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Tennis star??? I thought he was a soccer player.


Oops, sometimes the fingers type things differently from what the brain thinks....not that we would make that mistake....thanks


This story is so obviously bullshit it's not even worth mentioning. The "publisher" in question has a shady past and is not above inventing "robbery" to create publicity for himself. These allegations of doping have been made before and have been discredited. I'm surprised Deloire didn't say that the story was being typed out on a typewriter with only one paper copy of the manuscript available. Please!!! This is too ludicrous to even file under conspiracy theories.

Shamil from Daghestan

He is not just a player. He is a noble man.

And some stupid fukin' thieves shouldn't put their fukin' asses in his house. Or the next time they would have a deal with me!!!!!!

Серега в попе шняга

Сиськи пиписьки, жаренные сосиски!!!!!!

Condos For Sale in Costa Rica

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