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Olympic Speakers Guy

Isn't it about time we stopped worrying about what substances athletes use to enhance their performance and got on with playing the games? Every one of us uses substances to enhance his performance, whether it is Red Bull to be able to drive safely after a couple of nights burning the midnight oil or vitamin tablets to stave off the perfectly natural effects of viruses and bacteria.


Err, the Swim News article is mis-linked, but since when has clenbuterol been considered an anabolic steroid in *humans*. Afaik, humans lack the specific site receptor neccesary to derive the anabolic effect clen grants to cattle, etc.

Got the link changed.

Yep, clenbuterol is a beta2-adrenergic agonist, that is a bronchodialator. It also suppresses labor.

Report say Clen is an atypical-beta agonist too, and as you say not particularly useful in humans.

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