do not know anything about our country. I do not tolerate hypocrites and fools. In Jamaica we know Bolt can run faster. I would encourage Bolt and the other Jamaican athletes to stay as far away from anyone who gives them any form of food and drinks. I do not trust them.


Some of the comments that are made about Jamaica are so stupid. How could they beat the US, druggist when they were doping? iT IS THEIR TIME.That idiot who talks about watching our 100 women gold medalist in slow motion and claims he has been watching track and field for fifty years needs so Jamaican good food , You are the most ignorant person on the planet. I am sick and tired of some persons commrnts. When the Americans were winning most of the race it was good so it our time. Ignorant, stupid and hypocrites, back off!!!!!

white knight

Guy pulls up because he is paid a million bucks by his sponsors every time he breaks the world record. He has 3 international meets coming up and he wants to get paid so he's not staking a # he can't top. Dirty little secret the TV announcers are afraid to mention, but trust me (and I know) thats why he eases up in the 100. Its not showboating, just a couple hundredths of WR time is his goal. He can run a 9.5 flat no problem in the 100. As for the juice, who knows. Doesn't look good, but it certainly isn't something that'll show up in a test anytime soon. There women are kinda fast to???????

white knight

Guy pulls up because he is paid a million bucks by his sponsors every time he breaks the world record. He has 3 international meets coming up and he wants to get paid so he's not staking a # he can't top. Dirty little secret the TV announcers are afraid to mention, but trust me (and I know) thats why he eases up in the 100. Its not showboating, just a couple hundredths of WR time is his goal. He can run a 9.5 flat no problem in the 100. As for the juice, who knows. Doesn't look good, but it certainly isn't something that'll show up in a test anytime soon. There women are kinda fast to???????


Im soooo annoyed that people are jumping the gun and saying that Usain is on drugs?! . . .its amazing when someone who is non american/non white, are automatically on drugs. . .

Why is no-one questioning Micheal phelps success in 8, I repeat 8 Gold medals in this Olympics? . . . .


People are talking about how Jamaica's population is so small and they are "suddenly" producing winning athletes. There is nothing sudden about Jamaica's athletic supremacy on the world stage at all... Jamaica has been producing superb athletes for years, athletes who were training in the wonderful, comfortable conditions in the United States, under United States coaches. Would US coaches be stupid enough to train foreign athletes to beat US athletes? Well, look at Mr. Motor Mouth himself, Ato Boldon, who trusted John Smith and Maurice Greene for a great answer to that question...

This "rise" to track and field dominance isn't new, it's been in the making ever since Jamaica decided to train their athletes at home... this has been happening ever since before the 2004 Olympics, it's about time that these efforts paid off. I am sure, no matter what side of the steroid argument you are on, you would agree that having coaches who are TRULY looking after the best interests of athletes, who REALLY want their charges to succeed, make all the difference in the world to the quality of training an athlete receives. I think whether you are in a rickety gym in the Caribbean or a state of the art gym in the United States, although most times there is one person on the field, track and field is a team sport. The product on race day is testament to the team "behind the scenes." The Jamaican team, all of their team, have proven themselves to be truly world class.

None of these steroid accusations have been proven to be true, and until they are, all of these comments, including mine, are just speculation. Until we hear anything different, let's accept these truly remarkable and enjoyable races by Usain, and enjoy the Olympic games.


And as for cheating... I wonder if Michael Phelps' access to resources that most other swimmers at the Olympic Games do not have counts as cheating. I mean, he is clearly a superior athlete, but, custom-designed, laser-fitted, space-technology swimsuits, a team of space scientists to travel with him to correct his strokes (thank you NBC for all this information!), I mean, if all the swimmers in the pool do not have access to these resources, is it cheating or not? Isn't there a little double standard here in this discussion of performance enhancement?

Yard Yute

I am a proud Jamaican am I'm very proud of what our athletes have done this year...after so many years of being relegated to silver and bronze we are now winning, for all who believe we are on dope...good luck trying to catch us with all those sophisticated to stuff, who would have a better chance of finding something if you do a "weed" test....and the last time I checked that was supposed to make you go slower....BIG UP ALL YARDIE ANY WEH INNA DI WHIRL UNU DEH

Reading is Fundamental

" I mean, he is clearly a superior athlete, but, custom-designed, laser-fitted, space-technology swimsuits, a team of space scientists to travel with him to correct his strokes (thank you NBC for all this information!)"

The company making the suits had to offer them to ALL the swimmers competing in the Olympics.
Swimmers who come from countries that do not have decent swimming facilities train in the U.S. Many of the non-US athletes are born and bred in the US but compete for another country due to parents or grandparents are born in another country.
Meaning, most of the swimmers have the same access to the same training, coaches, and equipment as Phelps.

"been in the making ever since Jamaica decided to train their athletes at home... "

If you have read the items pertaining to the Jamaican team, and some of the Jamaican posters, you will find the country has substandard training facilities and no official assocition to oversee the runners. How do you improve from using a superior training situation in Europe or the US? Common sense, use it.
So what if Jamaicans grow up running, the coaches pick those kids that run fast. Steroids enter later.




Wow there is a lot of whining from Jamaicans here. "The US is just jealous", "Jamaica has always had great athletes", etc. All this defensiveness misses the point completely. ANY top performance SHOULD be viewed with suspicion. This includes any and every American, Russian, Chinese and yes, Jamaican performance. If you compete with the best you get the same scrutiny. Learn to live with it or don't bother competing.

Is Michael Phelps doping? He might very well be doping and unless we catch him at it we'll never know for sure. Would disappoint but not shock me if he was. Is Usain Bolt doping? Same answer. Jamaican women sprinters? Same answer. Lance Armstrong, Michael Johnson, Florence Griffith-Joyner? Same answer. Hope they weren't/aren't but you are an idiot if you don't consider the possibility and look at the circumstances. When a single country (ANY country) goes 1-2-3 in an event, that is suspicious. When a tiny little country is suddenly beating all comers way out of proportion to their past success, that is VERY suspicious. Proof of doping? Definitely not - but lack of proof does not mean innocence either.

It is demonstrably possible to pass a drug test while doping. Marion Jones never tested positive to my knowledge - she was only caught when other evidence eventually cornered her and she admitted doping. A passed drug test is not and never has been proof of innocence. You cannot prove a negative - that is we cannot and never will be able to definitively prove that doping is not occurring in any given event. Athletes have been passing drug tests while doping for years. Drug tests only test for a limited number of substances, and they have to be in the athlete's system when they are tested. There are more drugs than tests available to find them, the tests are often shockingly non-definitive, the drugs clear the body so there is a finite time window to test, and there are more financial and medical resources and incentives available to the cheaters than to those trying to catch them. We cannot say at this time that the Jamaicans (or the Americans) are doping - we have no proof - but only a fool would just naively believe that they all are clean.


I don't think ppl on here are accusing Bolt b/c he's from Jamaica. I think it's b/c of how he ran the last 20m of his race. He brought it on himself and T&F brought it on itself.

However, the logic that "Bolt ran inhumanly fast and past athletes beat the test, so Bolt is probably beating the test" is #u&ked up. If you're being totally honest and your criteria for suspicion is inhuman athleticism x past behavior, then you have to apply it across the board.

For example: Michael Phelps apparently does tons of voluntary testing. But if the logic that is applied to Bolt were applied to Phelps suddenly THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL the most winningest Olympian in the history of the Olympics is clean. Right? You say "Oh, well swimming doesn't have T&F's history." But Phelps accomplishment is too inhuman --- by the same logic that indicts Bolt Phelps swims too fast, too often and breaks too many records by too large a margin --- so Phelps necessarily must be beating the test, lol.

Anyway, I think Bolt's great! If everybody cheats, and apparently everybody knows it, then the best cheater should be rewarded for his cunning and ingenuity with the gold! lol Who wants to see a record stand for 100 years anyway? That's boring!


Good point by SJBE. Unfortunately the conversation took the wrong turn. I am not American nor Jamaican. I am Greek and when Greece started to gain medals in 100 and 200 meters I became very suspicious. And not without reason as it was later proved. You may celebrate, Jamacain friends, and you have every right to do so, but when it comes to questioning how clear all medal athletes are, you 'd better be a bit reserved.


Campaign to eliminate Usain Bolt, world's fastest man ever, officially launched
If you live in IlluminiNATZIiland and you wonder why the most impressive sports demonstration at the Olympics ever (9.92 in jogging look) by Usain Bolt was "commented" as "impossible to believe that he is not on drugs", then you must get the basics (article published 30th July 2008, one week before the begin of the Olympics):
Campaign to eliminate world's fastest man ever (1), Usain Bolt, officially launched (2).

It begins by using associaton and suggestion techniques (3), before it will come very soon to an end. (4)


(1) Usain Bolt from Jamaica, is the world's fastest man ever.
After pushing the 100 m record to the human limits a few weeks ago, he demonstrated in London a few days ago that he can also beat the 200 m record from Michael Jonhson, as he slowed down his pace 30 meters from the finish line.

(2) Launched with the "news" that "second rank jamaican athlete doped" as headlines, in the appropriated mass media. (2a)

(2a) The Teletext entry page, one remote control click away from whatever program is being broadcasted (in almost all "countries" of illuminatiland), is the most important mass media used by the illuminati, for "news" that would not "fit" as prime news, e.g. "second rank jamaican athlete doped". Other examples of the usage of the Teletext entry page: sell 24 hours a day illuminati icons (Madonna, Potter, etc) or confront children with porn and pedophilia.

(3) The acceptance by associaton and suggestion techniques are constantly used by the illuminati, to sell their hoaxes to the sheep.Google:
MattMarriott BIG LIE technique

(4) This asssociation is what the TV "commentators" at the Olympics will be non-stop mentioning while Usain Bolt will be setting his historical performances, before Bolt will be executed. (5)

(5) Doping conspiracy - multi-purpose weapon for several agendas
1. sell evolution theory and "take pills is better" hoaxes
2. sell "drugs improve performance of natural sports" hoax
3. eliminate the "wrong" champions
4. destroy natural sport
5. destroy justice
6. terrorize the sheep

Who, How and Why explained long ago -


I certainly never said that Bolt "must" be cheating. I have serious reservations but I certainly hope he is the real deal. He might be cheating and he might not. We simply do not know. The only evidence we have absent a positive drug test is circumstances. Given the circumstances there are reasonable ground to *suspect* but none to accuse.

Furthermore you cannot infer that Phelps or Bolt "must" be cheating from my logic if you actually read what I wrote. Unusual performances ABOVE THE ATHLETE'S HISTORIC ABILITIES are what *should* draw suspicions. Not accusations - just suspicions. Quantum improvements in athletic performance should be exceptionally rare. Events like Bob Beamon's long jump in 1968 just don't occur very often - not naturally anyway.

Looking at the case of Michael Phelps, he has won between 6-8 medals at every major event in the last 5-6 years. He has a track record of exceptional and, more importantly, consistent performance. He has earned a measure of relative trust though no one should trust him completely. Usain Bolt has the problem that he is just now having his breakout performances. If Bolt keeps this up for several years then he should get the same treatment as Phelps. But in both cases no one should be so naive as to think Phelps or Bolt could not possibly be cheating.

Let me be perfectly clear. I have significant doubts about the achievements of Michael Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Florence Griffith-Joyner, and numerous other professional cyclists, swimmers and track and field athletes. Yes, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt make that list too though for various reasons I doubt them somewhat less than some others. I'm quite dubious how legitimate the 20 world records that fell in Olympic swimming this year are. World records are just not something we should expect to see fall en-masse. I'm almost equally dubious of the American 1-2-3 finishes in track & field as I am of the Jamaican ones. Absent a positive drug test however there are often circumstantial indicators of cheating long before there is definitive proof.

Among the circumstantial evidence one should look at is when a country is dominant in sport well beyond the size one would expect from their population. Certainly some countries specialize or have traditions in given sports so this isn't always easy. In this context Jamaica does indeed have a long tradition of producing top quality sprinters. That said, we should expect a larger absolute number (but not a disproportionate percentage of the population) of good athletes to come from countries with larger populations. So when East Germany was a dominant sporting power despite their relatively small population, that was (in hindsight and somewhat recognized at the time) a clear sign of a systemic doping program. As we all know now the East Germans did indeed have a such a program. It's not a big leap to conclude other countries have similar (if less pervasive) programs to enhance athletic performance.

I'm particularly doubtful when I see a country become suddenly dominant in a sport where they were not dominant before. The best example I'm aware of were the Chinese swimmers since 1990. China historically never ranked among the world swimming powers yet suddenly they win 12 of 16 medals at the 1994 world championships. Later at the 1994 Asian games 11 Chinese swimmers test positive for dihydrotestosterone and over 40 Chinese swimmers have failed drug tests since 1990. That is over 3 times the number of any other country in that sport. Does this mean Jamaica is cheating on the track in the same way? Not necessarily - but you'd be naive not to wonder.

All I'm saying is use your head and don't blindly trust anything or anyone. Circumstances can and do provide early hints of cheating that the tests cannot yet prove.


I love T&F! I previoulsy wrote about the day I reached 11.0 in the 100m as a younster. A proud day in my life. I still remember running 250s (oh,the burn!), 150m "striders" at 3/4 speed (with Coach yelling "run smooth, run easy,run proud"), running stadium stairs for knee lift/arm swing training, 60m sprints on downward sloping streets to feel the sensation of speed...and aspire to it, the feel of gravel on my finger tips and knees while in the blocks, the anticipation and butterflies before the starters gun, your relay teammate's eyes urging you towards them with the baton,the smell of Icy Hot, hanging out with the the cutie sprinters on the girls team after the meet. I'm sorry...I digress!
Why do I say all this? To remind some that love of a sport,both success and failure, is not always rooted in Nationalism. I used the term "sprint family" in a previous post...and believe that. Because history has shown that. Don't let the Olympic venue make you think it isnt true. Is there rivalry and competition? Well,yes...Hello!! But these athletes know each other, often train together,often attended the same college and track team, socialize, etc. The casual fan doesn't know that. They come aboard at the Olympics and/or World Champioships and only measure the sport in medal count and national dominance. The true fans, like you and I, follow high school meets and see the early development, follow that kid no matter what college they attend, follow the local college meets no matter what country the athletes hail from, follow the Invitationals throughout the year to keep continuity on "who's who" in various events. I'm in Southern California. I get to see Long Beach Poly High School perform at various meets (a premier "sprint factory" and atheletic powerhouse in general). I get to watch USC and UCLA battle each other...a premier T&F event every year (and,yes,there are athletes from the Caribbean!) I got to watch Allyson Felix right here in LA, even when she was in high school. I get to attend the Adidas Track Classic at the Home Depot Center, and was hugging the Ethiopian fans when when their countrywoman set a 2-mile WR last year, and watched Veronica Campbell-Brown edge out Lauryn Williams in an excellent 100m this year. Kerron Stewart came in 3rd, and hometown girl Felix was 4th. But the love and admiration from the crowd was spread to EVERYONE. Were Jamaica flags waving? Yes. Did a louder roar erupt when Felix was announced? Yes. Come on people, it is sports afterall. But there was no jealousy, bad blood, hatred, sniping, etc. from the fans. We were in T&F heaven!
Sometimes we, to include myself, have to step back and just enjoy. It is what it is. We are debating what "it" is. Well, "it" is an amazing runner with 2 world records. How "it" came to be, what "it" use to be, what "it" should be,and what "it" really is can be debated forever. I stumbled across this site because of that very debate I've been having with friends. I give up.

Anne Griffin

As a former athlete from the Caribbean, the number os athletes that this region produced is far greater that the U.S. itself. Let's take a look at the record. Carl and Carol Lewis. Oh yes, there are Jamaicans, Sanya Richards, Asafa Powell, Dereck Atkins, Michael Frater, Ben Johnson, Paulene Davis - Thompson, Debbie Ferguson, Chandra Stirrup, Frank Rutherford, Javier Sotomayer, Obadele Thompson, Kim Collins, Christine Arron, Avard Moncur, Tonique Darling-Williams, Grace Jackson, Merlene Ottey, Donald Quarry, Veronica Campbell.

In the Caribbean we don't just train on the tracks or in the gym, we take to the mountains and hills, the sea and the lakes. Our diet is not pills, fast food or injections, it is all from nature. If you have ever known anyone who is Caribean look at what they eat. You diet becomes you. So no matter what people say about Bolt and others what how he eats and how he train. That where the difference comes in. In all of the final look and see where the athletes came from. More than three quarters are from the Caribbean or are Caribbean descendants. The whole world is looking at us now.

Anne Griffin

As a former athlete from the Caribbean, the number os athletes that this region produced is far greater that the U.S. itself. Let's take a look at the record. Carl and Carol Lewis. Oh yes, there are Jamaicans, Sanya Richards, Asafa Powell, Dereck Atkins, Michael Frater, Ben Johnson, Paulene Davis - Thompson, Debbie Ferguson, Chandra Stirrup, Frank Rutherford, Javier Sotomayer, Obadele Thompson, Kim Collins, Christine Arron, Avard Moncur, Tonique Darling-Williams, Grace Jackson, Merlene Ottey, Donald Quarry, Veronica Campbell.

In the Caribbean we don't just train on the tracks or in the gym, we take to the mountains and hills, the sea and the lakes. Our diet is not pills, fast food or injections, it is all from nature. If you have ever known anyone who is Caribean look at what they eat. You diet becomes you. So no matter what people say about Bolt and others what how he eats and how he train. That where the difference comes in. In all of the final look and see where the athletes came from. More than three quarters are from the Caribbean or are Caribbean descendants. The whole world is looking at us now.


Here's what I see: A 6 and a half foot guy running quicker than a 5 foot guy, not just faster which makes sense, but quicker (as in his legs move quicker). Let me just first say this is not natural, if you've ever run before you know what I'm talking about. Drugs aren't necessarily performance enhancers, or to give a high like cocaine. In my opinion, it's something like HGH in childhood, and no you can't test for that in his blood now. If you don't think the Jamaican team has enough money for drugs, with endorsements from corporations, you are mistaken. Also look at which muscles are developed, for example, look at the upper trap muscles on Melaine Walker, not natural for a woman (even with heavy lifting), compared with the size of her leg muscles (it reminded me of watching Marion Jones in last olympics). And no, I'm not jealous, but it's a joke to watch these sprinters when you know most of them are doping; it takes away legitimacy from the sport. What's next, an 8.9 at 40 mph?


Whenever you see an athlete destroy the rest of the world's best by such a's a clear sign that something is not right. Especially when you consider the fact that the only people who have run times anywhere near that were later proven to be on steroids. Who knows what they use today, but it certainly isn't God given's Doctor injected talent.

Now, honestly...give it some real thought. Think about Ben Johnson crushing the field -- steroids; Marion Jones -- steroids; Bolt - super steroids. So, you're going to tell me that a guy running clean destroyed the times run by the guys who used steroids? Get serious. It's not the science of's the science of running with a lie and sticking to it.

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