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Seriously ..a bunch of bodybuilders are now running to the locla doctors to see if steroids are doing dammage to the.
one body builder was quoted as saying" god ..doct help me!! I don't want to look like julie the horse face coram"


when Julie Coram was asked "what is your favorite clean-eating dish?"
Her response..."I could eat oats for breakfast every day for the rest of my life and never tire of it"

Wow is all I have to say!!

Salt block for Dessert?

tara B

I just have something to add about the comment above saying that if u take rapid cut or some other fat burner, u are not a clean athlete. I disagree with that. Because of the simple fact that fatburners are a legal product that are mainly composed of natural ingrediants in it.(caffeine) And they only work if u are dieting and exercising. Sure u will see some results but on a very minor scale. Steriods are banned from the fame competition. They have their rules and regulations layed out and fat-burners are not on their list of banned substances. They have a huge section on the website about testing for banned substances if the athlete is flagged. And it goes into great detail on their views and such. So to rap up, u can't compare steriods to fat burners that is just like comparing apples to oranges. Saying ppl that use fat burners are not "clean athletes" well i am sorry to whoever posted that above. But u are very very wrong.


Give her a break. You really think the other 99% even so called clean bodybuilders are not using. Horse steroids! You mean equipoise this is a very common roid used by just about every serious pro athlete at one time or another. Media takes every opportunity it can to ruin people. Educate yourself before you start bashing people. Read this site for about 10 min and you will have a much better understanding of the big picture.


no is arguing if steroids is healthy or not or if it is used in pro competitions.
The fact of the matter is she cheated knowing full well it was a clean event.
CHEATER that is all she is
Take the juice ...screw up your body look like a horse...that is your choice but don't compete in a natural event.
She's still a looser always will be


HAHAHA to all you HATERS!!! Julie has officially tested CLEAN for ALL steroids...she DID get another test done, she DID follow protocol, and all you losers who spent all this time and energy bashing her can EAT YOUR WORDS!! HAHAHAHAHA SUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I am laughing SO hard at all you retards who posted the LAMEST comments on this site...I don't care if my comments are lame...mine are TRUE!! Julie looks fantastic and deserves respect, praise and apologies. She earned every ounce of success and all you out there who are jealous and unkind...well, sucks to be you! I would hate to be so unhappy in life that you try to make others feel bad. Great job to Julie for staying strong throughout this whole ordeal!

Curious, how can you test positive, in high amounts, for multiple steroids, then test again weeks later totally clean?
Something is fishy here, one way or the other.

But yes, this really does put some of the idiots here in their place.


eat our words?
Hardly !
take one month to provide a second test especially when you know the test is coming
of course you would prepare for it
flushing your body etc.
it's very easy to do
especially the juice she was taking had a very short life
still a cheater still a looser
this just means she can beat the system when it's done on her terms
Total joke!!

LOL, are you seriously going to tell me that you believe Julie is "clean" because she passed a drug test LONG AFTER a competition?


It only takes a month (sometimes less) to allow steroids, especially equipose (HORSE STEROID... OMG again!) to vacate the body.


You're definitely wrong there - BOLDENONE UNDECYLENATE is detectable for 4-5 months:

where do u get YOUR info from?


Clearly the message left about the haters is none other than
Christina Krahn
she left the exact same message on craig's facebook too.
not sure who is more pathetic Julie thinking everyone is going to belive this or
Christina Krahn for being such a brain washed puppet

dance puppet dance ....Julie says so!

Christina Krahn

Today at the gym someone told me my name was mentioned on a blog on this site. Can't say I have been following the threads here, or care too much about what others are saying about the recent ordeal with Julie. Sure I posted a message on Craig's facebook page this morning, and very enthusiastically at that (used the words 'booyah' and 'i knew it', but nothing like what is posted above). I have nothing to hide. Like many others, I am very pleased that with the news of the press release. I DO support Julie, I DO train with Craig, and I AM proud to be their friends. They have many, many supporters, and based on the above anonymous comment calling people "haters" and saying "eat your words", I can absolutely attest that that comment was not left by me, but obviously by someone who is likely friends and/or supporters of theirs. I am relatively new to bodybuilding, and up until this last January, had never even heard of MABBA. I don't know anything about steroids (nor do I care to), I don't personally know many competitors, and am more focused and concerned about my own training and success than what is being reported in the media. People are entitled to their own opinions and I respect that. I hope people can just move on from this topic, and hopefully find solace in their own training and competitive success. I have no shame in using my real name and will not hide in the anonymity of the internet. Don't bother posting a retort to my comment, because I will not be coming back to check.


A test one month after the fact means nothing. If she was really concerned about clearing her name she should take a lie detector test. I would have went to the paper and told them to set it up. I would have paid for it myself. If I was truly clean I would have demanded a re-test or taken another independent test immediatly after the fact. Not one month later.

She had a lot to lose in terms of business and credibility. This does nothing to restore credibility in my eyes. With so much on the line a clean athlete would have been kicking and screaming to demand the truth. It is clearly a cover up. You see it all the time when athletes test positive.

Any clean athlete that continues to train with her or Craig is crazy. Any success you have is going to be scrutinized by people. After putting in all that hard work I wouldn't want that scrutinization hanging over my head no matter how good of trainers they are.

Christina Krahn... people don't care to read your page long verbal rant about your training schedule, or the fact that you choose to kiss Craigenstein and Horse Faces ass on the blog. Shut up, we don't care about your training philosophy's you tramp.

Now, as stated in the previous blog by Jason, she waited a month to get retested... why you ask? To let the shit get out of her system.

Try porn Julie... it's probably where you'll end up making a living. Just make sure the camera shoots from behind.

Fake Name

Jason >'If I was truly clean I would have demanded a re-test or taken another independent test immediately after the fact. Not one month later.'

Her second test was performed only a few days after the FAME tests came back, not a month. Easily misunderstood. The results of that test took close to a month so it seems like it was much longer.

If anyone cares the FAME test were nothing more than a $133.00 home steroid test purchased from a website called They also sell a large assortment of heating pads and weight loss/slimming products.
The CCES tests are unarguably more accurate. However, there is an argument as to metabolites clearing the system in time to test clean. But if you actually look into it further you can see that Boldenone (horse steroid) has a clearance time of over 5 months. Google 'steroid detection times' and you'll find several articles and lists backing that up. FAME claims there were extremely high levels in her sample; traces of this would have shown up on the second test without a doubt.

FAME has also yet to release any official documentation confirming a positive test. They've even gone so far as to change the offical reason of Julie’s suspension from 'Tested Positive for banned substances' to 'Disqualified for not respecting guidelines'. Now why would they change that??

I don't expect any sort of educated messages to be posted below this so you can continue on avoiding the facts and post your immature comments on Julie’s fake boobs, Craig's big muscles, and maybe throw in a few more horse jokes.


Fake name you are completely wrong and are posting bull shit
urine samples collected by FAME are sent to an lab in the US.
not some home testing kit...grow up and get the facts right


It's amazing but everybody still knows the truth. No matter what a test a month later reveals. We all know Craig has been buying and selling steroids for the past six years. Compare the high school pictures to the recent pics. That kinda stuff doesn't happen au natural. With all the steroids at Craig's finger tips, you tell me Julie never took any to push her over the edge for the Miss Fitness title. Well it sure looks good to see the title on the new website. There will always be young naive people that will buy into their "training". Just remember if you want there is the extra package that gives you better results. Just ask Mr. Manitoba 06. It's not listed on the website though. The damage has already been done, no ify one month later drug test will erase the truth. Those two will have to live with it for the rest of their lives. Hope their families are proud of all their accomplishments that payed for the new home. God bless all you clean contestants that didn't win.

Keep reachin

it's amazing but everybody still knows the truth ... the truth supported by FACTS?. sun still didn't bother to post that EQ takes 5 months to clear and fame reported high levels of the steroid, so how do you come to the conclusion that the truth is that she took steroids? There were no compounds or methods found, and this is from the same lab that tests our Olympic athletes, no arguments left. Sorry hun.


Keep pokin... that needle

Let It Be Done Already

It is crazy that so many people are still after Craig and Julie. Even after the evidence has been layed out infront of your face's, you still want to make up (absurd) excuses because you can't face that fact that maybe you WERE wrong, and she DIDN'T take steroids. Truly, people need to take alook at themselves and question why they have such ill feelings towards these two people and why it is such a big deal to them, especally when probably 90% of you don't know Craig or Julie personally and most of the people posting have nothing to do with the bodybuilding "community" anyways. And for the record, the issue at hand 'WAS' about Julie (which is finally cleared up), so why people even brought Craig or any of there clients names into this situation is beyond me, but grow up..

Mr. Ed

Whoa, Wilbur!


ahhhh craig you silly moron
why is everyone who was making so much noise silent now?
#1 possibly cause no one gives a shit about you and your horse face girlfriend
#2 you have stuck so much shit in each others asses that is has affected your hearing and reading skills
try this...moron...M-O-R-O-N!
#3 the two of you are so into your own little world that you fail to see any form of reality.

in case you didn't understand let me speaking in a language you may understand
Duhhh Duhhhh Duh Duh. Duh Duh Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Duhhhhhhhhh
and for you Julie
lift your head from that salt lick
it's time for your taining run at the downs

It appears that even the MABBA President doubts the validity of this second test.

Btw, Equipose takes 5 months MAXIMUM to leave the system, that's for a man. However, women take 4x-5x LESS than a man does. So at this smaller dosage, on a woman, the horse steroid takes 1-2 months maximum to clear the system.

And, if you do a google or check some of the bodybuilding forums, people have methods to mask the horse steroid, and do it successfully all the time.

Additionally, Julie had emailed MABBA last week threatening to sue if the tests came back positive and they went public with it.

It's a no brainer, Julie Coram used steroids to win, but so did most of her competitors. She didn't do anything to harm anybody, or cheat, except on herself.


Does anyone have actual proof or a copy of the email that julie sent to MABBA threatening to sue?
Would love to see a copy of it
could make things very interesting

Let It Be Done Already

I doubt there will be proof of this email... I was more curious as to why Fame has been going to the sun and the news with these claims about Julie's test, but have not provided the sun or news with the 'actual' test... unless they have and I have just missed it? All I have heard was she tested very high (originally for 3, but then the number switched to 2 a few days later..) for some of these substances. But everything seems to just be more word of mouth...


I know Julie
She's my cousin actually.
No one appreciates the rude comments being made about her on his site
You dont know her.
Shes amazing, she works hard and whether the allegations are true or not..That still does not change the fact that she is a hard worker who strives to do her best.
FYI she DID volunteer another sample therefore, you don't know what you're talking about
She encourages her clients to do their best and look how far they've gone
I suggest you get some of your facts straight before you attempt to degrade her as person
As for her not commenting on the situation, it was a choice she made and I stick by her.
Had she said something, you guys would have ripped her apart calling her a liar and what not
Get over yourselves

i bet most the people on here are people from her past who just don't want to see her succeed or be happy. how many fake names can her ex use? or how many lame guys look at this site every day and then go back to Craig's facebook only to come back to this site and make more stupid comments? Seriously get a have no idea how many people make fun of how lame you are with all your horse comments. I doubt that the person posting those comments is actually an 8 year old...he only has the mentality of one. get on with your life, pal. move it along...this story is over. Facts are out. Period. dont keep trying to analyze it. Seriously...salt lick comments? give me a break.

As long as bridges have been burned and as long as ppl succeed, this type of dislike and name calling will go on. We shall see how Contest prep fairs in the future as well as the so called fitness model career of Julie. They're a dime a dozen, for every pretty girl, there is another and its not who ya know, its who ya blow.

Lets see if they can train experienced athletes and not 20 yr olds not wise enough to know that real advice comes from the 2 trainers in this city who know their stuff yet find no real need to advertise "in your face". Their knowledge shows for itself.

She's made her bed now she must lie in it. Oh and note, the lawyers she hired didn't prove her innocence, they "cleared" her name. There is a difference. The law is a funny thing and only those who work in it know the lingo. Think, not of what was said, but what wasn't said!

Really though, who cares, everyone knows it goes on and is rampant in fitness/figure and of course bb.

Arrogance was her mistake.

She sure made a name for herself. All you "friends" of these small time steroid peddlers are just hoping time erases all memory of this scandal... which is obviously Julie's plan... or hopes anyway.

People will continue to talk because it's rediculous! Why someone would take a horse steroid to win an amature competition is weird. It's not like she's an olympic athlete... she's a "fitness contestant", which isn't really a sport anyway. These girls just stand around in a bathing suit... please tell me where the "competition" portion is??


I have known Julie personally and I also agree that the persona that she displays at the YMCA where she trains clients is not the same one that she lives. Why doesn't she work at Shapes anymore? I heard that she was fired...
She definately thinks she is better than everyone else. I have seen her mock people behind their backs at the YMCA, a moment after she just chatted with them, smiling and being nice.
I have also heard rumours that her boyfriend, Craig (Mr Manitoba 2006 I believe?) sells Viagra and steriods to gym members, and has had the police watching him recently for this.
This is a woman who cannot be trusted or believed. Let's see another urine sample if she's so persecuted...

Get tested positive for 3 types of steroids... then wait for one month to be retested to "clear your name"...

Common Julie, do you really think people are that stupid? Gimme a break!

Ummm, yup...I really think she does! That's the arrogance the poster above is talking about!


Didn't see Julie at nationals this weekend......hmmmmm makes you wonder.


makes you wonder about what? they don't test at nationals...have you even SEEN the women who compete there? nobody would ever consider julie as taking roids compared to the them.

things are changing...the overall winner isn't on drugs.

Wow... I have not checked in on this board in weeks - cannot BELIEVE people are still posting? I had my opinion (didn't post), but I feel it's important that after all that was said on here, at least this SHOULD be posted since many people don't seem to know all the facts. The media was terrible in covering this.
Here - FYI:


Miss Fitness Manitoba Champion Julie Coram Tests DRUG FREE

On Monday, June 23rd, only three weeks after capturing the 2008 Miss Fitness Manitoba title amid a claim that she tested positive for several banned substances following her victory at the Ainsley McSorley FAME Model Search Championships, Julie Coram was subjected to an impromptu drug test by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES), the testing body responsible for administering drug testing under the Canadian BodyBuilding Federation’s (CBBF) anti-doping program. The results are in, and Ms. Coram tested negative for all prohibited methods and substances.

“We are grateful that the CBBF subjected Julie Coram to a prompt, fair and reliable drug test,” said Rick Collins, an authority in the field of doping legalities and Ms. Coram’s lawyer. “The results were not at all surprising to us. She tested absolutely clean – she had no traces whatsoever of any banned substances in her sample. Julie has been exonerated.” Collins said that the result is particularly significant because the testing protocol of CBBF is stricter and more sophisticated than the test that FAME conducted. It is also significant in light of the substances that Julie was alleged to have tested positive for, which included a metabolite of a horse steroid that is reportedly detectable for up to five months.

The CBBF result casts serious doubt on credibility of the FAME test. World renowned doping control expert Dr. Mauro DiPasquale, who was not involved in the case but read the media coverage of Ms. Coram’s alleged positive test, commented: “Inferior drug testing protocols can yield inaccurate results; however, the reliability of the CCES drug testing protocol is in line with the World Anti-Doping Agency, which is considered the gold standard for drug testing.”

“Hopefully, Julie’s CCES results may encourage FAME to re-examine its anti-doping protocols and bring them up to the standards of other organizations so that true dopers can be caught and rightfully punished but innocent athletes are not ensnared,” said Mr. Collins. Meanwhile, Julie Coram is relieved that the CBBF has given her the opportunity to clear her name, and wishes to thank her many supporters who believed in her all along.



Julie Coram has hired the law firm of Collins, McDonald & Gann to defend her rights in a dispute over a questionable drug test administered at the FAME Model Search Championship in May. The New York based firm concentrates on legal issues surrounding physique athletes and has extensive experience in drug testing cases. “We are reviewing the drug testing program and procedures available online to athletes who compete in the World Natural Sports Organization’s FAME competition,” said firm partner Rick Collins, “and are not finding any of the safeguards that other sports federations have implemented to protect their athletes and ensure the integrity of the testing specimen and the reliability of the results.”

Organizations such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have anti-doping rules that are in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and the Canadian BodyBuilding Federation follows the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) in their anti-doping program. These organizations have strict protocols for collecting and processing specimens that are not only intended to ensure the integrity of the sample but to protect the rights of their athletes. The collection process is highly controlled and specific; the chain of custody is carefully recorded; only accredited labs are used to ensure the reliability of the testing; the specimens are divided into two samples, labeled “A” and “B”, and in the case of an Adverse Analytical Finding in the “A” sample, the athlete is notified and given the option to have the “B” sample tested to safeguard against an erroneously positive result. To further protect the athlete’s rights and ensure transparency to the process, the athlete is notified and given the right to be present for the opening and analysis of the “B” sample.

“These organizations understand that the reputational dangers associated with falsely accusing an athlete of doping are grave,” said Collins, McDonald & Gann attorney Michael J. DiMaggio. “The World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) program, however, appears to have taken absolutely no steps to protect the rights of the athletes who are accused. Instead, WNSO immediately reveals the results to the mass media, robbing athletes of the barest minimum due process and privacy rights. Elite amateur organizations like the IOC, CBBF and IFBB could hardly take these results seriously. We’re just beginning to look at the facts of this case but our initial examination reveals a testing process that is so vague and lacking in controls that the results are profoundly suspect. We haven’t been provided with the requisite documents concerning Julie’s test, despite her request, and publicized accounts of the analysis have been inconsistent even as to what substances they claim she tested positive for.”

“Fair and credible anti-doping programs benefit clean athletes and should be applauded,” stated Rick Collins. “But if you’re going to undertake to do drug testing, do it right.”

We all know everything you read in the press is true and lawyers NEVER spin things to make it seem in their favour?

If MABBA is behind Julie 100%, why did they remove Contestprep from their list of sponsors?

Julie and Craig need to understand that if they really are THAT GOOD at what they do, they wouldn't need to spend as much time and effort saying how good they are. Their reputation, which at this point is in shambles, should speak for iteslf.


I agree with the last post...very well said.
The press statement was not put out by the press it was put out by Julie's lawyer to the press. I can pay a Lawyer hundreds of dollars too and have a press release done.

All that prooves was at the time of the re test she had enough time to get it out of her system
In the end it prooves nothing from her Fame show.


Arrogance I say. When will she understand that? Seems someone has alot of learning to do. And competing against your clients? COME ON!

Here is what I don't understand. How can someone think they trainer has their best interests at heart and wants them to succeed, when that very trainer is competing against them. Seems to me that their main concern would be having themselves place first.

Real Talk

So, what? Julie can't compete now because she is a trainer? Do you people even think about what you say (type) anymore?

And many people may say they are "tooting their own horn",but really they are not. What people are mistaking as "arrogance" is really just spreading their name and business to the public. Are they supposed to say, "We are average trainers who do an average job when it comes to training you?" No! Firstly, this would NOT be true because they ARE good trainers. Whether you like them or not, you cannot deny what they have done for their clients, especally progress wise. Their clients had probably the best placings in both MABBA shows this year. And, I know some of their clients personally, and the transformations some of their non-competing clients, are not results of lack-luster training or any other (false) methods you people may come up with.
Secondly, they both have had success in competitions and are anything BUT average/bad trainers, people or competitors.

I really did not want to post because I did not want this topic or forum to persist, but just the amount of garbage spewing out of peoples mouths without any validity or reason is getting out of hand. From the PROOF that I have SEEN that Julie is clean has made me believe she is. All the newspaper said before was she tested postive for high doses of steriods... but where was the PROOF? where was/is the test results?
All I know is Julie is/was clean, and all those people who have these "HUGE" issues with steriods, take a look at other sports.

Lastly, I highly doubt all of you "anti-steriod" people had/have a issue with people like Barry Bonds, Arnold Schwarzengger, or any other well known atlhletes/people who ACTUALLY took steriods. So, trying to claim your hate agasint steriod users is bull-s, cause before this you probably havn't even given it much or any thought, and is just you trying to use it as an excuse to jump on the bandwagon to try and belittle somebody and take away the success they have worked hard for because you could never be as successful as them.
Real Talk

Real Talk... that has got to be the dumbest rant I have read on a blog in a long time. You compare Barry Bonds to Julie and Craig? LOL

Listen you may feel that their training methods are "fantastic", and that may be true... however Craig's size is not a result of clean eating and a strong work ethic, he's on steroids... everyone knows it!! It makes a statement to everyone, that they'll do anything to win, including breaking the rules.

You say you "really didn't want to post because I did not want this topic or forum to persist"... good strategy, stay very very quiet and maybe this will all go away. It's obvious that's's plan. :)

Defend them all you like, Craig deals steroids at my gym, Julie couldn't place higher then second and needed a quick way to legitimize her claims of being an exceptional trainer. So she cheated, in a botched attempt to promote herself and her business.

Egg on face here!

Real Talk

1) Im not comparing Julie to Barry Bonds, im just stating that all you people who are "Anti-steriods" and think it's cheating have probably never before spoken up when it came to other peoples steriod use. I highly doubt you have an issue with pro bodybuilders were it is a known fact that a vast majority of them use steriods. And this is because it is really none of your business and has nothing to do with you. So, making a huge deal out of Julie who was 'ACCUSED', but then PROVED her innocence, is really stupid on your part.

2) I don't have to THINK their training methods are fantastic, because their clients results speak volumes. Again, the results at the shows and their non-competing clients are some of the best I have seen from any trainer in the city. And I know some of the other trainers, and they do great work, but if you saw how Craig and Julie actually interact and work specifically for each client, you would agree. But you probably wouldn't give them the time or day, which is sad, but whether you like them or not, they are still going to be good trainers.

And I like how you bring up irrelevant topics. I have never personally asked Craig about the topic, but people have their assumptions. But again, that is really none of your business and why your blasting Craig's name about steriod use is unnecessary. Why you are out to try and ruin people's reputations is beyond me, but if your going to name call, why don't you name call everybody who takes steriods. The amount of users in any competition (even natural shows) is quite high. And to correct your fasle accusaton, steriods are not really cheating in bodybuilding, unless it is a natural show. If it was TRULY cheating, it would be tested in every show. MABBA has not tested their novice or provincal show in ages, which isn't some sort of coincidence.

Haha and yes, I just saw this forum acouple weeks ago and was shocked at all of the childish name calling, lack of facts, evidence and all around bull-s talk from people. I personally thought people would stop talking about it already, seeing as she did clear her name, but it seems people are just in denile and won't accept the facts, but will jump allover any slander about Craig and Julie whether there is evidence to back it up or not... and ALOT that has been said has no evidence to support its claim.

And I WILL defend them all I like, because they are good people who don't need this type of crap, especally from insignificant people who don't even know them, have nothing to do with the bodybuilding community, and jump on a "hate Craig and Julie" bandwagon that is supported and based on lies, accusations and no facts whatsoever.
Real Talk

Hey Real Talk...what if we said we DID know them very well? Would that surprise you? Your immaturity is written all over your words. Highly unlikely you are very old or have been in Fitness/Figure/BB world long ;) Give yourself a few years, you'll understand the points conveyed in these messages more clearly.


I totally agree. The reason no one cares about Barry Bonds, is that he has no bearing on their life. People aren't competing against Barry Bonds at competitions, he doesn't live in their backyard. Get it?

What you are saying about everyone else, can be said for you. You can defend them all you want. Are you right? Maybe Are you wrong? Maybe. No one really knows what happened other than Julie and Craig. Did she test clean? Why hasn't MABBA release a statement? What did they remove Contestprep from their page of sponsors?

See, here's the thing Real Talk. In the absence of information, people start making assumptions and drawing their own conclusions based on their life experiences. It's human nature. Julie choose to keep quiet and not respond to the allegations. This is what happens when you make that choice. So, if you want to defend them, feel free. You are entitiled to your opinions. Just remember, that people are entitled to theirs regardless of whether those opinions match yours.


What you all need to remember is that the statement released from her lawyer said that she tested clean. No where did it say that she was clean at the time of the FAME show.

Real Talk... you need to read Michelle's last statement because it speaks volumes.

Julie never said she was clean, or innocent of the positive test that was supposedly "botched". All that was released was the statement that she was clean at the time of her re-testing.

That speaks louder than your bandwagon love affair with Craigenstein and horse face!

If you think Craig's body is a result of not using steroids, you have no idea what bodybuilding is all about, and are the most naive child on the planet. Grow up and open your eyes!

Real Talk

To Michelle. Thanks for the non-immature/name calling post. I do appreciate it and agree with you on a few things you said. Like yes I suppose other people doing steriods is not directly affecting some of these people that may compete agasint julie. But 1) I just don't believe that everybody who is name calling and saying steriods are cheating, ect are even competing against her. But I can see how the people who actually compete agasint her may be upset about the situation. I am just saying that she got her name 'cleared', but it pretty much proves her innocence.
And the reason I am saying this is because for the kinds of steriods that the news paper/ rumours were saying she used, and the 'huge' amounts that was supposdly taken, I have done some research and do not think that even if masking agents were in use, she would beable to ride all of it from her system.

Also, those are all great questions which I, and everybody else can't answer. You are right when you say Craig and Julie are probably the only one's who can answer those questions.

I understand that as I am entitled to believe what I want to believe, so is everybody else. The only reason I even posted in the first place is to give people something to think about. That more then half the things people are blasting Julie and Craig for really have no facts to support them and are mostly all rumours. I doubt many or if any people have hard evidence of what they talk about half the time, especally things like what she took seeing as I don't believe Fame even released the offical test results.
But yes, until every single fact about everybody's speculations, assumptions and questions are answerd, there will be two sides to this issue.

To the last post.
Still resorting to name calling? Pretty sad. But yes, I did read Michelle's post. I am not here to fight with others like half of you seem to want to do. And I am willing to listen to people's arguments, depending on if they make sense and are not filled with grade 2 name calling, such as your last post.
But why you speak about Craig so much is beyond me. What he may do is not what is in quesiton here. So people should stick to trying to find out the facts on the questions they have about Julie insted of trying to find more things to talk bad about them with.

Listen Real Talk... some of your statements are absolutely rediculous!

"I am just saying that she got her name 'cleared', but it pretty much proves her innocence." - your post

Pretty Much? Common, her name has not been "cleared" by a long shot. The fact that she has not even acknowledged the whole ordeal in the press, celebrating her "vindication" speaks volumes.

Next: " I have done some research and do not think that even if masking agents were in use, she would beable to ride all of it from her system." - your post

Oh you've done some research huh doc?! Well case fucking closed, you researched it and that's that!

You're such a moron, unfuckinbelievable. You're probably Julie herself posting under that name. You wanna be real? Put down the nail polish sweety and pick up a book... maybe you'll learn how to put a thought straight in that head of yours!

I'm getting out the popcorn....Seriously REAL fecking old are you? You sound awfully naive. It's rather funny actually. You are exactly the type of client they train. Are you a client of theirs?

Real Talk :"And I WILL defend them all I like, because they are good people who don't need this type of crap, especally from insignificant people who don't even know them, have nothing to do with the bodybuilding community, and jump on a "hate Craig and Julie" bandwagon that is supported and based on lies, accusations and no facts whatsoever."

So we're "insignificant"??? Good thing none of us care what you have to say.

Keep supporting your steroid buddies, "Intensity Builds Immensity" (the shirt Craig likes to wear all the time)... LOL, yeah that and a shot of a horse steroid in the arse.

Bravo juice monkey, bravo!!

Real Talk

So, 1) Did I say that I was an expert on the stuff? No, but a little research is not hard. You too can take a look at the steroids that she was 'accused' of taking and learn abit more about what your blaming her about.
2) Good guess, but no I am not Julie, and to answer the last post, no I do not train with them. Like I said, I do know some of their clients though.
But yes, it is funny that what I say is counterd with "your naive". When half the people on here are really the naive ones. All I know is that the points I made supporting Julie have not been proven wrong. But, continuing this convo is pointless because everybody seems to have their mind set on what they think, whether it's true or not.

Here is a question for you Real Talk. You are defending them and saying that people have their minds made up. Isn't your mind made up?

Can't slice it both ways.

To the poster of the last comment.

You obviously make a valid point. However Real Talk has proven with her comments (and horrible grammer) that she is a follower, and will believe anything the steroid king and queen tell her.

"All I know is that the points I made supporting Julie have not been proven wrong." Real Talk

Yeah...... but on the flip side, have your comments been proven to be true?



people are still talking about this sea-donkey?

Sea-donkey... I love it lol

Yes, people are still talking... Julie's hoping that will stop soon.

Good strategy

discount bodybuilder supplements

I think she's a figure competitor not a bodybuilder but that's more semantics with regards to the subject of this article...Just keep up the good work.



someone should test horse face now....seen her at the gym yesterday....i think Craig rode her home after as he was wearing spurs....Last time you got caught wasn't enough....clearly u are back on the juice hunnie! What a looser

robert richards

for all you nuggets nearly every bodybiulder in the world takes some sort of steds so wots the problem do you think that some one can be 5foot 9inches and 250lbs of muscle with out steds then you must be nieve.


wow i am amazed at all of you . Did you ever think of minding your own business. You sound like a bunch of whining sissys. Get a life.My God who cares what anyone does its there bodies and if anyone is perfect then open your fat mouths bunch of lames. You sound jealous and so stupid wow bunch of haters. If you dont have nothing nice to say dont say it. So what she cheated big fucking deal from what i see she is beautiful . I say do what the fuck you want and be happy . People ought to mind there own business or get there own lives. Bunch of cry babaies sissy's pooh butt's. She looks hot and I wouldnt care what she did in my eyes i see a beautiful sexy woman hot and as for the negative comments bunch of bitches that need to take there dresses off. Ye I said it Get a life lames


To each and every negative post on this forum....

You are all a bunch of wannabe;s who are jealous and envious of Craig and Julie - once you at the top people gun for you to bring you down...

Well respect to Craig and Julie, they got married, are successful, and living the dream - what has become of you a=holes that have posted...still looking the same...shame, sucks to be you (hahahahhaa)....



Horse Face and Cromag are going to the big house. Got caught trying to cross the border with steroids from the states.

Guess you'll have lots of time to pump in jail Craigenstein... while Bubba pumps you full of jizz in your ass

Couldn't happen to 2 more deserving idiots

P.S. ohhh yeah, both Craig and Jewels (cuz she probably has nuts after all the juicing) have "natural" bodies LMFAO


its a known fact that in the bodybuilding world u need to take steroids.Yes hard work and dedication are needed but when it comes down to it hard work and genitics can only take you so far. Julie is just a bad person to the core, and if people really new how the contest prep owners are it would shock alot of people. they have this great image they put on for people. People forget they were living in a side by side for years. Its funny what selling 100k of steroids will do for your bank account. Anyone can lose weight and look good for the camera following there diet plans... bc the calorie count is so low its hard not to that in with 2 hours of cardio and tada your at 7 percent bodyfat.They dont teach people how to be healthy its a shock diet that people follow and ballon up after there shows or shoots. There meal plans are so cookie cutter its a joke. If you had 12 of there clients in the same room all there diets would be the same. There workout plans are so lame, if you see it its like they took a basic routine and superset it. They should look into hiring trainers that know how to teach form. I feel bad for people in the gym that walk around with there programs. Go take a circut program at shapes and save ur money.



What are you doing on a steroid forum - bashing people, mmm, - not cool - dude or dudette ??

When you at the top, people gun for you - just like you are gunning for Craig and Julie - pathetic and lame, now go crawl in a hole you S>OB !!


look at how all thier clients dramatically change from year to year... why is that

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