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« PSU Prof Yesalis and "Game of Shadows" authors Williams and Fainaru-Wada on steroid panel at Penn State; Yesalis says 95% of NFL players use HGH | Main | IRS Agent Jeff Novitzky testifies in Tammy Thomas BALCO perjury trial »



Patrick Arnold

"Thomas contends she didn't really know she was taking an anabolic steroid. Apparently the beard and the chest hair didn't tip her off"



the record books should not be wipe clean becuse those guys did not cheat they did the fair way becuse there is no orove for one reson and for two the drugs were not banned in baseball at the time three reson if they are gailty so is ever other baseball player that used everyone was using them at the time so hes not gilty forth reson i knick a rod used straiods becuse he is a his arms are big and size did change a rod is a stariod use to i dont care who says hes not he is five reson sammy sosa did not use riods becuse he is to skine he is annorysinte sammy is the cleanst one of all of them..

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