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Christina Van Horik

It doesn't surprise me Mr. Conte says his confession and court documents were falsified. Also that, Mr. Novitzky lied on the stand and the athlete list was made up, again, by Mr. Novitzky.
These Federal agents have "cart blanche" to falsify evidence, falsify statements, they do no real investigations. They make up stories as they go along. American lives are ruined because it's easier to make up stories then do real investigations. Americans go to jail because of their laziness. And whose going to call them on it?
It's time we investigate the investigators, they are making a mockery of our judicial system.
These people in so-called power are eating us alive. We're letting them stomp and throw in the gutter our inalienable rights, to decide for ourselves what we put in our bodies,It's not the governments decision. The more control they have over us the harder the fight,but there will be a fight. The war on drugs is a war on Americans, but very profitable to those pulling the strings....and it all comes down to money and the power. They have gone too long going unnoticed using our money and our power, they do it right in front of our noses. I feel like those trusting little animals that follow each other right over the cliffs to their deaths.

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