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I have been a Wrestling fan since my dad worked for WWF back in the 80s at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston Texas and i have to say that through the years of going to live invents and meeting a lot of the old Wrestlers as a child and young adult it is really hard for me to look back and remember some of the wrestlers that i got to share a hand shake or a hug or just sit with them and get to know them. With that being said its really hard to know that some one that you once met and got to know is no longer with us its really sad that drugs can do that to a person i have not nor is the past did drugs i don't see how a person can put something that they know will hurt them in to there bodies but then again i have never did them so i don't know what it feels like. I do have a question for WWE ok so back when Eddie and Chris died there was a big thing about testing the wrestlers for drugs are they still being tested or did they just forget about there deaths I sure hope not I would hate to see all the little kids on TV crying again because WWE don't keep up on what they said they were going to do It Broke my heart to watch the kids that looked up to Eddie and Chris knowing that they well never see them come out to the ring again they don't understand they are so young.I know that WWE can not stop there wreslters from doing drugs and i dont hold WWE in anyway responsible for the deaths of Eddie or Chris but i do pray that WWE keeps testing there people. We as fans need that.
Thanks and GOD BLESS
Aways a Fan

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