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Greg C.

Probably nothing to do with roids. I'm sure we've all known plenty of unhinged bullies who weren't juicing.

Steriond Nation

Exactly. This is tongue in cheek. Steroid Nation never forgets.


Leave the guy alone. Is there anything of real importance to talk about other than to try to critisize this great guy.

Cedric Daniels

...(above comments) sigh...


I know Todd---he's not a bad guy! the steroid thing is only keeping up with everyone else in the league! The cab thing, we've all been there, drunk and embarassed later!


I know Todd too and he is a Jerk as well as being rather dumb. So if you are going to feel sorry for him about anything it's should be for being dumb...

P.S. He had used steroids back in high school.

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