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whose name came up in the Florida Internet scandals?

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Dellucci doesn't think it's fair that baseball has taken the brunt of the criticism, when performance enhancing substances have been prevalent for decades in track and field, cycling and football, among other sports. But for some reason, there is little outcry when an offensive lineman in the NFL gets flagged for using steroids.

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He also referred to his numbers as underwhelming when compared to juicer's stats when contract negotiating time comes up.

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He also referred to his numbers as underwhelming when compared to juicer's stats when contract negotiating time comes up.

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If anyone could have predicted this sudden bounty from Jose Bautista they would be considered geniuses. Not even Nostradamus could see this coming. And anyone that says that it was only a matter of time is full of crap! I've heard the steroid chatter also but haven't been swayed by negative tests. Can't we just believe in divine providence? It's better than putting every "miracle" into the category of "needing a reason." I will believe that Bautista is clean until you guys tell me differently. But please be prepared to back up your accusations. Luis Gonzalez, from 1991-1997, hit a total of 84 HR. In 1998, he hit 23 HR. While playing for the D'Backs from 1999-2001, Luis G. hit 114 HR. His 2001 season, by the by, one of the great seasons of our lifetime, included 57 HR, 142 RBI, a .325 BA, a .688 SLG, and a 1.117 OPS. Just to put that season in perspective, his next best numbers were 31 HR, 114 RBI, a .549 SLG, and a .952 OPS. What a difference a year makes! Gonzalez finished his career with 354 HR, 1439 RBI, 1412 R, and a .283 BA in 9157 AB. He also had 2591 H and 1155 BB.

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