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I wouldn't complain if she left some oats in my sack.


Cheaters never win !!!!
Glad she got caught

hey Brian she'd leave more than oats in your sack she would nayh and turn around kick you in the sack with her hind legs and gallop away


Cheaters never win !!!!
Glad she got caught

hey Brian she'd leave more than oats in your sack she would nayh and turn around kick you in the sack with her hind legs and gallop away

sal m

she should get her money didn't do too much for her physique but it did give her a horse face...i guess it doesn't take too much to win one of these contests nowadays.


Horse face is right.
What's fit about that?
She might have placed well in the mens catagory



... I am shocked at this site completely. I have seen her compete.. and in person, this girl is amazing. She has some amazing photos, she is outgoing and a extremely positive asset to society.

I also am training for Figure competitions and ANYONE who thinks it doesn't take much to win.. is jut plainly ignorant.

Also.. who says this is even the truth ?? WOW.. we do live in a guilty before trial society!!


I Agree!!

I know of the guy that runs this Fame event and he has almost gone under a few times now. He needs all the publicity that he can get. I have talked to some of the people involved (more then I can say for that Sun reporter) and there are a lot of unanswered questions that I think well get answered in the next little while. So I would be careful on passing judgement just yet. You may have to get your hoofs out of your mouth before this is done. And as far as how she looks. I have seen her to and if you said no to that one then I guess your still a virgin because she in all women trust me.

gene x hwang

Actually I think she's a figure competitor not a bodybuilder but that's more semantics with regards to the subject of this article...

sal m

the dead giveaway should have been that part of the first prize purse was a sugar cube, salt lick and a bag of oats....if they had a big wreath of flowers to place around her head it would be perfect.


to those who defend her actions is purely a joke.
Anyone who has seen her at the gym in the city ove the lat 5 months saw her explode in growth.
The tests were done accurately.
You really think FAME would open themselves up to a slander lawsuit?
The Winipeg Sun , Global news, etc?
give your head a shake!!!
These are facts. She's a cheater! done
why she entered a natural competition is that her ego is absolutely insane. She is a media whore and she is now getting more attention than she ever could imagine!
You got your 15min of fame. Now go trot off into the sun set!!

Actually, to those who pass judgement without knowing her is a joke. Whether she took the drugs or not, it doesn't change the fact that she is an amazing, caring person with a huge heart.


Yes you are right Steroids does enlarge the heart too and does put you at a greater risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Okay, let's say the test was all bogus, which I doubt, but for the sake of argument, let's say it is. If horsey has nothing to hide, the first thing she should have done was volunteer to take another test. The fact that she hasn't defended herself one bit speaks volumes.

She is so self-absorbed it isn't even funny, and I am speaking from experience as I have known her for over 10 years.


now now she did respond
when asked to comment she said
"nyaaaaggghhhh ahahahaha....pfffrrrttt...ppppffrrrrtt"

Steroid Nation

As authors of the site, we do feel empathy for competitors. It appears figure competition is so far askew that an athlete almost needs to juice to compete. It's the prisoner's dilemma.

What to do? Should any competitor be allowed to juice in any way possible? Get ready for some body bags (not just due to anabolic steroids, but due to a combination of things).

Or should competitors be allowed to use certain PEDs with a doctor's monitoring? If that happened the competitors would not have to use Vet prep Equipose.

Or should all PEDs be banned with heavy drug testing?


the amount of lean muscle mass that she gained in a year IS questionable, that is why she was flagged... judges were informed of this and it was prevalent at the competition when compared next to the other competitors who had more of a natural look. the wnso is NOT a joke, these tests are sent off to a lab and there is no one "tampering" with these tests....they have legal standards to follow also.
the fact is this was a urine sample.......did she find a horse to piss in the cup? no of course not. I find it also questionable for someone who had TWO stress fractures in both ankles to be able to still train, practice a routine, walk in stilettos and do cardio without being in such pain that even walking would be difficult. would these steroids have helped her be able to push through all this? maybe.

upon entering the competition ALL athletes are all made well aware of the consequences of using steroids and entering a wnso sanctioned event, and that the wnso has the right to ask for a urine sample and they can go under a lie detector at any time, even out of competition. they are also made aware and sign away on documents that the wnso CAN take legal action for "tricking" the organization and cheating their way through.
she may be a nice girl, but WHY did she have to compete in a natural organization? she didn't want the results to be made public, but the wnso has published every competitor who has tested positive on their website before her... she is not being "singled" out.

from the website

A. Physique Screening:

Athletes will be screened by the Physique Screening Panel the day prior to the contest at the Athlete Registration Meeting or during the first round of competition on show day. All athletes sign a waiver prior to competing and agree to be questioned and evaluated by the Physique Screening Panel. Should the panel determine the athlete does not fit the natural look (and would then not place well in a natural show) and/or has reason to conclude the athlete is displaying results from banned substance usage, this could result in immediate disqualification. *** Scroll down for specific details

B.Urine Testing:

Urine samples may be asked of several athletes over the competition weekend, right from the moment of registration. Additionally, anyone deemed ‘suspicious’ to any of the judges will be asked to provide an immediate urine sample in order to be eligible to continue to compete that day. Overall champions, random athletes and winners may also be flagged for urine sampling following or during the event. Once the event is finished, all samples will be sent to the lab at which time either random or deliberately selected samples will be tested for banned substances.

C.Legal Document:

All athletes must sign their name to the Doping Control Waiver (see below) outlining that they follow the natural requirements of the WNSO. Legal action can be taken against anyone caught as having tried to ‘trick’ the system and cheat their fellow athletes.

D.Out-of-Competition Drug Testing Policy.

All competitive athletes may be subject to random urine testing at any time before or after a competition. Upon selection, either a WNSO representative will meet you or you will be given 24 hours to report to your local lab. WNSO Is serious about its 'Natural Physique' policy and is doing its best to weed out those who are attempting to cheat the system and their fellow athletes.


Anything that is not sold over the counter is considered a banned substance. These include stimulants, narcotics, prescription diuretics, beta blockers, anabolic agents or androgens (includes anabolic steroids, testosterone, growth hormone or any of their preparations or derivatives), peptide and glycoprotein hormones and analogues, and any related substances.

Substances Often Questioned

* Ephedrine – As ephedrine is commercially available in some over-the-counter medications, an athlete may use it providing urine tests do not show that it was “abused” or used outside the guidelines.

* Herbal Diuretics – These are allowed.

* Recreational Drugs – We do not test for these with the exception of cocaine and its preparations and derivatives

* Prohormone Products – Although prohormone products may be available commercially, their use may be detected in urinalysis screenings and result in a positive test. Prohormone products should be avoided.

* Prescription Medications – These are often required and may pose some concerns with the drug-screening process. An athlete on such medications will be requested to provide at least one of the following: a signed letter from his or her doctor indicating the medical condition and its specific requirement; or the prescription bottle or package of medication bearing the athlete’s name, physicians name, drug name and dosage strength. There should not be an issue if the drug has not visibly “enhanced” the athlete’s physique. In that case the athlete would not be allowed to compete, just like anyone else. If an athlete is uncertain whether a particular product or medication may be a concern, he or she is advised to contact the Head Judge before event registration to determine an appropriate course of action. However, this step DOES NOT mean the athlete is given a pass. The athlete still has to undergo the same drug-testing procedures as all other athletes.


The Physique Screening Panel &/or WNSO Judging Panel pays close attention to the criteria stated herein to come to a unanimous conclusion on whether a certain athlete has the maintained the effects of current or past use of banned substances.

The existence of the Panel is in no way a deterrent for exceptional natural athletes but serves as a means of banning athletes who do not possess a “natural” look. Should the Panel not reach a conclusive decision with respect to a particular athlete, the Head Judge reserves the right to ban the athlete from competing or to allow the athlete to compete and have him or her flagged for urinalysis or a lie-detector test.

It is understood that there is no 100% accurate means of detecting banned substances and that the Panel is simply a tool to assist in the detection of athletes who will not fare well in competition because of some or many of the following indications of such substances:

* Abnormal Muscular Development:
A level of muscular development deemed unlikely attainable without the use of banned substances

* Jaundice or Discoloration of Eyes:
Quite often the use or abuse of medications or anabolic agents that cause stress on the liver or kidneys results in discoloration of the white portion of the eye.

* Abdominal Distention:
Abdominal swelling may suggest the presence of androgenic or hormonal medications.

* Acne:
A common side effect of androgen use is acne in specific locations, which can be cystic in nature and is present in both males and females.

* Elongation of Bones:
In some cases the use of hormonal drugs can result in the continued growth of bones. Specific areas of the face and body that may indicate concern are the mandible, or lower jawbone, and the ulna (the inner and longer of the two forearm bones, at the elbow).

* Masculinization of Females:
Androgen use in females is often accompanied by masculinization, signs of which are often evident in the facial region and can also include a deepening of the voice and abnormal muscular development. Facial hair is sometimes evident in females who have used testosterone-related compounds.

* Baldness:
The conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone can cause hair loss that is prevalent among males, and such hair loss is one possible symptom of androgen use.

* Gynecomastia:
The conversion of testosterone to excess estrogen can cause male- breast enlargement, evident by puffiness around the nipple(s). Close attention should be paid to this area in male athletes, as this condition is a common side effect of anabolic steroids.

Please Note:

*** The presence of any of the above indications alone is not necessarily evidence of banned-substance abuse, as many athletes could display symptoms that are attributable to other conditions. The above is simply a guide to use in assessing an athlete’s physique, in its totality, to make a determination on whether the person is “suspect” of having administered banned substances.

*** Any decision made by the Panel or Head Judge to ban an athlete is deemed final, and the issue will not be debated after a decision is reached. Registration fees may be returned to a banned athlete but will not be refunded if the Panel feels the athlete has knowingly or recklessly used banned substances.


All athletes must sign the following waiver prior to competing. Anyone who does not sign this form will not be eligible to compete.

I certify that I meet the natural requirements promulgated by the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO). I have not used any banned or potentially harmful substances to enhance my appearance or performance. I hereby agree to undergo all testing procedures described herein and any other reasonable re-tests to ensure that I meet the WNSO's natural requirements. Testing will encompass steroids, diuretics, beta-blockers, or other athletic enhancing substances. I also understand that High Levels of Andro, although sold over the counter in the US, does mimic "Deca" on a urine test and I am aware that if my urine test comes back positive for "Deca" I will have failed my drug test. I understand that if I refuse any or part of the testing procedures, this will be considered as an automatic failure and I will not be permitted to compete, forfeiting any registration payments I already made.

I understand that I must stand in front of the Physique Screening Panel &/or the WNSO Judges - prior to or during competition- in a posing suit or swimsuit as they will determine whether or not I am permitted to enter in the competition. I further understand that the Physique Screening Assessment may disqualify me, in its absolute unfettered discretion, if they determine that I do not fit the look or profile of a natural athlete. This screening process will take place either prior to the event or at the event, and if the Physique Screening Panel does not allow me to compete based on their assessment, the competition entry fee will be refunded. If this is the case, at no time will WNSO report my name anywhere. However, if the Physique Screening Assessment determines that it is clear that I have knowingly or recklessly used a banned substance, engaged in an improper practice, or have otherwise cheated, no refund will be made and my name can be made public. In any event, if I am disqualified by the Physique Screening Panel I will abide by its decision without incident or further recourse. There is no restitution or compensation to me from WNSO, FAME, any affiliates or from the Physique Screening Panel members other than the possible full refund of the competition entry fees as stated above.
I will undergo the Physique Screening Assessment as well as possible random and selected Urinalysis Testing, and/or a Lie Detector Examination - either during this current event or out-of-competition. I will complete this test(s) without any tampering of the sample and/or information provided. I understand that if I am selected at any time during the year I will report to the WNSO selected testing facility. I also acknowledge that refusal of this test will result in an automatic failure. I further understand that if there are still concerns about meeting the Natural Requirements Mandate, I may be called back to be questioned in private by the panel of judges. I also understand that a failure of any type of test executed by WNSO's Doping Control Unit and/or a refusal to take a test may result in an immediate lifetime disqualification from all WNSO sanctioned events without any financial consideration or reimbursement. I also understand that if I am disqualified my name and/or image and the reason for my suspension may be listed on websites, in newsletters, media releases, television and may be shared with affiliate organizations.
I acknowledge that the failure of any one athlete to abide by WNSO's natural requirements hurts not only the WNSO but all the athletes and spectators competing and attending the WNSO events. I therefore, in consideration of an identical or similar covenant from other competitors, contract with all other competitors at any WNSO sanctioned event in which I might compete (including this one) that I shall be liable in damages as the result of the breach of any of WNSO's requirements relative to natural testing. I irrevocably constitute WNSO as my agent to enter into this mutual covenant with the other competitors at this and any future WNSO event in which I might partake. I acknowledge that, in addition, I shall be liable in damages to WNSO for any such breach of its rules I might commit. I therefore certify that I have not "cheated" in my preparation for this competition and in particular I have not used any banned or illegal performance enhancing substances.
In addition to the drug testing policy, I am also aware of the Competitor Rules and Regulations. In such, I certify that I will not apply tanning creams or oils in any areas other than the designated spots backstage. If I go beyond these spots and get the walls, floor, chairs, mirrors, or cabinets dirty etc. I will be responsible for any and all additional 'clean-up' charges applied to the event. I also realize that backstage is limited to athletes only and if I try to sneak someone in I may be asked to leave with out reimbursement. As well, should I end up NOT competing for any reason, I am aware that my fees will neither be refunded nor transferred.


Oh if she was not GREAT at this sport.. no one would care. Well she was a FITNESS competitor.. so not bodybuilding, and not figure.

However, sometimes winner push through alot.. even broken limbs. I have seen other do it in the past.

The truth is yet to come.

Someone who knows Julie for 10 years, and doesn't like her, and doesn't know the true her. Well I must say you must be extremely jealous. Seeing someone at the Gym.. and knowing the person are NOT the same.

I really hope the truth comes out.. what comes around goes around... and it will come back to bite someone.

If you go to a the novice or provincial shows in Winnipeg, Clients that train with Julie's company show very good at the show. That is talent!!!


I realize that what she has done, is not correct in the outside world. But I do not believe that she encourages her clients. I think that this should have no bearing with her clientelle because she did this as her own choice. I disagree with the above statement, I am in full understanding that her clientelle know her, and work with her on a close basis and that they will not opt out of business with her just because of her choice. She is a great trainer, and I have reason to believe this may put a damper on this title, but she will go on and be great, and her client base will only expand.

Don't forget that steroids didnt give her the look she has, she also worked her ass off, as much as the other girls. The steroids just set her one tiny bit above everyone at the show, and I believe that she /non ster,/ would have been just as competitive.


She is a great Trainer... with a lot of knowledge, skill, and positive reinforcement with her clients.
She did work hard.. and yes all the other girls I am sure did too.

Training, eating right, and competing is all hard work.

No one.. can sit on the couch and at the end of the day look like that!!


Seem like this is a hot topic. I would like to hear from the other side also but I am sure that they are waiting because that is what the lawyers are telling them to do. In cases like this it is best to let one side say everything they need to say and usually they say way to much and get themselves in trouble. It seems to me that FAME has fallen right into this trap and they better be 100% sure that what they are saying is correct.

It seems to me that they are posting this all over the media and internet and that could be taken as slander if for some reason things just are not as they seem. I would think that the best position to be in is to work carefully and professionally with this information. The way they are going about this by working hard and putting their name everywhere they possible can tells me that they want to promote themselves as some type of Steroid slaying hero rather then trying to work with all involved to come to resolution.

Scott Welch

There are also many dietary supplements that would cause a positive drug test for both Boldenone and Oxandrolone metabolites which is something many competitors don't realize. The FAME "Doping Control" list above warns about "Andro" but should also warn about "precursor supplements". These "precursor supplements" convert into either Oxandronlone or Boldenone once they are processed by your liver and they can be legally sold in America right now. Now I am not saying this is the case with Julie Coran but it's something for competitors to be aware of. We should commend the Fame organization for at least testing some of their athletes which is a step in the right direction for these "natural" physique events.

Millard Baker

I'm not a big fan of the FAME doping control protocols. I think the goal of providing "natural" bodybuilding and physique contests is good especially when presented as an alternate to the laissez-faire pharmaceutical field of competitors in "other" organizations.

But the FAME contests (even by their very own rules) are far removed from natural competition (whatever that may be).

First of all, they have a silly rule where they base the "natural" status of the athlete on appearance ("physique screening"). The eyeball approach can be used to determine whether someone looks natural or can be disqualified because they look like they are on steroids, etc.

Secondly, natural status is based upon legal status. This is ridiculous. "Anything that is not sold over the counter is considered a banned substance."

So, any sports nutrition supplement sold over the counter is permitted, right? Well, technically yes since they are not banned.

But as Scott Welch points out, you can be disqualified if any substance (banned or not banned) converts to urinary metabolites that indicate a positive doping result.

This means that if the athlete used a banned substance, it is a true positive.

If they did NOT use a banned substance, then it is a FALSE POSITIVE.

Because of the internal contradiction of their own rules, I seriously doubt that such a test result would stand up in a court of law.

In the absence of a rule or regulation explicitly banning specific OTC supplements, I don't think the following disclaimer from FAME has any legal relevance:

Although prohormone products may be available commercially, their use may be detected in urinalysis screenings and result in a positive test. Prohormone products should be avoided.


I also understand that High Levels of Andro, although sold over the counter in the US, does mimic "Deca" on a urine test and I am aware that if my urine test comes back positive for "Deca" I will have failed my drug test.",


Thank Scott for the info. I agree that there should be a screening process for events but there could be any number of reasons that this test came up positive and that in the end we have to recognize that in this sport to achieve great winning results it takes a lot of hard work. There are many competitors that may not know some of the information that you have given and thus does not make them cheaters nor should they be labeled as such.


I would like to say that Julie deserves to be made a fool of. For those of you who are her clients and train with her, you dont really know her. I was next to Julie at the Fame show where A TON of her clients competed and overheard Julie say "what is this a fat show?" Julie believes she is better then everyone and does nothing unless it gets her ahead. I have seen her walk all over many friends. Most of Julie and Craigs clients at contest prep are young girls who think she is so amazing. If my trainer competed against me and was caught doing steroids in the same show and class I did, I would have a hard time defending her. Julie loves attention and the spot light and that is what she got. Its too bad that she is a role model to some of these young girls. I am sure when they get older and wiser they will stop defending her. If she wasnt gulity, then why is she calling everyone u and appologizing? Why not take another urine test? If that was me and I was innocent, I would have been at the Winnipeg Sun the next morning at any cost, ready to take a test. Julie wasnt!

I am not sure if any of her clients that competed in Fame are posting here. Also I don't know who Julie has called and who she has not called. I also don't know if she has been retested. I can't say she has or had NOT done anything. I do know she is a good person. Everyone is still Judge and Jury.. when this situation is not complete. I am sure Julie in due time will release a statement.

How does so many people know what is going on with Julie right now? Manitoba did she call you? and she tell you her every move? Get Real. NO ONE needs to be "made a fool of".

Why would someone go to the WPG SUN with Urine?


Well first of all, I do know what she said at Fame cause yes I was there and I heard her. Did Julie call me to appologize? Yes she sure did...but not once did she admit to taking anything. If Julie did call me and say sorry and actually admitted what she was tested positive with, I would have no problems with that. But instead it was a call to say sorry, but...I didnt take these things. All anyone wants is for her to tell the truth. Say your sorry for trying to cheat the system. Say your sorry for stealing the thunder of ALL those people out there that BUST THEIR ASSES off ALL YEAR to compete in these shows to do well. Say sorry for taking someone elses first place spot in both the Fame and MABBA show. Julie should never have entered the Provincials. She knew she cheated but cared only about herself. There were many other DESERVING people that should have won that title. Julie knew damn well she was going to test positive but didnt care. She only care about herself. Like it said in the Selkirk journal, Julie had been placed 2nd in her category for 2 years and couldnt stand it anymore so she decided to do what ever it takes. I personally could care less if she took steroids or not. I only care that she TOOK someone else award when she shouldnt have. Anyone can take steroids and WIN, but real athletes do it right...and clean. If she stayed away from the Provincials, there wouldnt be so many angry people right now!! She made a fool of everyone at both shows. Its her turn. She had made this sport look bad and I hope she is banned. There are others whos work DAMN hard and she is not one of them.

Like I said, if she was innocent she would have proved it by now...she is just wasting time hoping it will be out of her system soon.


Oh yeah and to the person who said all Julies clients show well. Thats totally not true and the results show it. How did the woman do? I think one girl got 1st and she didnt even look close to what Julie does. The others didnt even place...
The only ones that do good are the ones on Juice. Anyone can do steroids. Its takes a real person to do it clean!


Well we will see.. I train clean.. and we will see what comes out. Maybe you will have to eat your words!!!

guess your a sore looser!!


Yeah go right ahead and train away. I have been doing these shows for a few years now and have placed first everytime. So, no I am not a sore loser.
Thanks anyways.


Congrats on your hard work in the past for placing first, Your dedication and hard work showed I am sure. Good luck next year in your training. ( I am not a fitness competitor) You know you can always contact Julie directly if you want to talk to her.

Lets change this forum, it is my belief Julie is a clean competitor. and it is yours she is not. That is what is great about Canada.

I am sure interested in some of the information about how the liver and other body processes can change chemicals in your body. Also what is truely clean competitions and not. The magazines are plastered with Fat reducers and creams and pills. There is more drug ads than articles in the fitness and body building magazines. SO if you take.. rapid cut.. or some other fat burner are you now NOT a clean competitor? Chicken, veggies and water..only???

This is not just a female issue but a mail bodybuidling issue too ?? What do novice and provincial competitors do to get ready for a show.. and what do they SAY they do to get ready?


One question for you...will you still defend her if its proven again that she was using? Will she still be as innocent? I just want to know if your defending her cause your a good friend or you truly believe she is innocent. All I ever wanted was the truth and no one seems to be getting that. If she didnt use, then great, but seeing her before and after pictures over 4 months, we all know that no matter how many hours she spent training its not possible to be that big.
Fat burners that are sold over the counter dont give you anything in my opinion and yes that means I am clean. Nothing but chicken and veggies and I would have it no other way.
Lets just say it is KNOWN that Julie has admitted to SOME that she used and there is physical proof that she said so. I guess thats what makes me angry. I just want her to admit it to everyone, even her clients. I feel sorry for them as they stand by her and defend her.


Take a re test and show that you are not on the juice. Why would she not take a re-test?
Is she trying to buy time so it gets out of her system?
I know Julie and she has the BIGGEST EGO of anyone in MABBA.
It's about time someone took her off her pedistal.
As far as releasing a statement?
anyone really thinks Julie will do that? She really isn't taking this very seriously from what I hear. "it's just a FAME show she says"
She has MABBA covering her a$$ and until MABBA does anything with her stupid miss Fitness title, She won't care.
An absolute joke in my opinion.

First of all, I have KNOWN Julie for 10 years, not simply from the gym and we were friends well before she ever started the fitness competitions. I would even say that those around her, that train with her, do not really know Julie, you see what she wants you to see, but no more.
Julie does have a great heart, if it benefits her in some way. People are dispensable to her and she will turn her back on you in a heartbeat.
I am not a part of the competition world, but Julie and I have had dicsussions about them in the past. She has never had a nice word to say about her competitors and if some of her clients heard what she had to say about them, well, I am sure they would find another trainer.
Make no mistake, she wants her clients to do well, because it means more money for them and also helps advance their career in the competition forum.
I could say more, but this is not the forum to do so. I believe that everyone's true colors eventually shine through.

She doesn't even have an education in fitness to back her advice! Anyone can pick up a fitness/bodybuilding magazine and say "train this way, or eat this". Would you want to go to a doctor who took a crash course in medicine and get them to perscribe you medication? Probably not. And these poor girls that are her "following"...I feel sorry for them. But I guess they really don't know any better, they're that naive. Then again, so is Julie.

I can't believe that MABBA won't take away her title of Miss Fitness MB. By doing so, they are saying that drugs are ok.

You are right. Neither Craig nor Julie have any formal training outside of what they receieved while working at Shapes. That's why it was so important to win, so that it would lend more credibility to their business. And as for Craig, he is a juice monkey if I ever saw one.

YMCA Fermor

This girl goes to my gym and has an ego the size of a horse.. which matches her face. Her boyfriend Craig Bonnett is so juiced, he can't even walk properly.

They're both meatballs... cheaters... and they deserve to fall hard!

HA HA HA you dirtbags, go stick a needle in your ass!

YMCA Fermor



It obvious Julie and Craig have made a lot of friends here..NOT.
About 90% of people think Julie and Craig are nothing but juice monkey idiots.
They get everything that is coming to them. Oh and that video from David Ford...anyone can pay to have that done. Julie, if you read this...get a life and come clean.

YMCA Fermor

You know I saw Horse Face... err I mean Julie today in the gym. She has a lotta nerve showing up there.

For all you idiots out there defending her, posting these idiotic "Innocent until proven guilty" posts... GET A FUCKIN LIFE. If she is so damn innocent, then why didn't she ask to be retested IMMEDIATELY.

WHY? Because she's a cheater and a loser. Craig was a big loser in high school, so he took $20 K worth of juice a year to bulk up to enormous proportions.

These meatballs are worthy of the nickname: THE PLASTICS!

How can any of her clients look her in the face? A horse steroid, what the FUCK is wrong with you?!

Seek psychiatric help............. SERIOUSLY!!!!


I know about a dozen ladies who have wrote to Oxygen magazine, giving them hell about having Julies picture in this months future cover model section (obviously the magazine went to print BEFORE the test went out), they have threatened to cancel their subscriptions if they dare print another photo of her in there.
Even my dentist heard about it in the news and said that she looked much larger then her last show, and people that are not in the bodybuilding world saw pics comparing her gains in the last couple of months and even they think it's bogus. Your not fooling the fellow bodybuilders out there, and your not fooling the rest of the city. Did she really think Mr.Kippel was going to keep this confidential just because she asked him to? She signed away on the right to have a positive drug test be made public through all media. It's not like the FAME organization keeps athletes in the dark about what is a banned substance or not, you can personally email them if you have any questions on the product you would like to use and they will let you know if it is under their list of banned subtance, you can trust when I compete with them I will be checking certain products just to be on the safe side.

If her attitude was that it was "just a FAME show" then she really must have thought of the company was a joke and that she wouldn't have been red flagged. Or maybe she thought she was safe since her and craig sponsored the would give her immunity? I think if MABBA doesn't take away her title, and I believe on their website has that a positive drug test is a two year suspension.... so possibly a suspension as well, there will be a ton of MABBA members in her category who will be PISSED!

good person or not, her decision was a STUPID one, and she has made it bad for everyone involved on both sides

and did i see correctly....neither of them have any credentials in personal training? Not even a CANFIT certification? My friends ask me to train them and they will even pay me, but I have not taken a dime because I would feel guilty since I'm not even certified!
someone please tell me that they both have SOME certification! wow......


also Craig taking steroids ( and I do know this is true because Craig told my bf at the gym how much of what kinds he was taking, and my bf said he's like a walking oil slick!)

and now Julie taking steroids....well we know the apple really DOESN"T fall far from the tree...does it?


fit204... you make a good point. There is a list Julie could have read that specified which enhancements were permissable, however I think it goes without saying that HORSE steroids aren't allowed in the game!!! lol

The fact that they have no credentials tells the story. They're con-artists. Passing themselves off as the real deal, feel sorry for people that gave them their hard earned money.

I guess they do think they are above it all. Back in 2005, Craig posted a question on forum asking about steroid cycles. His brain must be mush from all the juice, because even though he used a different name (Ingram), he includes his title of Mr. Manitoba 2006. Check out the link.

Some days, it just doesn't pay to be stupid.


TB...are you kdding?? You don't belive she took steroids?
Have you been that Brain washed? They did a don't just accidently have equipose show up in your body? It's not just that she had high levels of a natural occuring element tht could have been caused by some sort of supplement. God how stupid are you?
Oh wait I think I can answer that question let me grab a quote from your last post TB.

"This is not just a female issue but a mail bodybuidling issue too ?? What do novice and provincial competitors do to get ready for a show.. and what do they SAY they do to get ready?"

Can you answer me ...what is a "mail bodybuilding issue" . Is it just a competition for Mailmen? Do they get chased by dogs on stage with their postage bags?
Wow TB try spending some time out of the gym educating yourself!


Julie has no credentials at all! I can't speak for craig but in talking with Julie'sex husband the other night...the only thing she took was her training at Shapes and some sort of Theory course at the University which was 2 classes for a total of 4 or 5 hrs.
Nothing that would support her in giving nutritial advice or training advice what so ever. Is there not a governing body that allows people to be certified trainers in Manitoba? If not....I think it's time for a change. How many people's lives have been ruined by this Fraud Julie. Her Ex Husband just laughed and said well she got to be famous, and knows that she had been curious about steroids even when they were married so it did not come as a surprise to him either. Makes you wonder about her a little more now that it comes out she was once married too.


Well said Fit204
She is a looser
Her hair looks like a troll doll's hair and have you seen her ears ...was she injecting the juice into her ears as well cause man i think she can star as dumbo's stunt double.

Join the facebook group demanding cheaters be accountable.

Has anyone seen the YOUTUBE video of this idiot???


Listen, a week before her Miss Manitoba crown was "won", she was at the Fermor YMCA working out. When she left the gym she was walking (more accurately CRAWLING) down the sidewalk.

She moved at the same rate as a 90 yr old grandma. She could barely walk (due to her supposed "stress fractures").

Would steroid help her get through the pain?! Most certainly. In that short an amount of time... yes. See there's a reason why the steroids she took are meant for a HORSE! ;)

Stupid comments about her hair and face are ridiculous... who cares. What's more important is that her and Craig are frauds, exposing them for what they are is crucial to bringing honor back to the true "Fitness Training" professionals out there.


Now that's funny
Anyone have the global news cast of her on TV when the steroid thing aired?
Why is that not on YOUTUBE


I agree let's not talk about her horse face anymore on here
or that she and Craig share a facial razor in the morning
or that she has troll doll hair
or ears like DUMBO
grow up people!

wow i typed all that without laughing


I have been following this for the last while and I think that if she took them she should say so. On the other side I think that this is not an educated forum on the subject as it seems that it is more important to name call people. If you all know her so well then why not ask her this questions yourself . To the girl that talked to her I hope that you told her you did not believe her and told her what you have said here.

As for the person at the gym look around yourself and you will find may people at your gym that could be taking them. If having her work out there is unsetting you then perhaps you should look for another place to work out because in the end she did not kill anyone.

As for defending her well if she were my friend I would defend her against name calling. If she took them then she has to live with that. I am sure that even though she says this is not having an effect on her I find that statement hard to believe.

I think some of you have a complaint ( person that finished second) but the rest of you, how has this really changed your life? Do you really feel better calling someone a horse or an IDIOT and feeding like wolfs over her body. Think for one moment about being human and let those involved sort this out.

And to salt-ee I guess you have never made a mistake. You have no idea who that person is and yet you seem to have been judge and jury on this to.

Hope you all find a life.


The reason people are still on here writing is because MISS JULIE is still claiming her innocence. If she would just come clean and not waste everyones time and money that would be great. And you asked how this is affecting the rest of us? Have you read the paper lately? Have you seen the negative things written about the sport? Do you know that MABBA can barely get funding to even operate these shows? What do you think will happen now? Do you think they will all of a sudden get a ton of sponsors with all this GREAT publicity? I highly doubt it. There are many of us who actually love this sport and enjoy doing it. If Julie would have A) not used B) stayed away from Fame or Provincials C) would just have come clean right after the show, none of this shit would have happened. So to say that we dont have a right to be mad...IS BULLSHIT!!!

Im mad and will stay mad until she decides to tell the truth!!

Link, you write like you're 10!

"I guess you've never made a mistake?" <-- what kind of "mistake" was made when she injected a horse steroid into her ass? Get a life you moron, and learn to type in full sentences you cum dumpster!


Next she'll be sucking dick to win. What a champion!


The nail in the coffin here is that in a phone interview with the president of fame, he told global news what happened when informing Coram of the positive results.

"She didn't deny it, she said she understood, and she asked what that means for her now"

This is not the reaction of somebody who is innocent, especially somebody as outspoken as Coram... somebody who is also very outspoken that women should never take steroids.

What's worse is how the Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Association, MABBA, has reacted to this. They are showing no responsibility at all. This should come as no surprise when most of the mabba executive, have taken juice.

Now it appears Coram has hired a US based lawyer to sue Fame because of their testing procedures.


The only person that knows the truth here is Julie, the rest is open to speculation or factual/scientific proof/documentation. Based on what the media has projected it seems that the testing organization has found these substances in her urine. So Julie if you are innocent and you feel the test was not done properly then get re-tested asap through another reputable organization or a lab and have the results have nothing to lose if you are innocent...right.


I'll be the first to help pay for the test if it happens right away ...I bet many of you typing on here would throw $20 in to the pot if she agreed to do it immediately. Come on Julie we'll pay for it Prove us wrong!!
It will never happen watch , we are getting close to 2 months now after testing and still nothing from Julie. anyone know how long Anavar and Equipose stay in your system?
I bet Julie knows
She'll go in for a test once it's all out of her system.


the thing about the bodybuilding community is this......
it is close knit, everyone knows who trains with who, who is usually taking juice, who is competing when, what happened to this person what happened to that person. The information is usually shared quite freely on where they got their juice and what not. I'm sometimes surprised at how loud names will be dropped or how openly I've heard guys discuss their cycles with one another and who they get their steroids from.
I find it interesting that a message from craig is now deleted off a popular site for steroids....even though he goes under an alias, he still goes on about "Jewels" wins and what comps she did and asks about cycles and what not, this link was being spread like butter on a hot cake online...I checked it today and lo and behold the message is not there.

Craig's handle is "Ingram" and on June 17th he was asking for advice

"I'm not looking for cycle advice or a general question.

I need someone who has strong knowledge of steroid metabolites and their origins.

PM me please...


If she IS innocent, they have made it really bad for themselves to prove otherwise

~All of us know that her bf takes it's something that is readily available and can be administered with some working knowledge
`her bf actively posts on a popular steroid forum seeking help about cycles and what not
`for someone to have 2 stress fractures and make that known to everyone that she does....I would `think that would be something you keep to yourself after you "miraculously" become healed enough to compete and train and get cut with'd think that would raise eyebrows for sure.
~did not deny the positive test results when contacted by Jeffrey Kippel
~did not ask to be re tested IMMEDIATELY to prove the test was wrong, and that she did not take the steroids in question
~has put on a questionable amount of size in a short period of time
~her ex husband has attested to her curiousity in steroids
~ her facial features were much softer compared to the recent ones ( I haven't named called but it is something to take notice of how much harder and stronger her bone structure appears in her competition pics)
~lets say she did take some kind of supplement that after being processed in the liver did turn into a positive test result from her urine, the test result showed that there were high by the time your done taking that certain supplement, how much of the thing did you have to take that it showed up as high amounts after it was processed? That's a lot of crap to be taking of anything, period!

her quest now to have the NY based lawyers represent her looks nothing more then finding someone who can find a loop hole in the system to get out of it.

it was said that one shouldn't judge until all the facts are out, well no one has been provided with all the facts straight up, so one's thoughts and personal opinions will still be formed and she will still be judged in the meantime, until this is over and she provides some sort of statement to the public.

either way they haven't made the situation look good for themselves

Tiny dancer

Well said Fit204

Just to add to your comments add the folowing points as well:

-Back in Sept of last year Julie was going around telling everyone she was pregnant. It was discovered later that this was merely a cover up to explain the amount of weight she had gained from her cycle back in late summer/fall 2007. Don't be fooled that this recent positive test was the first time she had done juice.
-I have know Julie for years well before her bodybuilding days. She is a completely diffrent person now and as a result our friendship has faded. During her Divorce she lied about many things and really screwed her ex over(not saying he was no saint either). However she did gain alot at his expense. Again more desception for personal gain.

I just thought I would add those 2 points to show what type of person she has become.

Julie it's too bad it has come to this. I am sure you have hurt alot of people. I bet your parents are real proud of you now too.
Just do the right thing and come down form your high horse(no pun intded)

Why would someone hire a U.S. based lawyer to deal with an offence that happened in Canada under Canadian law?

Just another pathetic attempt to cover it up.

She's guilty as hell... as it's been posted here many times, her actions are not indicative of an innocent person. An innocent person would have asked for a re-test immediately. She did not.

Wouldn't you be outraged if this happened to you and you were innocent? Damn right you'd be, and would most likely release some kind of statement indicating your level of anger at the slanderous comments and actions made by FAME.

However the facts are FAME is spot on with their actions. They are utilizing this as a way to promote themselves, and good for them. Slay the steroid dragon and become a righteous buisness.

Well played FAME! SPOT ON!


Oh here is the Global news cast

Calgary Cal

MABBA surely knows that the majority of its competitors are on juice and chooses to look the other way even though these drugs are known to have both an adverse effect on the body and the mind. They are risky, health damaging and should not be condoned in any way shape or form. There is absolutely no benefit in body-building that I can see other than to fulfill the need of the competitor to stand on a stage like a 4 year old and yell "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME". The audience is full of voyeurs, just like the carnival freak shows of yore, with people not envying these competitors, but actually in awe that someone would put so much time and effort into becoming a "FREAK". These people would be far better off pursuing a life of fitness - which body-building is not.

Mike B

I have never met her, but no one desreves judgement like some of the comments I have heard, sure she took them but that does not mean she is a loser, I have been working out for 3 years now and everything you do is hard work no matter what.

I dont say steroids are good for you but it still doesnt mean she is a bad person, maybe alittle dumb for going into the contest, and can all of you with bad comments tell me you have never taken any kind of drug didnt think so.


I haven't


First of all, we have to take claims from her ex with a grain of salt.
Julie's ex husband had multiple restraining orders placed against him, and had to be escorted by police many times for stalking her after their divorce. From all accounts, he is borderline psycho.

Secondly, there was no rumour about Julie being pregnant. I am in the tight bodybuilding community, and this is a complete fabrication. At most she may have joked about being pregnant because she was not as lean as she was last summer. This is something girls do all the time.

Additionally, about the before and after pictures above... the biggest difference is due to the breast augmentation/enlargement. This gives the illusion of more of a V taper/shape. Other than that, she is leaner, but there is SLIGHTLY more muscle, not a lot. But were these pictures taken months apart? NO! They were taken OVER 2 YEARS APART! Unlike most fitness/figure competitors who only really train and diet for a few months before a contest, Julie is by far the most dedicated, hardest training athlete I've ever met. In 2 years, I would only expect to see her physique improve by as much as you see in the posted pictures. Her face is leaner, and she's 2 years older, so that would account for most of the facial changes you see (not to mention different angles). Due to the fact that she trains like a pro, and is actually very stunning in person, she has/had more potential to go places than any other fitness/figure competitor to come out of this province. That is why this situation is so sad....

It's sad because it appears all this potential may have been thrown away because of this story. Despite my defense above, I do believe Julie did take steroids, and that's too bad. There is absolutely no way in the world for a false positive on those tests, especially the horse steroid... and as somebody mentioned, she never denied it when told by FAME. That tells me 'guilty' unfortunately. The only other possible option is a huge conspiracy by FAME, in which the sample was tampered with. If that was the case, which I highly doubt (again because Julie would have flipped out when told about the positive drug tests and would have been all over the media defending herself), then FAME will be in big trouble...HUGE trouble. I don't see any motive though for FAME tampering with the tests.

As far as calling her a cheater... well.. MABBA knows that the vast majority of it's competitors are not clean. This is why they don't test. They tried it about 15 years ago, and membership dropped by 80% or something. So MABBA's president and vice-president defend her and go on the media saying steroids are not a problem in the sport, when they know this is a lie (and somebody mentioned members of the exec including the president, using them themselves, which is true.) Anway, MABBA is being irresponsible in all of this. But getting back to cheaters... if MABBA did take away Coram's title, there is a very good chance that the next person in line took steroids too. So if the vast majority of the competitors at MABBA, and even FAME events take the juice, which is very likely, then how can she be called a cheater? I would say that's "going with the flow". How about the TEAM GOTS bodybuilder who last summer had a reaction to steroids, causing a heart attack and he needed to be hauled out of the gym by ambulance... months before a national show... ending his season. This is a bodybuilder in his early 20's. Most of the trainers at Team Gots, and other personal training firms and trainers and owners of gyms like Elite Fitness take the juice. Remember a couple years ago when MABBA's upcoming marketing guru, Melanie Dandenau, won the overall figure title and had developed a voice deeper than Darth Vader ? Other competitors were outraged. So, it's wrong on all accounts, so we can't be singling out one person here. The entire amateur industry is deep in this. It's really kind of sad, but that's the state of affairs nowadays.

I hope things get turned around soon.

JustTheFacts - for the record, I have seen her train over the past 2 years, and she had the fake titties a lot earlier than you're letting on. Secondly, her facial features have changed dramatically, so much so that... well I'm sure you've read the above stable references.

The fact that everybody "May" (in my opinion most definitely) be taking steroids in the amatures is irrelevant... the "everybody else is doing it" defence doesn't fly. Maybe if she had DECA or some other hardcore drug in her body... some may be quick to dismiss it. But a horse steroid... well common now, why do you think it's such big news???

It's bizarre! And it couldn't happen to two more deserving pricks. I love Craigs defence on the news when the asked about Julie

"She doesn't do steroids"

Too bad their next question wasn't:

"Well do you Mr. Horse?"

Knows more than Most

For the record Julie got her augmentation summer of 2007 after she competed in Nationals in 2007. This is FACT. Julie is a stunning beauty in person, and clearly the person writing most of these slanderous comments are either an ex, someone ravaged by jealously or someone who clearly knows very little not only the industry, but those that compete in it. Nice to see someone like "JusttheFacts" telling it like it is, without the useless name-calling and lies being splashed across this site.

So to those of you with false claims, lies and name calling - If you are all so tough, so righteous...then step up and use your real names. Hmmm...that's what I thought. It's easier to lie when nobody knows who you are. Chicken.


Yes, Knows more than Most is correct.
Julie had the augmentation late summer of 2007 (not that it's any of our business really).
The "before picture" above was taken during the spring/summer of 2006, over 2 years before the "after" picture. For a 2 year span, you can't really say there was a HUGE difference, not enough for somebody to tell the FAME judges that she had gained a lot of size suddenly.
And as I mentioned above, that does not mean I'm saying she didn't take steroids. The overwhelming evidence says that did happen. But the way this has been presented to the media, and the way the FAME judges were told to single her out seems suspicious. There were at least a couple other girls who were just as ripped and maybe more muscular, at that show, that didn't get asked to test.
There are plenty of bodybuilders who are talking about this, and pointing fingers and laughing, when they themselves are taking illegal drugs.


To " Knows more than Most"
How can you call us out on not using our name when you dont?
And to JULIE who wrote above(JustTheFactsMaam), cause no one else in their right mind would defend her like that. If you just stayed away from Fame and wasnt greedy and let the rest of us that did the show CLEAN just have a great experience then this would not have happened. Julie doesnt train any harder then the rest of us. People take sreroids for that exact reason, they want the gains with out having to work as hard.
Geez some of these comments are just plain stupid.


Just the Facts...hmmmm better lets set you straight.
We'll touch on this on a point by point basis.
#1 Her ex...multiple restraining orders? Escorted by Police many a times? For someone who was close to both of thim at this time let me give you the actual facts. Julie made a false request for a protection order in Feb 2006. Julie later dropped this Protection order 4 months later. One order not multiple. Escorted by police. Julie called the police while hiding on the women's side of shapes while her Ex was working out as was his normal routine. To his surprise he was never alerted she was there as it was completely outside of her routine. It was a dirty move on her part and anyone who knows both of them will agree. Again she dropped those charges 4 months later. Just the facts...these are JUST THE FACTS....these are backed by court documents that anyone can access on the internet or at the Law courts building.
I have yet to see her Ex even make a slanderous remark about her oter than the fact that someone on here said something about her expressing intrest in steroids when they were together. you really ned to grasp at straws that much to start dragging other people into this?
As far as the pregnncy thing goes I have heard both yes and no to this. Some have said she said it to cover her cycle up others not.
I am in no position to comment on that. I'll say this that if there was any truth to this let's hope she shapes up before bringing a child into this world.
The added muscle?? I work out at the Y on Kimberly and see Julie often. If anyone had seen her back in March/April anyone would have guessed thee was something going on. She cut down well fo her compettion I'll give her that. But during her bulking phase she was big and I mean big. She wasn't fooling anyone.Craig is well known for selling juice in the bodybuilding community so she obviously didn't have to venture far.This fact can probably be backed up by anyone in the winnipeg police department as Craig even knows himself he is under watchful eyes lately.

Well i would have signed my name as "justthefacts" but that name was taken how about ..."facts prooven by documents" nah too long I'll just stick with Chris.

Craig the juice monkey... I hope the Po Po nails that ass rammer.

That guy has to be one of the dumbest mo fo's out there. He walks around with a scowl on his face in the gym, giving everybody dirty looks.

Guess what nimrod, if you're a "personal trainer", all those people you scowl at are potential customers. You'd go farther if you understood the basic principals of growing a business, be nice to people! Marketing 101 you moron!

There webpage should have a picture of fake titties and a big ol syringe... would acurately depict their philosophy on "training"

Dumb asses!

JustTheFacts - for the record, I have seen her train over the past 2 years, and she had the fake titties a lot earlier than you're letting on. Secondly, her facial features have changed dramatically, so much so that... well I'm sure you've read the above stable references.

The fact that everybody "May" (in my opinion most definitely) be taking steroids in the amatures is irrelevant... the "everybody else is doing it" defence doesn't fly. Maybe if she had DECA or some other hardcore drug in her body... some may be quick to dismiss it. But a horse steroid... well common now, why do you think it's such big news???

It's bizarre! And it couldn't happen to two more deserving pricks. I love Craigs defence on the news when the asked about Julie

"She doesn't do steroids"

Too bad their next question wasn't:

"Well do you Mr. Horse?"

THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These people are redonkulous, very apparent that they've made a lot of enemies in their choosen profession. I saw some comment that Julie was referred to as "a stunning beauty"... beauty really must be in the eyes of the beholder, cuz she looks like an anorexic, gold-diggin', salt lick lickin', 15 minutes of fame seekin', biatch.

Suck on that slap nuts!

Gee, what happened to their website? Where are all the smiling, posed pics, with Contestprep down the side? Where are all the self serving articles on having a healthy lifestyle?

Oh yeah, that's right, they took the website down right after the news hit. In my opinion, the should burn it, dissolve their business and never let it see the light of day.


giddy up horsie
she still has nothing to say


If Julie was innocent she would have spent the $400 to take another test not the $14 000 its going to cost them in lawyers fees to try and fight this. Anyone who really thinks her and Craig are innocent is just plan stupid!


Julie Has just won another TITLE!!!

According to the Winnipeg Suntoday
She has recieved the award for |JERK of THE WEEK!
Congratulations Julie you have done it again!!


Oh, that is so fitting. Does anyone have the link? If so, can you post it?

The article printed on the 30th of June in the Winnipeg Sun nailed it. Julie, even if your precious lawyer can find a loop hole, it doesn't mean a thing! It doesn't mean you're innocent... essentially, you should buy yourself a white ford bronco and lead the police on a high speed pursuit.

You're fucked. And for all these idiots on here defending her, the people that like to refer to themselves as "competitors", these "look-at-me, look-at-me" gatherings should never be refered to as "competitions". Standing around posing infront of people doesn't qualify as a sport... hence it's not in the olympics. These gatherings are just like the circus, everyone gathering to gawk at the freaks....

And Julie is the ringmaster!

Ok I agree Julie is guilty and should admit it.
But to say that this is not a sport is just plain ignorant. Im a female who has played many sports my whole life, including hockey for many years and I have to say that to prepare for a show like this is the most work I have ever had to do in any sport. This sport takes a lot of hard work, time and dedication. So just because you dont feel its sport worthy, is not fair. I think golf personally is not a sport but that is just my opinion and I would never knock it just because I dont like it. I used to think like you many years ago until I decided to give this sport a try and I have a whole new outlook on what these athletes do to get ready for this sport. So have an opinion and you dont have to like Fitness/Figure or Bodybuilding but unless you have tried it, you cant knock it.

How many golfers do you hear of that were banned for taking steroids. Wait, wait, have you ever heard of a golfer taking steroids EVER????

To compare fitness and figure competitions to golf when talking about steroids is like comparing BMW to a K-Car, they aren't even in same category.

I have been hearing people say how much work it takes and how much dedication. If that was the truth, why the need for steroids? I tell you why, because it's all a bunch of bullshit.


and this is why the "any publicity is good publicity" does NOT apply to this case of Julie using steroids, because it gives the bodybuilding community 5 giant steps back in the way it is perceived by the rest of the world.

freak show? yes to some that's what it would appear
golfing boring and no steroids required? yes quite possibly so.......

to the some of the rest of the world where eating healthy and clean just for general health and weight management seems like a challenge and it's easier to give into that ice capp and donut....there is no way in hell you will muster the will power and drive to eat 7 clean boring meals of mostly dry chicken and raw broccoli and no "real" food and only water or tea or diet pop to wash every clinging piece of dry chicken breast down your throat. then go to the gym atleast 6 days a week and sometimes twice a day, and cutting out your friends patio nights and birthday cake for the sake of your 5 minutes on stage. it is enough to drive a person mad at times. only the strong survive, and yes do not knock it till you try it...naturally, without the juice......just do it once, because that's all it will take to test yourself and test your will power and see what your limits are. It's not for everyone this sport, but to anyone who is interested in stepping on stage, I say try it once and it will change you in some shape or form, and you will definitely come off that stage a different person and respect to those who choose to do this as their life.

yes steroids are apparent in many sports even when it comes to the olympics, and yes they are there in bodybuilding like the bastard cyclops child hidden in the basement like something out of the goonies, we all know it's there but yes it is kept quiet and not spoken of and we try to do what we can if we choose not to stick a needle in our ass....but to the competitors who did a show that states that they are natural, and the athletes feel confident that their cardio, strict diet and hard training were enough to enter this natural have their chances slimmed by a competitor who blatantly decided to enter a show after taking steroids, that must have been the most disheartening thing to find out, and to the people that were being trained by her too, to know that your coach was up there next to you as a complete lie and stand there next to you as a natural athlete?!

all it takes is one bad apple to ruin it for everyone else.

Maybe that's why she did it, so that she would have an advantage over the people she was training. Telling them that working hard and eating healthy would get them where they wanted to go. All the while, she is a hypocrite, lying and deceiving them by sticking a needle in her ass and telling everyone her physique is a result of hard work.

Anyone who believes that, well, I don't think it needs to be said.

This entire blog from start to finish is incredibly amusing. From someone who competes in local competitions, I find that the passion some bloggers have displayed here fascinating. Banned substance abuse is prominent in this sport, whether you get caught or not.

I wonder if some of you who are checking this blog daily, spending all your time and energy blasting her realize that more than likely she is taking this all as a compliment? Because whether your words or negative or positive - it doesn't matter. It means you are passionate about the subject, about Julie, and truly care about the outcome.

All this writing, starting Facebook groups, watching her on YouTube, all these huge long complimentary that she is worth all your time and energy. Her success and failures must mean a great deal to you all. It does to me, which is why I am writing and reading here myself. I think quite honestly, your negative blogging is having the opposite affect then that of which you may be hoping for.


I couldn't agree with you more I am sure she is quite proud of herslef and the attention she is getting
Once a media whore always a media whore be it good or bad
I am sure this is a big joke to her anyways she really is that Delusional.

Murray Peters

Hey did anyone get the odds on her before her last compettion?
what was the win paying?
how about a place or show?
did anyone tri playing her inthe tri-factor and see what that would have paid?
Who's the jocky that rode her?

Just to be clear, I think I can speak for most when I say were are not passionate about Julie. I can't make that clear enough. Most of us could care if she lives or dies, literally, she means that little.

What we do care about is honesty, integrity and sincerity, all of which she lacks. So, please, make no mistake, that while we are happy she got caught and exposed for a complete fraud, we would feel and react the same no matter who it was.

As for this being a positive, let's see where their business is a year from now.

Murray Peters

hold everything?
You mean that is a woman?
I was looking for her in the upcoming Manitoba Derby
Sorry about that

Craig Bonnett

First off... I must say that the comments here are disturbing. I mean common... I don't do steroids, and neither does Julie.

Okay so that's our defence... you guys believe us right?!

Well we gots ourselves some high priced fancy lawyers who are gonna get Julie off the hook. Then you guys will forget all about this bogus horse steroid stuff right? Please?!!!

Shit... she's calling for her salt lick again... COMING DEAR!!!

I love the hypocrisy on this blog...local athletes like Corinne Paulishyn who go around bashing Julie when she is one of the biggest roid monkeys in the game! Look at her face when she did figure compared to now as a bodybuilder! So what if one person got caught? When 85% of everyone competing is doing them, why is everyone being so harsh? Everyone in the industry could name dozens of names...but whats the point? Why is everyone so obsessed with this one story? WHO CARES ANYWAY??

People care because it's a horse steroid... not something you find everyday.

Also people are interested because they have built a business on a reputation, and have smashed it to bits... while saying not a peep to the media... and taking down their website.

She'll volunteer to get tested 6 months from now, when it's out of her system lol

I can see both sides of the issue, really I can. I am not a competitor nor am I actively involved in the bodybuilding community. If Julie wants to take steroids, I totally agree that it is a personal choice. But why enter a competition that is natural, that takes a hard stance against steroid use? Especially after reading their terms and conditions and agreeing to them? The only reason that makes sense in my mind is that she didn't think she would get caught. Some may say that is stupid, cocky, arrogant and they may be right.
People that choose to use steroids should stick to organizations like MABBA that have no credibility. After all, they have had two "Mr/Miss Manitoba" title holders both openly admit to using steroids, as well, they have had Contestprep as a sponsor (let's see how much funding they get now). Stick to those competitons - no one takes them seriously anyway.

I guess it's true what they say......steroids fuck up your brain. Why else would someone make such a stupid, stupid choice.

I love how people refer to the "bodybuilding community".

There is no "community".

Hmmmmm, your right. Body building steroid sharing circles? Body building freak show? Body building attention seekers? Any one of them work, plus a few others.

Murray Peters

anyone got any needles for sale?
got some horses that need shots

Another article in the Winnipeg Sun today.

Seriously, how stupid are all you roid monkeys? It stated in the article that a lot of local "bodybuilders"/juice monkeys are running to their local physician to have their blood analyzed to make sure the steroids they've received from Craigstein aren't killing them.

Did you really need to read an article in The Sun to realize that steroids are bad for you?

This local bodybuilding nonsense can be summed up with one phrase:

VANITY INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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