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albert pujols takes roids.


I could be naive but i do not believe Pujols takes roids. He may have in the passed, who's to say? But i don't think he does now or will ever again.


Show me where Pujols' stats indicate he did roids then didn't.
There isn't a drop off or steep incline in his numbers.
He's a .330/40HR/125rbi guy since he started and will be for a long time.

...some people are idiots.

Just Sayin

pujols has been on roids since middle school


pujols has never taken roids,did babe ruth use them. not every great players used them


simply stupidity theres no proof and to falsely accuse him is wrong and give him the credit he deserves. bunch of low iq people


The old players like Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth proved that you can put up good numbers without using steroids. The only evidence that anybody has on him is that he has talent. Talent is not enough to convict someone of taking steroids. Stop judging my boy...
Read this:


Albert never took or will take steroids. He has been born with an unbeilivable talent to play baseball. You should wonder about Aramis Ramerez, Ryan Howard, or anyone before you talk about pujols. People only critic him becuase he is not on your favorite team. Grow up.


Pujols is probably like A-Rod and has been taking them before he hit the major leagues. There's some evidence that Aaron took steroids as well. His numbers from age 35-40 are some of the highest of his career--just like McGwire and Bonds. Steroids were certainly used in the late 60's in baseball. In 1973 there was a Congressional Committee that investigated the use of PEDs in all levels of sports in the US. Here is Rep Harvey Waxman at the recent Mitchell Congressional Investigation:

In 1973, the year I first ran for Congress, the House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce concluded a year-long investigation that found — and I quote — “drug use exists … in all sports and levels of competition … In some instances, the degree of improper drug use — primarily amphetamines and anabolic steroids — can only be described as alarming.”

The Committee’s chairman — Harley Staggers — was concerned that making those findings public in a hearing would garner excessive attention and might actually encourage teenagers to use steroids. Instead, he quietly met with the commissioners of the major sports, and they assured him the problem would be taken care of.

Chairman Staggers urged Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn to consider instituting tough penalties and testing. And he trusted Commissioner Kuhn to do that. In fact, in a press release in May 1973, Chairman Staggers said — and again I quote — “Based on the constructive responses and assurances I have received from these gentlemen, I think self-regulation will be intensified, and will be effective.”

But as we now know from 30 years of history, baseball failed to regulate itself.

Almost all of the records you've seen in the past 40 years in baseball are due to PEDs. Its time to wake up about these professional ballplayers. If you need a hero, look elsewhere.


f**k you all pujols is one of the greatest baseball players in the world and b***h a*s crackers like you guys are just mad because you cant do the same so shut the F**k up

Grant Piller

Are you kidding me. How can you not think he took banned supplements. How stupid and naive


All you have to do is look at the guy. To think someone that big, that cant spend every minute in the weight room (which he has to hit a lot to stay on top of the game). has never done any illegal drug is just naive. His legs are bigger than most peoples waist come on people look at the guy.


i agree with john you all just dont like your teams loseing to him


albert is one of the best baseball players i know. With all the talk they would have tested him by now and if he does take steroids it would be all over the news.

Zach Schmidt

Pujols has never been on steriods. Most of you guys hate him just because he kills every team. If he played on your team you would deny it as well.

Zach Schmidt

and also this year before the all star game they showed all his homeruns and every pitch was right down the middle. Most guys in the MLB just send it up the middle he takes it out. You dont need steroids to hit the ball 390 right down the middle.


Theres no way Pujols has ever took steriods ecspecially with his religous backround his wife and family would probably kill him....Plus he knows he doesnt need that stuff to be good.


It always amuses me how upset some people get at the opinions of others. I'm a die hard baseball fan and have been highly critical of baseball's lack of doing anything about PED's until outsiders stepped in. If you want to point a finger, point it at every baseball commissioner and players' union officer since the 60's. They knew what was going on and did nothing to address it. Can you really blame a player that used something that wasn't banned - and in some cases encouraged by teams' trainers? You have to wonder how much hush money has been paid to keep those in the know quiet about much of this.


I don't now but untill they prove that he did I will always root for him.


I could care less about his religion or family.....Pujols is a roid head. He's done it since he entered the league so he he didn't grow a rotty head like Bonds. We are used to him being big. He is a CHEAT.

tom lawrence

another tony larussa managed player who is & has always been on human growth hormones, pujols shot his mouth off a few years back saying he could be tested at anytime and pass. however at that time there was no way to test for hgh, only steroids were detectable at the time. testing for hgh is coming and someday so is the truth about this and many other frauds in the game. it seems like in most of the last several seasons pujols was well on his way to hit well over 50 homeruns until he mysterious has a power slump in september and wind up just shy of 50 homeruns with is a milestone that would certainly attract more questions concerning this issue. larussa and pujols other handlers are manageing his homerun count. he cud hit 70 every year. they also went to baggier uniforms as well unlike whem mark mcgwire and others played for larussa in a time when there was not nearly as much scrutiny. we will never know how good or bad some of these players really would have been if they were all natural. keep all frauds out of the hall of fame please

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The rumors started with an erroneous report from a New York TV station

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