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Holliday has run faster than Hayes. His FAT 10.02 is faster than Hayes' 10.0 (the IAAF lists it as 10.06), and wind-assisted times don't count. Hayes was better for his time, obviously, but that doesn't make him faster.

Steroid Nation

You need to read the commentary on Hayes. The stop watches at the Olympics read 9.8, 9.6, and 9.8. Hayes ran those times on cinders (slower than synthetic) and with borrowed spikes.

Furthermore, Hayes ran the fastest 100M in the history of timed sport: his 8.6 split in the 4x100 in Tokyo.

To claim a guy who hasn't won an NCAA championship is faster than the 'world's fastest man' is a stretch.

BTW, Walter Dix of FSU is faster than Holliday, and he did play football (in high school)


Bob Hayes is, without a doubt, the greatest 100 Meter Sprinter I have seen in almost 50 years of watching the sport. Given his strength, leg speed and competitive fire I would put him up against any man in any era. What he did in 1964, on a cinder track, with yesterday's equipment and part time coaching is simply astonishing. Nothing against Trindon Holiday. He is as quick as a water bug.... but, he is no Bob Hayes.


Poor Trindon Holiday. Over hyped by the LSU B.S. machine, then exposed as a fast, but less than world beating sprinter this weekend at the Olympic Trials. Greater than Bob Hayes??? Don't think so!!!


Yes Bob hayes ran faster then trindon holliday but look at the comments they said "none have ever played football or were not clocked while playing football" If you go with that statement they are wrong in the first part but right about the second. Trindon Holliday is by no means slow i mean the kid ran a 4.28 40 in high top tennis shoes from a flat footed start. He did it infron of Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher. Go Bob hayes for being the fastest man and then playing football. Go Trindon Holliday for being the fastest man while playing football.


If you really want to be technical. Jeff Demps, Florida football recruit, ran a 10.01 at the US Olympic trials. Sorry, brosef.


Actually Bob Hayes played football and ran track at Florida A and T. So he accomplished both at the same time.

As noted above, Demps ran a 10.01; he will be a Florida football player.

BTW, any of these guys are damn fast.....


thank you vg for the clarification. At the time the statement was made Demps had not run a 10.01. Who really cares about that though Les Miles said he is the fastest player he had ever seen and 1/10 of a second may be a mile to the runner but to someone watching the 2 run they just know they are both fast....

Ken Hyland

Just a comment, I ran against Bob Hayes in 1960 in Coral Gables (University of Miami) on the first Grass/Tex track in the country. Prelude to todays synthetic surface. Bob Hayes ran the 100 yard dash in 9.1 sec. My time was 9.6 for third place. Bob Shear was 2nd. Reason for "no Record" was the Judge walked away from the wind meter "Just for a minute" at the time of the race.

Are you sure of the year 1963/64. I went to the UofM from 1958/62. I set the UofM Long Jump record at 23' 3" in 1960. I think you can verify that from the UofM Track Record Book.

Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but I don't think so. Next May 2009 I will be 70. I am not challenging anyone, just want to make sure my story is right after all these years.

I do agree with all comments otherwise.

Ken Hyland


As a young boy, I went to a S.C. State College football game in the early 60's and watched the fastest guy I had ever seen run at least 3 kickoff and/or punts back for touchdowns. On each occasion, he "outran the angle" (football term). Naturally, during and after such a display of raw speed, My brother and I wanted to know who this guy was that had single-handedly beat my father's school. It was Bob Hayes. He PLAYED football at Florida A & M for 4 years, much to the chargin of my father and RAN track. Later, I saw him in the 1964 Olympics win the 100 meters and then accomplish the impossible; run a 8.6 second final split in the 4x100 meter relay. He received the baton trailing by about 5-7 meters and finished approximately 10 meters ahead of the guy that was ahead. The amazing aspect to this whole story was that the guy he beat ran a 9.1 or 9.2 split. I have never seen the like before and possibly never will again. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys after the Olympics and was a key cog in developing that team into a perennial championship team in the mid 60's. I am an LSU fan and really enjoy watching Trindon Holliday run. Yes, he is super fast but nowhere near as fast as Bullet Bob Hayes. Well, at least not yet.

Tom Piper

Well many guys are fast. I was not to bad in high school myself. But even if this guy is faster and I do not think so. Who would you rather take down. I would not want to be a D back looking at bullet Bob Hayes coming my way. Fast big and all muscle.

John Ryan

On cinders man! ... with old school spikes!

They INVENTED the Zone Defense to stop him!

John Ryan
Phoenix, AZ

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