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Kirk Mango

Great Information. This supports my belief that AS and PED's change a person giving them athletic potential beyond what they would have had without this use. In my opinion, this erodes the human side of sports participation making it less about what you have inside (heart, commitment, discipline, talent, work ethic, etc.) and more about extrinsic short-term gratification through attitudes that center on "winning at all costs." Money and fame are the big driving forces behind this issue tearing a gapping whole in the concept of character and integrity. The ethical and moral implications are obvious.

Kirk Mango

Author: Becoming a True Champion

Blog: The Athletes Sports Experience


This would be a potent scientific argument in favor of lifetime bans for first offenses.

very high tech info and very, and for me dispels what iv always known to be a myth that you lose all of you gains.


Kirk Mango is a moron; just because you take steroids doesn't mean you stop working hard. You're clearly a couch potato who has no idea what athletes do to gain an edge. The lifetime ban people are a bunch of fascists.

Steroids would appear to be useful if run for a short time in life.

Mike Walker

I bought this the Dr Max Powers Anabolic Stack and I am a lot more muscular then I was a year ago, when he first started using

I have tried several testosterone products out there and have found the Dr Max Powers Test Boost to be the best. It is more than twice as potent as the top brand that I could find and has given me more strengh. I have recovered quicker after work outs and have been able to increase my work out times. It has definitely helped with the ladies too. I have been bulking up pretty well since I have been taking it regularly, and lifting weights.


Very useful imformation, i will definetly be doing more reading from this site.

Steroids Blog

Great news for both current and users who plan to quit, seems lasting muscle gains are a reality afterall.

btw watch out readers many of the sites mentioned in the comments are well known scammers.

Steroids UK

If this study is correct then why do soo many guys shrink when they stop using.


It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.


What´s written is true, I feel it also on myself, but I do not mind for now :D

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