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I enjoyed a lot with Tiger.
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Funny how he looks much less 'tight' since his return from 'knee surgery.'


If you watched Tiger all from the start of his career you would assume he was on steroids. His anger on the course and the quality of it reeks the juice. VJ Sing is another. Both VJ and Tiger had special eye surgery. That is the length they are willing to go.

Choi used to be a weight lifter. Tiger and VJ have caddie’s that were trainers before. Both from Australia.

Tiger is getting out driven by Phil. By a lot.

Tiger is smart. He did a commercial showing him older playing himself when he was younger. The punch line was he was out driving himself when he was older. With the equipment changes so do I.

Derrick Sanderson was on steroids. You think Bobby Orr’s knees gave out before anyone else for no reason.

There is a new steroid era. The go to a different country for the off season.

Anyone think that steroids were not prescribed for Tiger’s knee operation. Look at Tiger in Aug. He will say “Golf is not my life now that I have children. I just don’t have the drive to train like I used to. I am going to play a limited schedule to prepare for the majors.”


@ bob, like tennis now i think they test players even when they are not on the tour, and even if they are out of the country i would assume.


Roid rage, no doubt, with recent behavior.


He is the poster boy for Human Growth Hormone. Tiger should be doing Ads for HGH instead of gatorade.

Joe Bedlocks

His testosterone levels have led him astray and its going to cost him. I've seen it so many times now with friends who started juicing for the first time, you feel good you look good and you want to f just about anything that moves. tiger though will probably look at his life and recognize what has changed and eliminate it then get right back to where he once was before his juicing started. Juice its way more of a probl;em than what the media know. People listen to the media about steroids but the problem is that the media is just a bunch of non athletic jewish kids who know nothing about athletics and steroids


Impossible Tiger does not cheat! Tiger too skinny to get where is now without some help. To do it naturally he would have had to been working out at a younger age and already bulk up by mid twenties. You cannot increase in size after about 25 without taking roid's. Tiger is golfs version of Barry bonds small frame + steroids = bad knees.

Joe B

Noel you are so correct the original frame does not grow only the body does thus you have more stress on a frame only designed for a certain load. I play basketball never had knee problems until a year or two after taking steroids. The extra height in my jump and the extra force when landing has permanently destroyed my knees. Had some incredible years of B-Ball though. Tiger no doubt has done steroids folks sorry to burst your bubble and now he is a known cheater. Once you've done steroids its so eaasy to tell who is doing them and who is not. Tiger has every indication that he is juicing flat out

Mike Bond

Think about it: Tiger religiously practices his golf swing. Does practicing a golf swing produce a middle linebacker body? Compare his body from a few years ago to Barry Bonds - pre steroids: identical transformation. I've been a lifter for many years and been around high-achieving lifters whose bodies look wimpy compared to Tiger's. It's juice, people!


The amount of knowledge people believe they have regarding steroids amazes me. Ignorance abounds and the comments which pertain to this article demonstrate that profusely. Mood swings are mentioned above, it has also been mentioned that Tiger has "always been that way" whether he was thick or thin. Testosterone treatment in deficient adults can treat such issues. Do they increase sex drive, absolutely, but do they cause you to no longer have morals? Not necessarily. If he were receiving proper testosterone treatment (as he could afford to do) he would be advised about this effect up front. No, Tiger could afford to have them brought to him and to hint that he would need to leave the country for this is just dumb.

All of you seem to be working each other into a frenzy. By the way "steroid" is a biochem. molecular classification only. If you do not specify "anabolic" or "testosterone" as the case may be, you are including molecules related to cortisone, cholesterol, and even vitamin D, and more than a thousand other compounds. I love milk, and I do vitamin D every day.

Yes you can work out and gain muscle size after 25, it is just a slower process and most of us are in the office 40 hours plus and do not get the time to effect this sort of change. As for steroids being worse than what the media says, you are brainwashed. Doctors say they can be used safely but fear attorney general reprisal. Aids patients die all the time because of the laws currently on the books regarding testosterone and similar treatments.

Joe B. wonderful speculation as to the nature and causes of your knee injury. Perhaps playing basket ball was itself the cause. More people have died from playing baseball than from taking steroids and anabolic steroids increase bone density, help repair nerve damage, and increase muscle mass. It is quite possible that steroids only allowed you to cause your own destruction better than if you had not taken them by making you more capable in the first place.

Richard Spano

Tiger is juiced, no doubt. I read his workout routine 2 years ago, when he was at his biggest. As someone who will admit that I juiced a few times in my life. It takes one to know one!!!

Joe B

Uh-Oh! It’s starting to look like we are all right fellas.

Positives. Tiger is a smart dude, he will recognize and recover.

Jaime Villarreal

Dude you guys were right on track! Dude looked too ripped to be all "natural". Tiger turns out to be juiced, Oooh wait "TIGER JUICE" he could always market that. This paper needs to be read by everyone in the PGA and it's players.

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On November 25, 2009, supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer published a story claiming that Woods had an extramarital affair with nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel‎,a claim she denied.The story began to attract media attention when Woods had a car accident a day and a half later.He was leaving his home around 2:30 a.m. in his SUV, a 2009 Cadillac Escalade, when he collided with a hedge, a fire hydrant, and finally a tree down the street. Woods was treated for minor facial lacerations,and cited for careless driving.He refused to speak to the police and the accident fanned intense speculation for the following two days until he released a statement on his website. He took blame for the crash, but said it was a private matter; he also praised his wife Elin for getting him out of the car.Woods later announced that he would not attend his own charity golf tournament, the Chevron World Challenge, or any other remaining tournaments in 2009.


Woods should be tested by the PGA and the USGA. If it is found that he has used substances which are not permitted according to the rules of those governing bodies, he should be stripped of his championships. To do anything else would be to the detriment of the so-called "integrity" of the game that we hear golf's ruling elitists constantly uphold as the standard for other sports to try to achieve. Let the truth be brought out and put an end to all the speculation one way or another.

Charles A. Hans

I am a technical type person. Now, lets look at the facts. Pro players will carry guns, pull guns in the locker room and have their girlfriends shot, get shot by their girlfriends, kill and have dog fighting, deal in drugs and many more things. Now lets see, would they cheat with steroids, point shave, etc. Get real people, the answer is yes. Tiger took steroids, so what is the surprise.


I am a 56 yr. old male who has started testosterone replacement therapy. After 3-4 weekly injections of a small amount of testosterone, I noticed I was quite a bit stronger and my libido went sky high.I doubt Tiger,a world class athlete, has low testosterone. But if he were to take a small amount of testosterone, it should make him more buff and his libido would be off the charts.

James (montreal)

I bet my life on it! I been calling him Tiger McGuire for about 2years now

James (montreal)

I bet his wife knows the truth... I'm sure she will get ten times her pre-nupt, and you will all know why

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The Shakespearian-esque tragedy of Tiger Woods has mesmerized and magnetized the world. Woods is arguably the most recognizable sports figure on the planet and certainly the richest.


ones Woods was treated for minor facial lacerations,and cited for careless driving.He refused to speak to the police and the accident fanned intense speculation for the following two days until he released a statement on his website. He took blame for the crash, but said it was a private matter; he also praised his wife Elin for getting him out of the case

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