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Will any off thease drugs help memory function

Will any or any drugs help regenerate or alert the mind after drug abuse damaged the brains alertfulness and higher memory function as well as having ADD as well as being disabeled due to drug abuse

Brunner Markus

Hello, if anyone needs Ritalin,

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Mahidhar Reddy

It's a miracle.....praise the lord!! an article about mind doping....Much more relevant to medicine than steroids, which will never go away. But as Dr. Michael Yessis says, so few people have even worked to fulfill their genetic potential that using steroids is almost pointless. What we gain from their use in the short run invariably ends up shortening careers because of the imbalanced muscle and tendon development that ensues, among other things. But as an MD, you already knew that.

Good article, but still not enough criticism of your ilk (and soon to be my ilk).

The solution to the steroid issue is: Read How Doctors Think by Harvard Physician Jerome Groopman, MD and the section on spinal surgeons. Most spinal surgeries are basically fraudulent, so what does an ethical spinal surgeon do? Do the surgery himself so that some less shady doctor doesn't try to do it themselves. Presumably the patient is in so much pain, that their mind is made up that surgery is the only alternative. So the docs who have a financial benefit do the surgery to prevent having someone else do it and screw it up.

A similar policy could be used with steroids. Keep people from screwing themselves up too badly. After all, isn't that what we do with type II diabetes....tight control of blood sugar??? With drugs??? that have side effects for many??? and increased additional risks???.....Oh but since that's legal, it must be ok.....steroids.....oh those are BAD because they are ILLEGAL

REALITY CHECK: many MD's are on PEDs to improve academic performance. Stop being an apologist

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