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Christina Van Horik

Somebody has got to stop this witch hunt and unfounded fabricated allegations of the medical Board and The Feds of Dr.Scruggs. Dr. Scruggs has only given his patients nothing but quality of life. For that his practice has been destroyed by low-lives who feed on society's ignorance and fears fed by the news media for political gains. When our we going to get off our lazy asses and do something about it. Our medical program is in the toilet, one of the highest death rates among Americans is because of the mistakes of a our hospital system. Glaus and Schoeneweis were given back their quality of life and means to support their families. So, for that, Dr. Scruggs will have his quality of life and means to support his family destroyed and put away in privately-owned jail because he'll have no money to fight them back.

Roberta Jennings

I will tell you something about Dr Sruggs. I was his patient several years ago and I trusted the guy way too much. He had me stacking steroids for over a year and never cycled me off which I was totally unaware at the time. He destroyed my health for 2 years after being his patient which ended with me having a complete hysterectomy as well as other procedures.
This man who calls himself a Dr has no business being in the medical field. I am amazed that he continues to keep his medical license and prescribe roids to patients over the phone when he has never met them or examined them.

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