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marion jones will always be a champ and a great leader/ superstar to those of us who for whatever reasons never got to get to that level. so many people try to stop people with great talents. your not any worse than alot of others out there that are in the lime light. your a great mother and keep your beautiful head high through tough times. americas praying for you just like we were in your olympic day. quita (dallas texas)


I've been truly touched by Marion Jones' decision to honor her inner voice and confess. I'm horrified that the judicial response is to throw her into prison for six months. I know she has the integrity and fortitude to deal with this, but I'm saddened by this current culture of "kick 'em when they're down." Hang in there, Marion. I hope you don't disappear.


For me, Marion is a greater hero today, than when she won her Olympic medals.
It takes more than just courage to confess to wrong doing. May be it was her personal faith that made her own up. Whatever the reason, she will ALWAYS be a champion for me.


He whom has not ever lied - cast the first stone. Just what I thought - no one. She has confessed now she is forgivened. Keep your head up, Marion. Your days won't be dark forever. There's sunshine behind the clouds.


You have got to be kidding me. You can't give praise to this chick for coming clean. Of course she came clean, they had all the proof they needed that she was lying and if she didnt come clean and confess they would have convicted her with that evidence and she would be serving more that just 6 months. Its called a plea bargin. She didn't come clean because she decided to finally be honest, she came clean because she was finally caught and had no other choice. She's a horrible mother to have done any of this in the first place. And to those who say stupid things like, let someone who hasn't lied cast the first stone; we aren't talking about lying to your mom about the broken window, we're talking about lying to federal investigators. Marion finally got what she deserved for all her years of cheating and lying. Personally whoever didn't know 2 plus 2 equals 4 after her second husband was banned from track for steroid use, is an idiot. Good ridence to Marion Jones. I hope Tyson Gaye, Usain Bolt and the several US women sprinters who are now using steroids are all caught and banned as well.


A cheating, lying sac-of-crap got caught. That's great news. However, the sad news is that people still don't get it.
"I've been truly touched by Marion Jones' decision to honor her inner voice and confess."
Haha. She 'confessed' to avoid a longer sentence. She didn't even REALLY confess. Have you even researched her statements? If you want to see what a real confession is, Google Kelli White. She didn't confess until she got caught, but at least she gave the authorities complete details of her misdeeds and promptly retired (even though she was young). Marion Jones is bullcrap. Here is page 173 from here autobiography.

wes tollefson

Wow, what a stretch. I remember sending a letter to sports illustrated, when her husband was banned from competetion for massive steroid use. I questioned why no one else maybe made the connection that they made over the breakfast table each day. Why don't we get a list of U.S. track athletes, past and present (Eh Carl) who aren't on dope. The list would be much smaler, and the news would truely be shocking.
From the land of that terrible cheater, Ben Johnson,
Wes Tollefson


people get what they deserve; if she didnt deserve the punishment, she would have fought it with every ounce of strength she had. the reason she is so complying and submissive to the punishment is because she knows she deserves it. the worst part of the whole thing is the role model she set up to all the little kids that looked up to her. its like when we were growing up if someone was a role model; they didnt end up being a total sham. but nowadays, a role model today may mean a failure waiting to happen down the line. or in this case, a liar to begin with.


Charles you are either a Bigot or just plain arrogant and stupid. Is Michael Phelpps and D Torres on steroids and all the men on the USA 4x100 meadly swim team ?Some people actually trained hard you know.Black people are just gifted.

Nitigna Trivedi

Now it is time to stand with Merion.What ever she did it might a mistake but I belive she must be repenting.

I will pray to God for her and pray to all people of world dont hate her but Love her as one of the greatest sports woman of our time.

I still love her as greatest sports women and wish her a great life and evry happiness of this world.


There are those who feel that Jone's got what she deserved and others that feel sympathetic to her. All of them know the facts. Jone's won 5 medals and she has confessed (though not of courage but of need) that she was using "performance enhancing drugs". So, really, what causes this dispute? It is one simple thing. All of them, deep down, know that steroids are everywhere in professional sports. But others just close their eyes so they won't lose their appetite and others having seen as much are feeling a constant nautia.


Everyone makes mistakes and yes Marion made her bed and she had to sleep in it, that doesn't mean that we treat her judge her. She is still truly loved I remember seeing her at the Mt. Sac relays my daughter has a picture with her and she is 17 now she is not going to throw her picture away! Whats the difference between what Marion did and a drug dealer or a white collar crime? We all deserve forgiveness.

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Jones told the court that her then-coach Trevor Graham first gave her steroids in 1999, telling her it was flaxseed oil. She continued using THG, or "the clear," through the 2000 Olympics and until 2001.

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