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Christina Van Horik

Why should Dr. Scruggs help the "feds" when the indictment was completely written in lies ,half truths and plain ignorance.

Sharon Todd

This indictment is total IGNORANCE! My 76 year old mother went to Dr. Scruggs after almost passing away in a hospital under many different doctors care. If it wasn't for Dr. Scruggs, she wouldn't be here today!!! I myself along with my daughter and husband all have him as our doctor. He is the only docotor I have ever known to exhaust every mean to actually find out what the medical problems are, instead of just medicating the symptoms.

Christina Van Horik

Dr. Scruggs had saved my life back in 1995 after I had been to so-called "the best Doctors in Orange County, Calif." who were suppose to be experts on endocrinology and gynecology. I went to at least five or six Doctors, whose answers to my medical problem was to prescribe Valium and Prozac suggesting to me my problem was psychological in nature. Needless to say my problem was physical in nature, so the medication did nothing but make my symptoms worse. When I had confronted them asking them if they had read the literature on the effects of Prozac and Valium, they looked at me with long uncomfortable blank stares. They new no more about these drugs then what they had read on the drug label, which I had read, so they new no more then I did.Frankly if we had an on the spot quiz, on the drug labels, I would of scored higher. I new from the drug labels this was the wrong therapy; A. My symptoms were not indicated on the drug label.B. I was having many of the side effects listed on the labels. Dr. Scruggs validated my symptoms and put me on a therapy regimen which almost immediately relieved my symptoms. I am only one of many patients who he has helped in this way. Doctors who follow the Hypocratic Oath,"First do no harm,second give no poison"'... are far and few between and Dr.Scruggs is one. It's a travesty what ignorance and greed has done to him.


I take HRT and I am only 35 years old. I will always defend HRT. Wake up dumb ass feds! If you take to much of anything you can harm yourself. Go after the Oxy patients. I hope everyone get's on HRT maybe people will live longer healthier lives.


this is a late posting, but just wanted to say that Dr Scruggs saved my marriage dating back to 1999. He put me on HRT and gave me scripts for Testosterone. I am sorry to find this news because I was looking for his help again

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