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Fuck pele that racist peice of shit i mean he married 4 blonde blue eyed white women , he hates the black ppl , and hes a sorry loser maradona was soo much better then him the best player that has ever played the game un my opinion


I'm just reading the Jimmy Burns book "Hand of God", even if for arguments sake, we accept Maradona as the best ever and my opinion is that their are probably at least 6 players in football/soccer history of which you can say that (Cruyff, Maradona, Pele, Puskas, Best, Beckenbauer, Garrincha, Di Stefano, Zidane, others i'm sure) the guy was so pressured, that's why he started doping, having breakdowns and stuff. Not worth it.

Plus Pele played with other Brazilians who were near the best too. Pele was there at the right moment when "Jogo Bonito" came on the scene, the Brazilian style of beautiful football.




how can he hate black people u queer if he is black..ur just gay and know that Maradona took steroids and ur defending him cuz u also take them


Pele's a jealous that's all. he was good but most of his goals came because of the support of his great team. Maradonna was great all by him self.

P.S. His Hand of God was a nice payback to England-Argentinean 1966 game. :)

Although Football would be a lot better without any cheating.

chris staines

all those who think maradona was the greatest use all need to stop taking drugs yourselves you stupid fucks !

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