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You obviously are NOT Royals fans if you believe the Royals have not been improving since the signing of GM Dayton Moore. With young emerging stars Billy Butler, Alex Gordon, Brian Bannister, and Joakim Soria along with a rotation that includes Gil Meche (Whos record doesn't serve him justice, look beyond that), Bannister, a blossoming Greinke, and scores of pitching prospects it is ignorant to say the Royals have not finally turned the corner. With Dayton Moore in control and his ability to spend more of David Glass' money than Allard Baird had you can expect to see the Royals in the playoffs in the near future. As for the steroids issue, last I checked, almost EVERY TEAM has had someone accused of juicing. You just have to accept the fact that it is there and you can't believe every rumor out there when pursuing free agents and trades, otherwise you would get no where. The image of the game is not being ruined either, attendance is setting record highs all over the ML and Selig has recorded a net growth way above and beyond what anyone expected.


(and you realize that we are cynical for hyperbole, OK? that's part of the deal)

Turned the corner? You mean we made a run at the magic 70 win mark Yes, that was a huge improvement from 62 to 69 last year. I see nothing but blue sky and maybe 74 wins next year, possibly a 4th place finish.

Realistically, it saddens me that the Royals are irrelevant to baseball, and have been that way since 1987, when Dick Howser got sick. Compare the decades: 75-85, 85-95, and's ridiculous how Royals slid into the bottom. Listen to the announcers in New York and Boston: they think we are country bumpkins, ripe for picking up superstars.

How did the Royals do at the end of last year: the team basically mailed it all in. Was that the foundation for future success?

What bothered me about the Guillen acquisition was stated above: the man was a drug cheat, then lied about it to ESPN. Is that the way to build your baseball team? Look at his record...He was a Punch and Judy hitter until he got on the juice in 2003. Surprise!...Guillen picked up some power. This is a player so many Royals fans drooling over? A drug cheat? Where is the moral compass? Where is the Kauffman way? You are not going to build a winner recycling someone's old corrupt juicer.

The attendance of events does not AT ALL represent a mandate nor an endorsement of juicing. Millions of fans attend WWE events. Does that make that juiced 'entertainment' now a legitimate sport? Poor argument.

We would say this: Ewing Kauffman was a moral man. He would not be in favor of paying a drug cheat 36 million, for his 26 home runs...why don't we bring in Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa, and Raffy Paleiro while we are at it? Maybe Chris Mihlfeld could serve up some morning juice for them all?

Build a team the right way. Build the team with good young players, then try to re-sign them when they succeed. Develop leadership that doesn't allow a team to quit. Do not build the team with jaded veteran drug-cheats who take short-cuts, then deceive everyone about their fraudulent power numbers.

We need sports fraud laws in this country, because apparently certain teams don't consider drug-cheating to be serious.

If you don't believe us about the rot from the corruption, look how smoothly the professional cycling circuit it going right now, since it spun out of control with drug use...


In June, July, and August the Royals played over .500 baseball. In September we had a lot of call-ups and since we weren't in the playoff race we played a lot of players without any experience since their growth and getting idea of their capability to play at the highest level is more important than winning meaningless games. You figure April and May that there are some growing pains that we experienced with our young players. It took Gordon a while to catch on but in June he hit over well over .300, although he did not keep this pace up he played much better than the earlier months. Billy Butler didn't get called up until later in the season. Shealy did not plan out like was hoped. Look at the improvement of the young players and remember that rebuilding takes time. I know that has been the case in KC for years now but ever since Glass opened up his wallet for Moore which he never did for Baird you can't tell me that the Royals don't have a solid core of young players. I predict around 80 wins for the Royals this year. Placing I could not really say, the Tigers are going to be WS contenders this year (although the Angels and Red Sox are stacked), the Indians will be just as good if not better, the Twins will be worse after sending Hunter and Santana off (it is going happen soon), while the White Sox will more than likely still be terrible.

I think the Royals slide into the cellar has more to do with the death of Kauffman than Howser. We had winning records in 6 of the 9 seasons before the 1995 year. The results of the strike and poor ownership have hurt us more than anything.

Just because the Royals have signed one player who is rumored, the jury is still out, does not mean they are building their whole foundation on steroids. I do believe that steroids are more than rampant in professional sports, but because of this there is also a lot of accusations flying everywhere at everyone. Again, if you believe every rumor out there then you are just sitting on your hands because almost everyone has had the finger pointed at them.

The WWE is not, never was, and never will be a sport. It is a show that should never be put on air.

There are a lot of ignorant announcers out there, New York and Boston think they are the only two teams that exist in baseball. Too many announcers are way too biased, then again that is probably why they were hired.

Let me clarify myself on the "image" of the game. The public apparently does not believe that the game is "ugly" because they are showing up in record numbers and paying record amounts to the "ugly" game. Maybe in only your eye the game is tarnished, but obviously not the publics because they still show up. Personally I think NFL players are more rampant steroid users than MLB players. The NFL is better at hiding it while the MLB's most captivating record's leader (HR), Barry Bonds, is obviously on the juice. Shawne Merriman was caught and that has all but been forgotten already.

As for cycling, well...I just do not care. I can ride a bike (maybe not for hours upon hours) but I can not throw a ball 90+ MPH or hit one 400+ feet.


Well said.

Several things led to the Royals problems:

1. The collapse of Avner Fogelman's financial empire (co-owner with Kauffman)

2. The cocaine busts

3. The departure of John Shuerholtz to Atlanta

4. Change of ownership to Glass

5. Aging of George Brett

After that we get fuzzy...we moved away..

We are surprised at how many people tolerate doping. Cheating is now a fact of life, and accepted as a way to get ahead. That does not lead to good results...

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