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I appreciate what you and your blog are trying to do, but you must be careful in your demonizing of steroids and HGH. There are medical necessities for their use and the recent witch hunts have caused those who are not educated on the subject to use their ignorance, along with your's and others' words, to belittle and stigmatize those who are taking HGH and steroids for medical reasons.

My brother was HGH deficient. At the age of 14 he was 4'10". For the next two years he received HGH and testosterone injections. He is now 5'11" and is grateful for the opportunity these valuable substances offered him.

My son, as a result of a genetic condition within our family, had normal HGH levels but abnormally low testosterone. He was prescribed a 1% 5 mg Androgel rub, which he may need to use for the rest of his life for normal physical maturation and function. As a result of the recent steroid "publicity" he is now being taunted by his peers at school as a steroid user and all of his athletic accomplishments are being belittled as a result of steroids, never mind that even with the rub my son still has lower Testosterone levels than the average 14 year old. I am thankful this rub was available for my son to ensure his proper physical growth and I am daily annoyed at the constant demonization of these substances simply because a chosen few decide to use them illegally and for the wrong reasons. I would ask that you and others like you make sure to tell both sides of the story, the benefits as well as the vices.


You are correct in that there are many indications for the important use of prescribed anabolic steroids and HGH in the treatment of legitimate medical disorders. However we do not 'demonize' HGH nor steroids.

Anabolic steroids and HGH are simply molecules or compounds. Molecules, or drugs, are neither good nor evil, neither moral or immoral. Molecules are molecules. It is the application of these compounds by humans that enters into the moral or ethical realm.

Take morphine for example. Morphine is an excellent analgesic. Morphine is used for the treatment of myocardial infarction (heart attack) all the time. As an intern I pushed alot of morphine into the veins of very sick patients in an CCU. However, when hustled by organized crime, and used for a 'high' by street users, morphine becomes a problem, and depending on your view 'immoral', 'illegal', 'deliterious' or 'fatal'.

Cocaine is a very potent local anesthetic when used medically. You know the abuse potential when used as a recreational drug, however.

Therefore we make no apologies for the stories recorded here. You see no story criticizing the legitimate use of HGH or testosterone. You will see no account of a properly applied prescription of nandrolone. However, you will see stories on HGH and anabolic steroids involved in cheating, smuggling, illegal distributing, and perjury.

The use of HGH in a child with a growth deficiency is nothing close to the account of pro kicker taking a shot of HGH in the rear for use of performance enhancement.

thanks for the comment


I understand Greenwell being upset over losing the MVP, but there is no way he would've beaten Seitzer in the ROY voting.

Also, if Seitzer was a juicer, he had a lousy supplier:

1988 Kevin Seitzer


Mike might have been against performance drugs in the day, but maybe someone should ask him how he feels about them now. I am from his hometown and everyone here is pretty sure he and his entourage of male friends are all juicing. What kind of example is he for his son Bo?

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