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Dallax Rymko

The ADHD/ritalin issue seems like an octopus ink cloud of distraction to the main event of growth hormones and roids. If ADHD/ritalin is an issue, fine - deal with it later. The anti-aging clinic, shady doctor and fitness freak distribution network and its greedy consumer base of athletes are hard enough to get hold of.

As for baseball, if the stupid fans want to watch PED using freaks whack a ball 600 ft to the annoying cadence of Chris Berman , let them. The prevalance of gigantic, PED using weirdos doesn't prevent a lot of Americans from watching wrestling. I doubt it will deter them from consuming "America's (boring) pasttime."



Are you a fan of any sport? I hope it's not the NFL. Please say it's not the NFL. Because I know you wouldn't want to look like the world's biggest hypocrite.


I like the NFL. I like MLB. I like the NBA. I like the NCAA most of the time. I like the NHL. I like the Olympics.

Where is my hypocrisy? :-) (just kidding, please don't reveal it)

Thomas Hauk

Just saying, in general,

If you are no longer a baseball fan because of PEDs, don't you think it would be hypocritical to remain a football fan?

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To Tierney, the implication was clear: Players were getting around the ban on amphetamines by making ADD claims that allowed them to use drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall, stimulants better known as treatments for hyperactive kids.

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