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it would be interesting to know what individual hgh studies were selected for the meta-study, and what the inclusion criteria was.

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it doesn't appear to improve strength or exercise capacity, according to a review of studies that tested the hormone in mostly athletic young men.

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Lean body mass increased in the HGH subjects. Strength (measured in the studies) did not increase in the HGH subjects.

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HGH by itself in these doses used in young healthy men does not appear to be an impressive anabolic drug.

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There is evidence that the hormone is synergistic with anabolic steroids (or insulin or T4), which means that the effects of these hormones add to each other. Further, we don't know the effects of the drugs on the most genetically gifted athletes - professionals.


A young (now deceased) bodybuilder named Zyzz was rumored to "swear" by Human Growth Hormone as his PED of choice. The anabolic effects of HGH cannot be denied.

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