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Aare you kidding me!!@! Isn't Thailand the world center of the child porn trade?? Isn't human trafficking and the sex-slave industry rampant in Thailand?? Don't people go to Thailand just to screw adolescents and children?!?!?! On top of that,animals on the verge of extinction are bought and sold as pets & food in a huge black mkt there?!?! And they're worried about supplements!!!!
The values of too many in this world are sad. I hope the authorities are real proud of themselves, pedophiles, slave traffickers, and environmental and political terrorists get a pass so steroids are harder to come by. What losers!!! Please tell me which are a greater threats, and where would you put steroids.
Human trafficking/environmental concerns & animal rights/Child porn & sexual abuse/Sex trade worker abuse/TERRORISM!!/Steroids @ the gym down the street. So Sad.


and im sure a handful of them dea agents made their way to a whore house....i will bet my left nut....asshole pussys...


Sad when going over seas on freedom missions ends in such irony each and every time America tries.

Arnold says: Yes I took steroids, yes I would do it all over again just the same and no you can not do them because they are bad for you.

What about Bush, signs the bill to make steroids illegal after cashing in on his baseball team, lame.

Drinking and smoking are taxed so that's okay but let's make it difficult for an overly obese nation to get in better shape. Mask pain, eliminate reasonable health care and consign people over to drug companies with new expensive patents. Let the truth be known, sports were never a level playing field and someone will always seek to have the yet unrealized advantage. Get over it, worry about adolescents and leave other people's decisions to themselves. Make it less illegal so it is not underground. Just like alcohol, too many people demand it to be ignored.

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