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Millard Baker

THG and norbolethone weren't exactly legal - they were legally classified as "unapproved new drugs."

But prosecutors to argue that they were legally classified as anabolic steroids or controlled substance is no less ludicrous.

THG and norbolethone were not "legally" anabolic steroids at the time.

THG and norbolethone were not "legally" controlled substances at the time.

THG and norbolethone were not "technically" on the banned substances list at the time.

The defense is correct on these points.


That's inaccurate. Norbolethone (Genebol) was synthesized by Wyeth in 1966. There is a paper published as early as 1968:

Nutritional and metabolic effects of some newer steroids. V. Norbolethone. NT State Medical Journal. 68:2392-406.

There are 17 papers in the medical literature discussing norbolethone.

Very clearly that compound is a steroid, and investigated as an anabolic steroid.

THG is a cousin of gestinone, an anabolic steroid.

If creative underground chemists simply threw in a new NH3 or a new CL on a compound already known, that doesn't change the biochemical action, nor the classification.

Not necessarily pertinent to the Thomas case, but imagine if everyone with a chemistry kit synthesized some new compound, then distributed it to the public. That would present an incredible public health problem with unknown side effects including death resulting.

It is incredible that athletes like Marion Jones actually took these unproven research on the drugs, no basic science, no toxicology data, no human safety data.

If someone synthesizes a molecule similar to sulfur mustard (mustard gas) it may be an unknown compound, but could be every bit as lethal...

Millard Baker

You are absolutely correct - from a scientific perspective!

But this is a legal case and the arguments are legal arguments. THG and Norbolethone were NOT LEGALLY classified as anabolic steroids. Read the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 - THG and norbolethone are not included. Then read the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 and notice that this amendment LEGALLY CHANGED the status of THG and Norbolethone to "Anabolic Steroids."

Millard Baker

The arbirariness of legal definitions regarding steroids is really quite silly. Over the past decade, we have learned that a pharmacologically defined (anabolic-androgenic) steroid can be legally defined as (1) a "dietary supplement", (2) an "anabolic steroid", and (3) an "unapproved new drug."

The legal status obviously does nothing to change the pharmacological definition. But the legal defintion (no matter how arbitrary) has very important implications in our criminal justice system.

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