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That is so fricking weird that he saved those.


You've got to get the story about McNamee and Clemens wife up asap.

And can this story get any more twisted?


McNamee held on to the evidence because he knew that if Clemens ever got caught, he'd probably throw the trainer under the bus saying that he had no idea what McNamee was injecting into him. I think in the long run, Clemens is the one who's going to look pretty foolish in all of this.

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The chain of evidence is certainly not professionally ascertained. The again...Might Congress using a lesser standard of evidence than say a court, accept this kind of physical evidence?

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Trainers are not licensed to perform therapeutic injections. This entire situation sounds bizarre. CSI, Yankee Park.

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But even if the physical evidence tests positive for Clemen’s DNA and, say, steroids, Clemens’s lawyers could argue that McNamee added steroid traces to the original evidence in a bid to incriminate Clemens, experts say.

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When an injection is performed a small amount the the recipient's blood is back-washed into the syringe.

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