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sal m

sure the drugs are dangerous, but this is an example of one of the wonderful side effects they offer. the result in this case is that the political world has one less demagogue this morning. spitzer ran roughshod when he was ny's attorney general and was a vindictive prick who made everything personal. he also took great glee in his power to indict and impose his will on corporations who were on his hit list.

and to make things perfect this bully morphed into the stereotypical coward as he read a ridiculous 30 second statement and then scurried off the podium like a scared rat. what a great day.


Sal, tell us how you really feel! :-)

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Washington DC during the steroids hearings.

quail hill irvine

We told you they were dangerous. (what's more expensive -- a week of HGH or a night with the Emperor's Club?)

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Further, the Governor testified about 'bonds'. That stress led directly to Spitzer's 'relaxation therapy' session with the 'Emperor's Club' later than night.

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