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Perhaps George Mithcell can get some of his former collegues to deal with some other disturbing health reports that came out yesterday. Mcdonalds and Wendy's expect a significant increase in profits, which means more obese kids, Alcohol companies are expected to also have great profits for the year, more abuse of alcohol among our young people. And last but not least Illegal drug use is down among teens in the USA including Steroid use which has dropped in teens since 2003. There is a simple answer there. Steroids still require workouts and a decent diet to get results. That is why most first time steroid users dont try another cycle because these drugs dont live up to the hype. But abuse of presciption painkillers by teens is alarmingly high. What will our representatives do?? Nothing, its easy to focus on the hot topic of steroids than the deeper concerns over teen and child drug and alcohol abuse and obesity.


jingle bells
mitchell spells

the radmoski deal
will put its seal
and no one will confess



i realize we have deeper concerns, but this is about saving baseball from becoming like boxing or wwe wrestling.

it's not like george mitchell picked this over a position with an undercover oxycontin squad.

i'll make the argument that many kids (not all) don't participate in sports because they don't "look" like sports figures. these disenfranchised kids need to know that they can exercise successfully without modern chemistry, and maybe if they knew that they'd do something in PE class.

just a thought, though, man, and i respect your opinion. thanks.

ps let's tax junk/fast food.


The Mitchell Report seems huge to us who love sports, baseball especially. 99% of the people I work with and see each day don't really care and will never read Mitchell's work.

Steroids and PEDs are simply molecules. Molecules are neither good nor evil. It is the use of those molecules in relation to society's standards and ethics that defines the issue.

In our view, the issue is truth and honesty, cheating and corruption. If athletes understand the benefits and risks of PEDs, then let us start a national debate on legal PED use.

Until that debate occurs, the PEDs an athlete obtains illegally -- eg. from AIDS patients -- constitute cheating and corruption.


Heh, looks like I'm wrong and they aren't gonna wait until the slow news time around Christmas to release the report. Since the leaks indicate fingers will be pointed at both sides MLB will probably just shrug and move on like nothing much happened.


I agree, most Americans dont have a clue on what Anabolic Steroids or HGH are and what they really do. If Americans understood the truth these drugs would not be such a media sensation. George Mitchell has some good points, one is not to punish the listed players and to move on. He clearly understands that change is needed but not at the expense of detroying the MLB. All of these politicans who are quick to speak on the Mithcell report should also think a little. When they speak of saving our young people from Steroids as Nancy Pelosi said these politicians should be thankfull that most Americans spend more time watching the NFL and MLB than following there failures in taking care of our young people.

Jimmy McNulty

Drew said..."i realize we have deeper concerns, but this is about saving baseball from becoming like boxing or wwe wrestling."

...and to add to your list, the NFL. Hopefully we can keep MLB from developing the type of PED problem that is going on in the NFL - but no one seems to care about.

Lester Freamon

The thing that irks me the most is how much of a pass the NFL gets on PED use. I realize that the NFL started testing for steriods some 20 years ago, but the NFL was at the point MLB is now at that time. It just goes to show how far ahead the PED curve the NFL is as compared to MLB. HGH is now the big thing going on in the NFL and MLB, but I'm sure that HGH use has been rampant in the NFL for years and years. In fact, NFL players have probably already moved on to the next big thing that MLB players, by and large, haven't even caught on to yet.

I just wish PEDs weren't portrayed as just a Baseball problem when I'm sure that they are an even much bigger problem in the NFL.

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